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Tuesday September 10 2019

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Work was bit crazier than expected, was asked to help train a new employee in the morning, then had to complete paperwork for working at home before the day was over.  Ended on a quiet note though

Evening was fairly quiet.  Stopped at the library on the way home, had time to exercise and cross stitch

Hopefully things will be quieter at work today.  Getting a hair cut after work, something I've delayed for a while

Weather is turning hot again, up to 90 today, but after a few days it will cool back down again.  Rain expected too

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Good morning-

Work was busy yesterday, and then we had a provider meeting afterwards, so I didn't get home til almost 8.  I was a little hangry by then, but fortunately had leftovers so I could eat quickly.  You don't want to be around me when I'm hangry, 😂.

I read on my town's FB page that the police arrested someone who had threatened to "shoot up" the stadium in town at Sunday night's football game.  He had posted his intent on social media and fortunately, people took it seriously and called the police.  These are scary times.

Today's a regular work day, then I'll go to the gym.  It's hard to exercise outdoors after work with the days getting shorter 😪.  Add the threat of Eastern Equine Encephalitis, and thanks, but I'll be indoors at dusk.  

Joe-Hope today is stress free for you.

Wishing all a good day.

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Good morning.

Joe, hope it's less crazy.  Interesting that you're asked to train and you just started there yourself.  

BC, these are crazy times aren't they?  Yikes.

J22, so sorry your pacemaker site is still bothering you.  Hope nothing is wrong and it is one of those "it takes time" things.  

Yesterday was a nice day of rest.  But maybe rested too much because was a little restless last night and woke up often.  Bowling was fun.  Met our new team mate.  You young man (he looks like he can't be more than 20 and has braces that makes him look younger)  from Paraguay whose American  husband is a much (probably by at least 25 years) that bowls on another team.  He's very nice.

Nothing much to do today.  Going to yoga this morning, need to mop.  Might work on some computer based training that I've been putting off that's already past due.  

Have a great day.

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Just getting back - Am glad that I wasn't the only one having problems opening bags & boxes & bottles (major alliteration there).

Besides my new infatuation with some classical music pieces, I agree with y'all re country music. Funny, I like Vince Gill, too. IMO, he doesn't have the best-est voice, but he selects his pieces well and he is easy to listen to. Good voice AND good music selection. That to me is what makes for good music.

That Whitney/Dolly Parton song is super good as a love song, but not my choice as best. "When a Man Loves a Woman" (Percy Sledge) and "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me" (Mel Carter) are my choices. Then in country music "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife" ( ) and "Stand By Your Man" by Tammy. I'm not thrilled by Tammy, but THAT song says it all. I remember years ago, someone on TV call Hilary Clinton 'the presidential Tammy Wynette' when Bill was in  that scandal. She STOOD BY HIM.

I've said I'm getting hooked on Youtube. Am a late bloomer! How to make microwave scrambled eggs; then some fool put an egg in CocaCola and boils it or someone boils Pepsi and it makes a syrup. Like what fool does that!?!? Then I remember THIS fool is WATCHING it!!!

The Walmart People, the 'best' game shows & Judge Judy, Dr Pimple Popper et al, etc!!!!!!! But then I can watch Mormon Tabernacle Choir and get goosebumps. I'd like to add MTC to my someday bucket list.

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Well, this isn't exactly very P.C., but every reference to the MTC makes me think of a stupid joke I heard when I was in grade school....A guy wanted to hire a choir and was interviewing directors as to the costs of renting a choir. One director made him a deal he couldn't resist....all he had to pay to each choral group member was a piece of fruit and a can of soda, and they'd be satisfied. The guy was astonished and asked how could that be? The director said it was all in the choral group's name: "The Moron Tab and Apple Choir"

So, not only is the word moron "out", but I don't know if they make TAB anymore. I reckon younger folks wouldn't find it funny, but we squealed with laughter waaaaaay back in our single-number-age days.

BCg, Jehosophats! That is SCARY! Glad he posted his intent and was stopped.

amoLu, I remember another childhood embarrassment: Lolling around the living room, windows wide open so the people downstairs in my mother's store could hear the record player turned up, a full  orchestra playing, with Sarah Vaughn singing: "I'm caught in a whirlpool, caught in a whirlpool, a whirlpool of love...." Imagine a 10 year old wailing her soulfulness out at top volume, right along with Ms Vaughn. 🙄  My other favorite to sing with her was was the flip side: "Broken-Hearted Melody". I must've thought I was really something, but I'll bet others thought I was quite something else! 🤣

Nannie is out walking the yard with her walker, and when she comes back in the Braves pre-game show will be on. We all ate a late lunch so it'll be a nibble-on-what-you-want-to kind of supper tonight. Prolly for me, the easiest thing will be more turkey tettrazini heated up, later. Hubby takes care of getting Nannie's supper put together, thank goodness.

Outta here for now!

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I heard back through the patient portal from the cardiology office: there is nothing they can do, and I should follow-up with my PCP. Oh gee, I wish you would have said that 4 weeks ago! So I have an appointment tomorrow. I really think it is nerve pain, so maybe something like gabapentin or amitriptyline will help. I just want some sleep!

Another busy day at work, half day tomorrow, then 6 days off. Yay. I think I will go home and crawl into bed, after slathering myself with lidocaine. 

The sun peaked out this afternoon, after some rain this morning. Got a text from eldest ds asking if he should be concerned about a bicycle injury from 2 days ago that is getting worse and he feels poorly. I texted back that he should be seen today. Next text was he's on his way to the ER to r/o a septic knee. Kids these days. Of course, he is 40 years old, but he's still my kid. 


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Good evening.  Just checking in.  

Read a couple of things that made me think of Ted so just had to add them here that I put on my FB page.  Love you Ted.  💕

 I say quiet . . .there is no way I have the power to cause a car accident or heart attack to happen by simply saying the word quiet. If that were so . . . I'd be very dangerous.


Don't fall for the myths of the moon. Enjoy it for what it is - a beautiful sight in the sky.


Here in California, Gavin Newsom signed the new stricter vaccine law that came about because some physicians were writing bogus medical exemptions to anti-vaxx folks.  Dr. Sears was one major culprit.  I'm so happy about that but the anti-vaxx folks in Sacramento are going crazy.  

So, I'm kinda on a roll about people believing in unscientific stuff.  

Ok - vent over.  

Everything is ok here.  I can't think of any big changes.

nursej22 - sorry about your frustrating journey to find some help for your pain.  And yes, I get texts weekly from my kids about medical info.  

We should charge them 😉

Tomorrow is 9/11 so will be watching and reading some remembrances about that day.  Always remember. 

Take care everyone. 




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