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Tuesday October 15, 2019

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Good morning!

It's "mop the floors Tuesday" woo hoo!  Going to make some lunches for the next couple of days at work:  my old standby beans and quinoa because I don't have time to be creative.  Yesterday I made some penne with some homemade sun dried tomato pesto for dinner.  Meeting best friend after yoga for lunch and laundry.  Then we're going to crutch or wheelchair to see "Downton Abbey".  He's able to bear some weight on his foot but walking long distances isn't something he's able to do much of.

Best friend got the good news from his dermatologist that the margins of his specimen removed during removal of skin cancer were clean and they got it all.  Good news!


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Morning Tweety

Crazy morning at work.  Lots of calls, problems with the new system for printing and sending letters.  And a call from my dad for non urgent medical advice.  After he had already spoken to his PCP.  Wondered why it couldn't have waited until the evening...

The afternoon was better.  Came home and exercised and worked on cross stitch

After today I'm working from home for 5 days so I'm going to stop work a bit early to get everything packed up

Weather is slightly warmer today, will be up to the 60s.  For most of the week it should be in the 40s and 50s.  Am adjusting to the fall weather

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Had a nice day at work yesterday.  The drive in was great, as most people had the day off.  I went to the gym after work.  I need to get back in that habit.  Got the estimate for my car, which was just a little over $5000.  Glad it's not coming out of my pocket!  It will go in Monday for the repairs.  The person who hit me called me, asking me not to go through insurance, and she would just pay for the damages.  That changed when I told her how much they were.  Oh well, I prefer to let insurance deal with it anyway.

Tweety-I'm so glad to hear BF's surgery removed all the cancer.  I think you'll enjoy Downtown Abbey.  As I've said before, I would pay money to hear Maggie Smith read the dictionary, I love her so much. 

Joe-Hope today is better.   I also hope your dad is ok.

Happy Tuesday to all!

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Took husband to the doctor. On the way home heard Bryan Bowers on  the radio playing autoharp and singing his song "Friend For Life"

(Bryan Bowers and Bob Danoffas)
When you learn a song, you've got a friend for life,
That you can call on in the still of the night.
When you're down and out, on a two-lane road,
Your friend the song will be there to ease your load,
Will be there to ease your load.

When your Mom and Dad cross your mind,      
Thinking back to the ties that bind.
Won't fill your heart like singing some old song,   
They used to sing back when you were young. (Chorus)   

When time hangs heavy on your hands,
That novel that you burn your eyes out on,
Won't fill your heart like learning some old song,
That will be there to help you later on. (Chorus)

When the night is young but you're feeling old,
TV's empty hours won't fill your soul,
Like singing some old song that was your friend,
When you were young, and you are young again. (Chorus)
(Repeat first line of chorus to end it)

When you learn a song, you've got a friend for life.

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Clearing clutter today. The family room has become the spot to dump things instead of putting them away, so I am tackling that, and sneaking stuff into the garbage can while no one else is here. I threw away my 50 year old sleeping bag that was disintegrating , an old air mattress, and empty shoes boxes. And vacuumed a lot of dust and cobwebs. I rode my bike to the PT office and learned some new shoulder exercises. Biking home makes me whine about living at the top of a hill. Whine, and huff and puff. It feels good though, to get my heart up and work up a sweat. Made a quick lunch of scrabbled eggs with hash browns O'Brien (cubed potatoes with green and red peppers) and spinach. I cooked an egg for the dog too, just to spoil him. I am picking up the grandsons after school, and then will take the youngest to hockey practice. Dh is feeling under the weather with a cold, so I probably won't make dinner. 

Rain is supposed to move in for the next several days, but the temps are still mild. 


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50 minutes ago, nursej22 said:

Made a quick lunch of scrabbled eggs

I giggled at this picturing scrambled eggs with Scrabble tiles. 

Doing a bit better today. Still have moments of breaking down, especially as we were making arrangements today. Don’t be afraid to talk to your family about your last wishes- trying to guess at what one wants after the fact isn’t easy. 

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Afternoon all...

Cooler and overcast today. S'posta rain a bit tonight and tomorrow. That'll be good because the rain we got day before yesterday was not really enough to slake the earth's thirst here-abouts....just enough to make a layer of mud in the topsoil and dust.

j22, if you were to feed my dog an egg in any way, shape or form, you'd be cleaning up dog-puke. I don't know why, but the last 3 dogs I had, I couldn't even get dogfood that had eggs in it, or I'd be s-o-r-r-y!

Gosh, Rose, I'm sorry about all you are going through. In my mind, I hear my long-time psychologist telling me to 'feel your feelings', but I think that's a given, like, how could you NOT?  And Winston Churchill said, "If you're going through hell, keep going."  But there's really nothing that can be said that will help. (((hugs))) We are with you in spirit.

Tweety, So glad to hear that you BFF's cancer was all scoured out!

herring, Thanks for the song/video.

Well, I have decided to work at reducing my cholesterol (and weight!) so I can get the doc to reduce the dose of my statin; I found something I'd written just after I started taking it (Atorvastatin), to the effect that my short-term memory was REALLY affected by it. My doc at the time said I should take it a little longer to see how it affected my cholesterol level. Well, my most recent blood-work showed LOWER levels than the norms. I have been pretty upset with my brain function lately. Hubby and I used to joke that it was something I "caught" from hanging around Nannie so long.  But when I found the notebook in which I expressed my fear of Atorvastatin's side-effects...it was like someone dropped a nickel in the slot...*BING!*... I looked it up, researched various hospital/research labs and medical sites about it, so I learned a good bit, and determined that it certainly wouldn't hurt me to try to control cholesterol levels with diet and activity. I am not going to go strictly NO-cholesterol, but will check labels and change some of my purchasing habits.

I have an appt w/ PCP in a few weeks, and I have decided to cut down on cholesterol-laden foods, increase veggies and fruit, drink water and/or green tea or kombucha; increase physical activity, etc. Hoping if he isn't amenable to stopping the statin, I can talk him into reducing the dose. I mean, I KNOW I am 70 now and that many folks my age have memory problems, but mine have become MUCH worse lately, where it isn't so laughable as it used to be. So maybe after a month or two I can get my cholesterol levels rechecked and see if I've succeeded in making a difference. 

Hubby is 'fixing' supper, so I am going to stop with the laptop and do some PT exercises for my hips; not hurting, but since I have slacked off considerably since the ablation, I figure to use little odds and ends of time in a helpful/healthy way. 

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41 minutes ago, Rose_Queen said:

I giggled at this picturing scrambled eggs with Scrabble tiles.

Oops, yet another one of my frequent typos. But if it made you smile, it was worth it.


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herring, thank you for the song!  It reminded me of the songs dh's friend has asked us to play for his wife's services:  Turn, Turn, Turn by the Seekers (Pete Seeger also did this one); I'll Never Find Another You, also by the Seekers; and our version of Amazing Grace, done to the tune of House of the Rising Sun.

I printed out the words to the two Seekers' songs, and now I need to learn them and work on our version of the songs.

Rose Queen, thinking of you and of those who will miss your mom.  Hugs.

Today was OK at work, though I didn't sleep well last night.  Hopefully will be tired enough that tonight's sleep will be better.

Our little dog had some diarrhea and vomiting today.  Sometimes he gets into the cats' food, and it doesn't set well with him.  Dh thinks that's what has happened.  Dh took his food away to give his tummy a rest.  Hopefully that will do it, and we can re-introduce his food and he will tolerate it well.

We had some Thai food leftovers and watched an episode of Father Brown.

Tweety, what did you think of Downton Abbey, the movie? 🙂  Good news for your bff!

No Stars, I tend to agree with you re: statins and memory impairment AND possibly Type II Diabetes.   I hope you can make the lifestyle changes necessary!  We must each recognize what motivates us, seize that, and use it to its fullest!

nurseJ22, good for you, bicycling and eating a healthy lunch!  I hope the exercises help decrease the pain, and increase tissue healing.

BCGrad, hope the car repairs don't take too long.  Isn't it nice to drive with reduced traffic on the roads?  Good on you, going to the gym!  I walked a bit at work today.  It's not a lot but every little bit helps, and especially mentally, to tell myself "You MUST do this," and to then do it!

Joe, how nice to look forward to five days working at home!  And you are packing?  Where are you off to?

Dh and I may go out to Victorville area (the High Desert), to a South West Bluegrass Association campout this weekend --- that is, if the little dog improves and we stay healthy.   We'll see.

Have a good evening!



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