Tuesday November 16 2021

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NJ22 that's a lot of rain

Dianah that sounds like good weather indeed 

Hi Stars

Work was easier yesterday, even offered to help coworkers later in the day when I was done with everything.  Stomach was feeling odd in the morning but was better by lunchtime, not sure what that was

After work stopped at the library to pick up an interlibrary loan, then came home and exercised and had our online Bible study

Today should be another fairly quiet day at work, and after work too

Also another day of rainy weather, although it should be warmer, up to 50



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Good Morning!

Joe, sounds like you're finding your grove in your new job which is great.  Hope you have a good day.

J22, that's too bad about the flooding.  Very nice OCD co-worker would be annoying to me but at least they are on top of things.

Dianah, hope that you slept better.  Since you asked, I cooked a "vegan pozole rojo" or red pozole that was really good.  The recipe is from a new vegan Mexican cookbook I got but is pretty much exactly like this one.  


Yep, don't think I'd like scorpions.  

Weather is chilly here in the 50's but should warm up to the mid-70's today.  It's been below average temps for several days now.  

Had another winning night at bowling last night.  We were in our 10th week of being in last place despite winning the three weeks prior but depending on what the team we're tied with did last night we might be out of last place finally.  But I don't really care, it's been fun in last place.  No pressure and fun to make fun of ourselves.

Have a good day!


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I'm taking an unscheduled day off because there is no route open for me to get to work. Many roads are flooded, including the interstate, which I would normally use to cross the river. Oh well. Here is a link from the Washington Post about our area:


It's so weird, because the sun is out today, and yet there is water everywhere. Communities east of us really got hit, and I understand Vancouver, BC is cut off by road from the rest of Canada. The temps have cooled to the 40s, so that should slow some snow melt in the mountains. I even saw some frost on the ground during this morning's dog walk. 

Tweety, I'm glad you are enjoying bowling. I have suggested going with dh but he looks at me like I've got horns growing out of my head. 

Dianah, that certainly sounds like a lovely time. I don't care for apple pie much. It is often just too sweet for me. I like a nice, tart, cherry pie, but even then, it has to be a small piece. 

And yeah, no to scorpions! 

Maybe I'll go to the library, if they are open...



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Sunny and cool-ish breezes; tomorrow we'll be at 70 degrees again. Last night it got down to 33 degrees. The temps are doing a roller-coaster thing every week! 

Tomorrow we are going to go to the Pharmacy to get our J&J boosters AND a flu shot. Wheeee!

Since my left knee and my right arm were both quiet this morning, I went ahead and vacuumed the den, the downstairs bathroom and Nannie's room. Been looking at the floors for at least a week and thinking, "I should..." and today I finally did. I am also doing three loads of laundry. I never thought I would be (or have to be) so domestic. 

Hubby went out to pick up his med at the pharmacy and came in with the proverbial you-know-what's-in-it brown-paper-bag. He must've taken a good slug of whatever it was, because he came down to the den and talked-talked-talked, the same things about taking care of Nannie and how he promised his dad on his death-bed, and his no-good-brother and that family won't do anything for Nannie, never ask about her, etc., etc, and all the BIG ETC's that he dwells on. That booze really opens him up, but I gotta tell you, if it wasn't for Nannie having dementia, she'd have to notice it too. But she is just happy when she has his attention, and frankly it is comforting to her to RE-hear it all. Although, I have to also say, when he is having a mild buzz from drinking, he is sooooo much like his mom, it makes me roll my eyes; he is repetitive like you wouldn't believe. OH WELL! It could be worse! 

Nannie's not doing her driveway walking any more; there's always a reason why she "can't". She eats and sleeps. It's a wonder she hasn't developed  phlebitis by now. She still asks if or when there is going to be a ballgame on, but we tell her that unless she likes football, basketball, or ice-hockey, there will be no games she WANTS to see until next spring when Spring-Training starts for baseball. It'll be alright, though, because there's always multiple naps waiting for her, to keep her 'busy' until then! It is a relief that she has taken up the napping hobby, as hubby and I get to 'visit' with each other more often without her nosiness and questions interfering.

Joe, it makes me feel good to hear you talk about your new job; it just sounds like a much better fit for you than the last two episodes of employment.

Tweety, now that I have so many gypsy visits, the idea of bowling or some other fun activity is kind of a moot point...as in I DON'T want to issue an invitation to the gypsies by practicing physical aggravation. (I hope I don't sound like Nannie's "I can't" complaints!!!!)

Thanks for the link, j22. It looks worse than I imagined. I hope to High Heaven I don't ever have to experience floods like were shown....I sure don't want my house flooded! In the mid-1970's I had 4 to 6 inches of melted snow in the lower level of a split-level apartment building in northeast Mass, when we had temps rise by 12 degrees in a VERY short period of time. I came home from my 3-11 shift and my apartment was ODDLY very quiet when I opened the door to ankle-deep water. Water muffled all the sounds in an odd way. The landlord and his 12 year old son came over and we all bailed out the water. The worst thing was dragging the soaked 12'x12' oriental-style rug up the stairs and out into the driveway. (They paid to have it cleaned, thank goodness) I lost a lot of things stored on the closet floor. Aside from shoes and clothes and whatever else you box and store for sentimental reasons, and 2 big boxes full of record albums, Booooo! Well, that's...ahem....'water under the bridge', so to speak, 'cause it was way long ago. But YOU, j22, please stay safe! I can't believe seeing people driving through (or attempting to) water that is up to their headlights or higher. GADS!

Hey to the rest of you'n's! I'll come by later to see who-all else has posted. Right now it is time to change laundry loads from one machine to the other and start a new load. Ain't life grand? At least I don't have to wash clothes on the rocks by a river or in a boiling pot with a stirring-stick!!!

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I am watching the weirdest movie --- 2001 / Swordfish, with John Travolta and Hugh Jackman. Very strange and hard to keep track of because, well, the characters who are supposed to be the good guys seems to keep switching around to be the bad guys and vice versa. SMH!

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