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Tuesday November 10 2020

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Had a bad dream sometime early in the morning, odd for me.  Thankfully fell right back to sleep

Was a busy day at work, someone was off, but by the afternoon got everything done

Was nice not to have to go to the rehab center after work.  Cleaned, ran errands, and exercised.  Worked on my shopping list

Talked to dad, the caregiver is there and is apparently very nice.  Dad reported he needs very little in the way of assistance.  He's getting his schedule of various appointments organized.  Going to do some research on transportation options, since after the caregivers leave he will probably still be waiting on clearance to drive again.  He'll also  need a new cell phone, will work on that too

Still reflecting on the last few weeks, now that dad is home and the election is finally over.  Will be interesting to see what directions I go after this

Tonight have thankfully little to do, except exercise.  Might start doing  my embroidery again

Going to get up to the 70s today, will be stormy in the afternoon and evening.  Rest of the week will be in the 40s and 50s

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Joe, this year will definitely be one to reflect on for a lot of us.

J22, glad the goose egg isn't a big deal for you and that the hip pain is better.

Herring, getting a new phone is fun but always an adjustment.  

BC, sounds like some healing is going on.

Amo, what did we do before Amazon?

Dianah, glad the roof is done.  

Bowling team was victorious and we're back in 2nd place.  Next week we place the old 2nd place team that's now in third, so it will be a big week for us.  There are infinitely better than we are, so I'm not expecting much.  LOL

Routine day here of laundry, cooking and hot yoga.  Going to take my walk here in a few.  The storm will be a non-event and seems to be west of us for good.

Interesting article in the paper today as to the governor of Florida seems to have a herd immunity type of policy regarding covid in that there are no restrictions here and that's not a responsible course of action.  On the one hand, I am opposed to a lockdown because it's so easy for people to mask and social distance, but since we can't seem to do that, I don't know what to think.   Cases are on the rise again, as expected.  

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Afternoon y'all...

Joe,so glad to hear your dad's doing so well; hope it continues and he gets to drive again soon. / A lot of my dreams take place in/on a campus that includes a large multi-story dormitory and a multi-story hospital, in a city that has pieces of NC, Mass, TN that are familiar to me, but joined in an odd set-up. I do recognize each portion and neighborhood... they are a combo of places I've been during my life. Finding my way around there is always interesting...

Oh Ted, I've been wanting a screened-in porch since about 1985, at whatever residence I've been in, but so far, no go. Maybe ONE day!!!

BCg, Glad your get-together(s?) with your sisters has been going well/ Lately my sibs and I have been doing a "do you remember?" bunch of e-mails, which is fun. / I like salmon! Didn't know I did until about 8 years ago. No one here cares for salmon, though. 

j22, Glad to hear your ankle's goose-egg is improving. / Once I rode a horse on a freezing cold day, and when dismounting, did not know my frozen ankle was still in the stirrup. I fell right over the horse's head onto the ground directly in front of him. Fortunately he was a trained (retired) circus horse, so weird moves didn't phase him. He didn't move,and I didn't get stepped on. My butt didn't even hurt until the next day, as it was just as frozen as the rest of me!

Tweety, So, 'vegan ice cream'? Didn't know there was such a thing. Is the whipped cream vegan as well? I know I hate slices of vegan cheese...it's like plastic! / Hope you kept your elec power.I know you didn't mean it in a funny way, but I laughed when I read, " I'm not in the mood to lose power." 

amoLu, Guess if the NJ Gov is re-restricting you, you'll not be attending the Disco Club anytime soon!

herring, here's my take on so-called SMARTphones -- someone wants to show you something that they recently had on screen, and they say,"Wait a minute, I've got to find it again..." and then they CAN'T find it. Swiping is so inexact!!!

dianah, it's always good to have a secure roof! When we had a new one put on (when we lived in the mtn's) we had to farm the dog out to the neighbor's house for a kind of 'daycare' for several days while all the hammering was going on.

Nice weather here for last several days ... sunny (or cloudy, as today), but in the low to mid-70's, which I consider ideals temps!

Covid's on the rise again here, as well. I am actually starting to get COVID-restrictions-fever. DE-pressed. NO where to go. No one to visit with. BLAH!!!!

I did no room arranging, as I don't want to pull a socket or strain a muscle or two. I am just not strong enough to move furniture any more, sad to say; it irks me to no end!!!

My Thanksgiving plan is to go do a curbside pickup at Cracker Barrel. Don't know how anyone else here feels about that, but I want something EASY-PEASY, yet still sort of Thanksgiving-ish. NOOOOO cooking!

The little green skink who'd found his way to the upstairs hallway and from there into MY room ... finally reappeared today, climbing up on a stack of plastic storage drawers. I grabbed a cup and a notebook cover and caught him (it?) to bring outside to the front shrubbery. YAY! I wasn't worried about him being there, only that he'd find no food to eat in the house. I didn't want to find him desiccated somewhere at a later date.

Hubby will be bringing Nannie back from the hairdresser's shortly. (Oh-happy-frabjous-day.)

Tawk whichoo's all laydah... 



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Good Early Evening, Folks. . . 

Today was about catching up on sleep. Didn't sleep well, yesterday. Thankfully, work was "Q" last night. When I got home from work this morning, I was both tired and wired. The "wired" part was from all of the coffee that I drank during the night. Oh well. 

This afternoon, I got my hair cut. It really needed it, too. I had the case of "Covid Hair Head"! L O L! Later this afternoon, Amy and I relaxed outside, again, on our back porch.

Tomorrow, Amy sees the surgeon again. He plans to take X-Rays of her foot to ensure that all is healing properly. If all IS healing properly, hopefully the four pins in her left foot can be taken out in about two weeks. When we get home from seeing the surgeon, tomorrow, I'll be recording Amy singing back-up parts to a song. It's part of a larger project for the hospital where she works. I forget the name of the tune, but it's a nice modern pop-ballad that the hospital wishes to share to its staff as a "thanks" for enduring through these past several months amidst dealing with the pandemic. 

Thursday, there's nothing planned. I actually might try to compose something Thursday.

Joe - It's nice to read that things are falling into place for your Dad. I hope that this brings you and your family some well-deserved relief. 

Tweety - Good for your bowling team that it's in 2nd place. (Wasn't it in last place last year?!??? 😛 ) Glad that the storm will be a non-event for your area of the world. As for the rising cases of Covid-19?!? To be honest, I'm torn. I hope we don't see a "lock down". But too many people seem to be acting irresponsibility. I do understand the "Pandemic-Fatigue" that we're all experiencing. But we shouldn't let our guard down. I still hold vivid images of patients gasping for breath, due to Covid-19, while emergent intubations take place. I don't really want to see that again. (Although, it seems likely that we might!) I hope the vaccine that is claimed to be developed is indeed safe and effective. If it is indeed safe and effective, I hope it's manufactured and distributed quickly. One thing that is very apparent to me is that we are not a patient (no pun intended!) society. 

NSIME - L O L! I had to look up the word, "Skink"! Never saw that word until now! L O L! 😄😛 As for Thanksgiving?!? Keeping it simple seems like a nice idea. 

A warm "Hello" to all who follow! Hope all have a nice evening, and a good night's sleep!


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Hay ho. I just got off the computer with the union lawyer and the president our unit. Prior to that we met with management and their (not so) lovely proposal to change our health insurance for next year. What's that you say? Isn't it November? Isn't that short notice? Why yes, yes it is. The shocker part is the 6 nurses who hold job shares are expected to go from $0 monthly premiums to $691 a month, starting in January. Our lawyer pushed back pretty hard, and no decisions were made for now. Management hinted they probably can waive the premium increase until next year.But they really want to do away with job-shares in 2022. Gadfrey, I want to retire. 18 months...

Otherwise its been an okay day. Good long walk with Angus. Trying to do all the exercises the PT recommended, but if I did everything every day like she written down, I would be exercising for 2 hours a day. One stretch is for 20-30 seconds, each leg, 10 times. For 3 repetitions. By my calculations that 30 minutes to stretch my quads. And another 30 minutes just for hip flexors. Did a bit of vacuuming--darn cobwebs just seem to keep reappearing. And working on a jigsaw puzzle. 

Congratulations Tweety! 

Smart phones are a useful tool and a pain in the tuchus. I took me nearly a week to update my password on my phone email. The lastest update changed the wording on the settings and I had to click on a million categories to find it. 

Yes Amazon is handy, but I am still a fan of brick and mortar and shopping locally when I can. Problem is many stores carry less and less stock, like a vicious cycle 

Keep going, Joe's dad, you are a rock star!

And 3 cheers for a new roof! 


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Stars, vegan products have come a long way and the convenience/junk food industry is getting on the band wagon.  The vegan ice cream was Ben and Jerry's and was good and the whip cream was indeed vegan and the brand Redi-Whip (?) both mainstream brands.  Honestly if I wasn't told ahead of time it was vegan I wouldn't have known.  Vegan cheese also has come a long way, some slices are actually quite good, as is vegan parm.  The trick is to not eat just the slice of cheese but have it on a sandwich.  To be honest nothing beats real cheese so I don't have it all that often.  Cheese is just something I live without. 

J22, how maddening that management think it's okay to decrease someone's pay by $600???  Who can afford that?  I can't.

Ted, good luck with Amy's appointment tomorrow.  


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Did the home C19 test. Sent it off to Fed Ex drop box with my sister. Everything requires computering - I'd have NEVER managed it myself. My sister helped to accomplish it all. Now just awaiting results. Just praying everything turns out OK. Hosp REQUIRES negative test before I start radiation on Tuesday.

Tweety - I don't think I've ever tried anything vegan. Think I'll give it a try. Right now, I'm focusing on lo/no salt things.

Joe - great that Dad is progressing so well.

Ted - ditto as above for Amy.

I realize that my bucket list wish to attend a Jonathan Antoine concert this November at the NJ Meadowlands Arena is off.

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Watching an old Steven Seagal movie from 1988, back when he was young and skinny. I was young and skinny in 1988. 




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