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Ted Ted, BSN (Member) Nurse

Tuesday - May 25th, 2021 - Good Morning!

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The title of this post should be named, "The Puppy". (I promise! I'll keep it short!!! LOL! 😛 )

The Puppy. . . She is Adorably Cute! To look at her your heart melts, and all you want to do is hug it and kiss it and love it for ever and ever an ever. 

I have come to the conclusion that this "Adorably Cute" is all genetics, created by billions of years of evolution. 

What the puppy really is is the Devil's Spawn! LOL! 😱  😜  😂

Oh my gosh. . . When she is awake, Sedona has a LOT of energy! LOTS AND LOTS!! Nursej22, I am going to quote you:


I've heard poodles are quite intelligent, and terriers are smart but stubborn.

Sedona is sooo intelligent and soooooo stubborn! Without a doubt, she is learning! Quickly! She's learning simple commands like "Sit", "Sedona, come!" and "Go Potty".  Truly, she has responded appropriately to these commands!! But!! She's also learning the game, "Let's See What I Can Do!", and ignores commands like "Sit", "Sedona, come!", and "Go Potty". (ACK!!)

She merits a watchful eye. . . All Of The Time! Gratefully, she seems to really like her crate. It's her "happy and safe" place. It's also OUR "happy and safe" place, when she's in it, taking one of her naps. When she's awake, the world is hers to explore. She's explored most of the in-door world, because we purposefully kept it small (using all kinds of make-shift barriers). But the out-door world?!? Even though it's also kept relatively small (using an expensive wire-link fence), she's exploring everything from pebbles (to sniff and chew), weeds and grass (to sniff and chew), and our human flesh (to sniff and chew). The many chew toys that we bought her?!?! She chews them. Most times. Until she comes across pebbles, weeds & grass, and human flesh.

We're really trying to teach her not to chew on human flesh! Apparently it tastes good (like chicken! 😛 ), and she's very stubborn sometimes! (No blood has been drawn. Yet!)

But. . . She is Adorably Cute! She LOVES the "Belly Rub"! The Quiet Time is on our dedicated couch for "Couch Time", where many-a belly rubs take place! 

Each moment with her is an adventure, for sure. And, we've only just begun!! Although we're both tired at the end of the day, we're happy. What can I say??? We LOVE our Adorably Cute Devil's Spawn!!! LOL! 😍 😂

Tweety - Glad you had a nice, and well-deserved (!), day off from work! Also, really good to read that Best Friend's knee is doing better!

Joe - Your Sunday seemed nice, with its interesting variety of planned activities. From Bell Choir, to attending a peaceful protest, to embroidery. Very cool, my friend! Hope your work week is kind to you.

NSIME - "Smartphones" can be so frustratingly dumb sometimes!  No fun!! Seems like you got matters resolved in your favor, though.

nursej22 - It's inspiring that you run, and do hill sprints. I've gained weight too. It does not feel good at all. (I moan when I look in the mirror.) Although we do our power-walks (with the occasional momentary jog), we don't do them consistently. It does feel good to build up that endurance with jogging and exercise. It's just that "getting there" is painful. Just gotta think, "One Day at a Time", it seems. Here's to good health, and healthy living!

amoLucia - It's nice to read that you like your sleep apnea machine. Back in 2008, I was fitted with a CPAP for my snoring and sleep apnea. I probably used it only a couple of times throughout the years. It still works. When we go on vacation, and Amy and I sleep in the same bed, I take and wear the CPAP. Otherwise, it's kept neatly in my closet (which is not good, of course). (Oh. . . for years, Amy and I sleep in our own rooms. She has the bigger Master Bedroom, of course! LOL!) I actually sleep better wearing the CPAP. I just never go used to wearing it, unfortunately. Hope the new mask for your sleep apnea machines comes quickly for you, so that you can get a good night's sleep again!

Today. . . It'll be more "Puppy Time", of course. I also hope to get a much-needed hair cut today, too! The "mop" on my head does NOT look good at all. (Ugh!) 

Hope all have a pleasant day today! Peace! 🙂




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Good morning!

Dogs are such a blessing.  Their cuteness is indeed an evolutionary accomplishment.  What other animal (other than cats) is able to manipulate another species into providing all meals and shelter for no work just based on cuteness.  They are also the devil's spawn.  If I don't remember to put the trash up I run the risk of coming home to garbage everywhere, but thankfully none of my dogs have chewed things like shoes and furniture.  It's funny how they spend so much of their time watching you, studying you, learning your moves and moods.  For example right now when done typing I'm going to get up from this computer and guarantee I will offer some subliminal signal to the dogs it's time for their breakfast and they will come running just by me getting up from the desk.  

Stars, sorry the smart phone didn't work out, but if you don't need it, you don't need it.  I use mine all the time.  I especially like listening to music on walks and the gym, and watching movies on it while I'm on the treadmill (which my wireless speakers), not to mention making yoga class reservations and my meditation app.  I listened to a guy on my meditation app who was in London live coming in round and clear with a clear picture on phone and people were watching in South Africa and California.  One can hardly call it a phone anymore.  I saw a cute Tik Toc vid of a guy that answered his cell phone and freaking out "there are voices on this thing!!! What's going on!"

Speaking of I have a yoga class today but I skipped the gym yesterday.  I did manage to clean the bathrooms and get 4 CEUs on nutrition but not much else accomplished.  I found a Mexican market that wasn't necessarily convenient but had some Mexican items like dried chilies I was looking for.  

Amo, hope the cpap gets fixed to your satisfaction.  Sleep is important.  

Joe, hope your day went well.

J22, glad things went smoothly with your PCP.  Things tend to run smoothly with mine for the most part.  But I have found that if I leave a message off hours to renew a script and then use my phone app to request the mediation it works better than relying on the pharmacy alone.  Also if I ever text my doctor on his private work cell phone, I can expect it might take a while to hear back and only text if it's important but not urgent.  One time he texted me at 9:00 pm on a Sunday.  I have to see him every six months to follow up my thrombocytopenia and to renew my Benzo.  Some law I guess you have to see your doc every three months if you're on a Benzo, but I go every six months because I don't use it every day and a three month script generally lasts me six to eight months so he chooses to see me every six months.  I'm not fond of going to the doctor.  But I can't complain because unlike you or Amo, I only have the one.

I've been spending way too much time on my social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Allnurses) lately and I think that cuts into me being a productive which my exercise program and then I feel down on myself.  Half to work on that.  62 years old and still a work in progress, still growing and learning.



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Ted that does sound like a challenge, though it is good the puppy is learning commands so quickly

Tweety that sounds like a productive day.  I probably spend too much time at social media too

NJ22 I agree about cookies, I had too many yesterday, need to cut back

Stars glad the struggle with the phone is over

Amo hope you can get the CPAP fixed soon

Work was quite busy in the morning but got better in the afternoon.  Today should be a bit better, unless something unexpected happens

After work didn't do a whole lot but exercise and embroidery.  Had some leg cramps for some reason in the early morning, but slept OK in spite of it

Tonight have the online version of our church's dining out.  There has been discussion that we might start doing it in person again by July

Was quite warm yesterday, up to 90, will be a bit cooler today.  By Thursday I think it will be in the upper 60s




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Busy, busy, but wanted to say hi.  

have a good day, all.

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YAY! Called the phone # given to hubby by the tech who saved me a lot of grief by getting me back on my flip-phone. I called that number this AM and requested a return label. Got NO grief, no questions, just a chirpy lady who said she would be happy to send me a return box and label, and when I get them, just put all my stuff in there and mail it back off to them. YAY!

I know if I had stuck with it, I eventually would have an easier time of it, but having irregular heart skips and thuds wasn't part of my plan, and I've had them every afternoon since I received the phone in the mail. I had good intentions, but when my tolerance level goes "KERPLOOEY!" I know that has to be where I draw the line.

amo-Lu, I do plan on sending the tech a thank you card, because I think a dozen roses would be a little over the top! 

Ted, have pity on the facebookless among us here and please post a photo of Sedona. Thank you!

Tweety, glad to hear your BFF's knee has improved. I know how tiresome it is when The Gypsies pay me an extended visit, and how good it feels when they go elsewhere for a while.

Joe, Eating together outside sounds nicer than eating together separately on-line!

j22, HILL SPRINTS???!!! You have a lot of ooomph in you to push yourself like that. I don't have ooomph for that kind of thing. It took me two days to recuperate from all that housework I did the other day! I do go up and down stairs ALL. DAY. LONG. and I am heartened that at least that is some kind of 'exercise'.

Baby Bird Report: Three of the five eggs hatched and they are now almost completely feathered, except for some downy 'sticks' poking out among the feathers. I assume that as the feathers grow out, they push out the fluff. The three of them are almost too large for the little nest. We watch the Momma and Daddy finches take turns feeding the kids. Maybe by next week they will be doing test-flights.

Have a good'un, y'all!

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NSIME - I was going to post a photo here, with my initial post today. I got distracted! Oops!

Well. . . here's a photo of Sedona, sleeping on her couch. 🙂



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And. . . here's our first home video of our dear puppy! 😄 



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Hey. The weather turned out nicer than predicted. I did a ten mile bike ride, then home for an online meeting for work. I worked in the garden for a bit, but came in for some Tylenol for my headache. The cardio office called to rebook my appt to adjust the pacer. It got canceled last week after 3 reschedules. I am not holding my breath that this one won't get canceled, too. I need to touch up some paint around the fireplace and then reattach some trim. I was going to grill some chicken for dinner, but take-out chinese sounds better. 

Ted, yup, puppies have those very sharp needle teeth, and they just don't understand why people don't love their love nips! Yeouch. 

Joe, I agree, dining out and coffee hour in person sounds much more satisfying than online. Of course, safety is important, but outside (in pleasant weather) would be nice. 

Tweety, I use my phone a lot, too. I listen to podcasts when I run and bike, I use a meditation app, track food, and use the calendar for appointments and reminders. When we travel, it is my alarm clock. 

Stars, glad that the return process was so smooth. I like to be active, for as long as I can. And challenging myself is rewarding, to me. 

Hi BC, Dianah, Amo, and Herring! Hope the day is treating all well. 

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Sedona is SO adorable!  And such a rambunctious thing!  😄


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Ted, Thanks for the picture and video! What a cutie Sedona is.

Here is a helpful hint from an experienced new puppy owner. If Sedona ever gets to where she wants to dig at the bottom of the fence-line ... a sure-fire way to discourage and cause her to eventually stop ...every single place she digs along the fence, put some of her poop in the hole. Do the same to the next hole dug at the fence-line, and the next. It doesn't take too long for a pup to get out of that habit; no sane dog wants to dig in their own poop.

Huh! Hubby says that it is pouring down rain outside! We were supposed to have a very dry week in the 90's. Mother Nature loves to rain on the meteorologists. 😏

Tawk whichoos'all  tahmorry!










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