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Tuesday May 7, 2019

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Good morning!

Nel, I had to look up "trigger finger".  Hope it's not painful.  Good luck with the politician.  If nothing else, you can say what you have to say.  

J22, I'm afraid that I would snap if I had to deal with that co-worker.  

BC, I've only seen the touring show of Chicago I think, as well as the movie.  It's classic broadway.  

Steph, sounds like a nice visit with your sister.  Hope your nephew gets well.

Herring, loved the pics and the video.

Going to see best friend today to do laundry and take out trash.  He doesn't have a washer/dryer but there is one in his complex.   He's holed up in his house with his broken heel.  I'm a bit surprised at this because he's so active, but he's decided to just stay inside.  He even stopped his mail.  I think he's afraid of falling.  We do have a an outing this Sunday and it looks like he has no plans to leave his condo and is asking advice on how to get out the door which he has to step.  I'll try and show him today.  One of the beaches has wheelchair access and we love the beach and I'll try and get him there in the days to come but he's showing no initiative to do even that.  I would go nuts but he's content and having good days.


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Morning Tweety

I'd been praying for a sign as to whether i should stay at my current job or leave.  And yesterday that was pretty well answered

The day started with an email that our CEO had died unexpectedly.  Our supevisor told us he committed suicide, probably due to job stress.  The supervisor also told us our new VP, who I've begun to have doubts about, was very nasty in a recent meeting, making unreasonable demands and acting like a bully.  So I guess I have my answer now

Was a bit distracted at work by all the chaos but managed to get through the day

Set up an interview with a former manager of mine at another company for Friday afternoon.  Hoping this job works out.  Also talking with an employment agency about another position, very similar to once I turned down in March.  Not hopeful for that one but we'll see

Ran some errands and exercised yesterday to help relax

Today should be slower at work and with less drama, I hope

Is turning cooler with more rain.  Although the rain held off yesterday which was good

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Good morning-

2 sunny days in a row!  It's been weeks since we've had that.  Rain is back tomorrow.  Nothing else going on.  Just a regular work day.

Tweety-That's nice of you to help out BF today.  I hope he's willing to get outside for a bit.

Joe-Wow, I guess you got your sign.  Hope your interview goes well Friday.

Take care, all.

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Hello all.

Gee, Joe, it is never a good thing when the company CEO commits suicide.

It is probably a good idea to get out there, fast!

You are a good friend Tweety.

If I can't get Representative Marizan to commit to help moving safe staffing issue forward, I will move on to the next lawmaker.

I don't give up!

I approached her first, because she is an RN.

Next, on my list, is Reggie Thomas. He ran for Democratic nomination to challenge Andy Barr last year.

I really, really like him, and wanted to vote for him, but thought Amy McGrath had the better chance to unseat Barr.

Reggie Thomas is Harvard-educated and liberal.

Friendship dinner was good last night. Attendance was about 20.

I sat next to woman, who lived in RI for four years.

She didn't like it because she is from KY, and found east coast types "not very friendly."

I told her, when I moved to KY, it unnerved me, the way strangers just start talking to you, all the time.

I thought everyone was mentally ill.

It still unnerves me when strangers randomly strike up conversations with me while perusing bottles of olive oil in the grocery store.

It turns out, we were wearing nearly identical pants.

Mine had an embroidered pattern, while hers had a similar printed pattern.

Very strange.

She lived in Denver for a while, BC, and said the area gets over 300 days of sunshine a year, BC!!!!!

And winters there, are better than winters in KY. 

Over 300 days of sunshine, BC!!!!!!

Talli's scratch is LONG, but superficial. Flies will be attracted, a bit, and I put some antibiotic ointment on it, and put fly spray on him.

He knows I am his human.

He snapped at Stevie, when Stevie tried to get between us.

I always give Stevie cookies, do he was looking for one.

But I only had fly spray and boo-boo medicine.

Disappointment all around!

Time for coffee.

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Joe, GEEEZZZ! Talk about answered prayers! Now I hope one of your job offers lands you somewhere GOOD!

Tweety, when I had a broken ankle in 1998, it was when I was doing Home Health. Since my dog went to work with me every weekend and was used to getting out in the car ... a co-worker (from w/e's) asked if there was anything she could do to help me out. So, she took my dog out to ride around half-a-dozen times while I was laid up. She also took me to my follow-up appointments! But the dog REALLY appreciated getting out, and getting to bark at cows in some pastures. He LOVED cows! What a good friend she was to have an appreciation of my dog's needs!

BCg, Second sunny day in a row for us, too. And the humidity doesn't kick in until afternoon. S'posta have rain and thunder tomorrow afternoon, I think.

Nel, I kind of liked that about the South, to be able to talk to anyone, anywhere! I was worried when I brought my hubby up to NE (Mass, NH and Maine) the first time, that he would get the weird looks and cold shoulders and people skirting away from him, because he's one of those 'never met a stranger' types. But, it seemed everyone was enchanted with his Southern accent and Southern Charm. After being in the South for so long at that point, I was a bit taken aback by someone not even acknowledging my existence when I spoke! That was a little unnerving to me, but I thought, Oh well, THEIR problem, not mine. / I'm glad that Talli knows and owns you as his human. I love it when an animal in need gets it's needs met as well as you meet Talli's and Biggie's. You are a rare gem to animals. I have always said I would do things for animals that I wouldn't do for people. Animal's responses are true and sincere. By the way, seen 'your' raccoon lately?

Last night after supper and before dark, Nannie decided to take a second walk around the yard. A good thing for someone who ordinarily just sits plopped in the big recliner! We didn't even think about this, but she had already taken her evening pills, and when she rolled her way back, her rollator was kind of getting away from her. And she couldn't figure out why she was SO tired! Then I realized she had, by walking, pumped all the meds through her bloodstream faster and she was pretty 'drunk' ... and enjoying it a little too much! OY!

Not much going on today; hoping Nannie's doc will phone or fax in her refill which was requested 2 days ago... Why they just can't take care of it instead of us having to call back and forth to Doc's office and Pharmacy 3 times each day, only to have no results? I was spoiled by my Asheville PCP's one-doc office with a patient portal that they PAID ATTENTION TO! I could get answers within two hours of entering it in the portal. It was so easy, reliable, and NICE to deal with that way, but now...OH WELL!

I need to get some of my scripts authorized again, and I think I'm supposed to see my PCP this month anyway, so I made an appt for Thurs. afternoon and will request PAPER script(s) to carry to the druggist myself, instead of waiting and waiting and waiting.

My follow-up from the MRI is Thursday@ 10:45 AM AM, and appt. with my PCP is at 2:40 PM. Like I say, I'm retired, so what else have I got to do but go to medical appointments? Did the grocery shopping yesterday and started the laundry loads; finishing them up this morning.

Maybe I am too active and that's why the pains returned? I have, previously in my life, been pretty agile and strong. I do have a hard time remembering to rein myself in, except if the pains YELL at me.  The thumbs problem started because when I was living on a shoestring around 1985, I had to sometimes do my laundry in the tub, like Lucille Ball stomping grapes. Wringing out towels, blue jeans and sheets was not the easiest thing to do, but when ya gotta do something, you figure out a way. And, habitually, when I drop something, which I do too often for my liking, I generally just swoop down and grab it, or reach awkwardly under a piece of furniture to fish it out, and then think, "Maybe I wasn't supposed to do it that way." Probably ought to go get one of those reacher/grabber things. Maybe the Med Supply place will get my new crutches shipped to them soon, and I can get the grabber when I go to pick them up. I don't need the crutches at this time, but if I get pain again and find myself walking hunched over, I'm going to want them!

My pains yesterday were more of the aching variety, 'cause I was on my feet a lot, bending and lifting and also pushing the grocery cart. Got one of the bagger-guys to help unload my purchases into the van for me, and hubby totes stuff in the house, so I don't have to do those things. But, now that I think of it, the doc/surgeon had told me I had to 'behave' for three months. Guess it's true that nurse's don't always make the best patients. I'm not TRYING to be non-compliant! 

Speaking of bending, it is time to go get the clothes out of the dryer. Once they are folded and in the basket, hubby can carry the basket upstairs for me. I feel bad having him doing so much of the work around here, as his 'good' knee is bad, and his 2005 knee replacement probably needs to be replaced. But having a house with three 'patients' would be more than difficult, so he says "not yet" about HIS physical needs. We should win that dern sweepstakes so we can hire help and get all of our physical/medical needs taken care of ... just DO it, and get it over with! Oh well, it is what it is, but RATZ and PHOOEY, y'know?

Hope everyone is having a good day!

ETA: It would seem that one of my foremost coping devices is saying "OH WELL!"  🤣

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Haven't seen the raccoon, Stars.

Good luck with the follow-up appointment.

And you are right, I didn't "like" your arthritis comment😳

I really think the thumb issue is either related to carpal tunnel, or chopped hay.

They took x-rays of both hands and never mentioned arthritis.

My downstairs neighbor, not the one with spontaneous crying child, has the same issue with one of her thumbs.

Aside from trigger thumb, the pain went away after steroid shot.

Because it migrated to other thumb, I think it is caused by the way I grasp chopped hay.

I put the hay in a large bag, so I can measure out how much Biggie is eating.

So, grasp and dig, grasp and dig.

Can I share how much I love UK Orthopaedics department?

They are great!


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Jury selection this morning. Got asked a couple of questions from a lawyer for the state and the defendant's lawyer. Then the judge said "you're still in the pool, call tonight after 5 pm for instructions, you may go now. " **insert profanity here.**  So I confirmed my early morning appointment for an echo cardiogram on Thursday. Even if I get called back for jury duty, the echo will be done with.  I am supposed to book a appointment with my PCP to adjust meds, but I feel like I can't do that. Most offices want 24 hour notice or they charge. 

Day is rather nice. Temps in the 70s forecast for later in the week, no rain in the foreseeable future. 

Good luck Joe, Tweety, Nel, and NSIME. 

Greetings to everyone who comes along, 



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Nel, I always thought I had tendinitis or arthritis in my thumbs. I wore home-made thumb and wrist stabilizers in 1985, before they sold 'em everywhere. Insurance at the time did not cover going to PT/OT and having custom braces made. Made mine w/ with a sort-of vaguely hand/wrist-shaped piece of plastic once used as an IV board and then I wrapped it on me with about 1/2 mile long roll of ace-bandage so it went from knuckles to elbow. Years later, I was told by a doc I had obviously suffered several long-term bouts of inflammation, ie I had had carpeliousis-foreverness-dratdrat-disease (MY medical term) for a lot of years, without my own knowledge or permission!  No, really it was carpel tunnel. Huh, whaddya know! So, I have no muscle at the base of my thumbs....on the 'palm-ullar' side of my hand. I was told arthritis does not cause that. Once I started Meloxicam, the thumb pain went away. When I try to reduce the dose of the Mobic, the Base-Of-Thumbs began aching.

And now, a tangential moment from within the brain of NSIME: 

Game-of-Thrones, Duke-of-Earl, Base-of-Thumbs, my mind just got kidnapped by the sound and rhythm of "Duke, Duke, Duke/ Duke of Earl (Duke-Duke), Duke of Earl (Duke-Duke) Duke of Earl....."  🔊 🎼🎶

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The hand surgeon showed me where I have lost muscle in the fleshy base of my thumb, Stars.

It is from Carpal Tunnel.

Until two weeks ago, I didn't even know I had Carpal Tunnel!

What a sneaky stinker#

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Thanks! I was hoping someone would post this song! But now I have to wait til tomorrow to listen to it, as it is midnight. Hubby is attempting to get some sleep. I usually stay up quite late (early) and see hubby get up 3-4 times before I turn off my light around 2-3 AM. Also, the sounds coming from my laptop or hubby's smartphone always seem to make the dogs bark, and we don't need THAT! 

Not staying up tonight to watch the Braves lose to the Dodgers ... again. We didn't stay up past the 6th inning last night, and tonight we called it quits when the 3rd inning was over, as the same pattern of play was going on again. The Braves were super good during their last three games, with the Marlins, and then, out to LA. Prior to this set of games we were told that the Dodgers were struggling and doing poorly. Well, harumph, they are steam-rolling the Braves, and there's this one guy in their outfield who can leap quite high, straight up and snag a ball out of the air. 

Welp, I know you'n's haven't got the interest in the Braves or baseball in general, so I will be signing out for now.

Have a good night 🌙 🛌 , and a good tomorrow  🌈☀️, and  you can be sure that I absolutely👊 MEAN it!  

10-4 / Over and Out

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16 hours ago, nursej22 said:

Ooh, I love doo wop!


This was my stepson's favorite song when he was a kid. His middle name is Earl after his Mom's brother. Since she died in 1984 he calls me "Mom".

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