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Tuesday March 12, 2019

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Good Morning!

Ted, hang in there and take care of yourself while worrying and taking care of your father.  Glad you're able to spend time with him.

I'm back after a brief respite from social media.  Nothing going on, just decided get off for a bit and reboot.

Had a nice day off after a busy weekend at work.  The time change really messing with me over the weekend.  

Today I will houseclean and go to yoga, unless I get a text or call that I'm needed to take post op patients today.  But I would think the boss would have asked me yesterday.  I'm not really prepared to work extra today.  My paycheck on Friday is going to have 96 hours.  This will pay for my car insurance for six months and I'm still trying to save up to repair a leak in my power steering that's going to be expensive to fix.

Hope everyone has a great day.


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Morning Tweety

Not a bad day at work yesterday.  Someone actually answered one of my calls, which was good

Got a call from a recruiter, we talked a bit but she said since they were working with my current employer they couldn't work with me right now.  Odd that they wouldn't have known that from the outset, wonder if they even read my resume.  Emailed the recruiter who I was supposed to talk to Fri, still haven't hear anything back

Left work a bit early for a doctor's appointment, then ran some errands.  Weather was warm enough that I was able to get outside for a walk

Will be warmer still the next day or two

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Good morning Tweety and Joe.

Warm embrace for Ted. I am so sorry that you are going through this difficult time.

Guess who didn't fall asleep during the shift Sunday night?!

Yes, the sleeping tech managed to stay awake!

I think she was told that I have a picture of her sleeping on the job.

She still took a thousand breaks, which pissed off another nurse, who complained to charge, and charge had to speak to the tech.

All of the techs on my unit, earning $20 an hour under the weekend plan, have been in trouble for attendance.

There is no where else in the area, where a person with only a high school diploma can earn that kind of money.

I don't understand why they can't show up.

Biggie gets his teeth done today. It will be in lower 50s, so no problem with cold temperatures.

Breakfast was good yesterday. It is nice to have something to look forward to immediately after that three-night stretch, that involves food.

And I really enjoy the LPN.

Got my taxes done yesterday. I am getting roughly, the same amount back as last year.

But I was warned that I will my student loan deduction next year, due to higher earnings under weekend plan.

I can try to offset by putting more in 401k.


I hate a 401k, for so many reasons.

Time to drink coffee.

Hope all have a good day.

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Good morning-

The sun is shining and it's warmed up a bit, but I still have about 10 inches of snow in my yard.  I slept with a window cracked open last night.  It was chilly, but the fresh air felt good.  Work is busy.  The boss is changing the direction of the practice and keeps changing his mind as to what our focus will be.  He's a ready, fire, aim kind of guy.  I appreciate the enthusiasm and the willingness to embrace new things, but my head is spinning a bit.  

Ted-I continue to think of you and your father.  I'm glad you are able to spend time with him.  

Tweety-Hope you don't have to go in today.  Enjoy your day off and your yoga class.

Joe-I'm glad your're getting some responses to your resume.  It is odd that that recruiter would not have said something about working for your current employer from the get go.  

Nel-Hope Biggie has a bright shiny smile after the dentist.  Maybe your saying something to the NM about the sleeping tech paid off.  Glad you enjoyed breakfast.

Hi to everyone else who stops by later.  Hope all are well.

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Good Morning - 

Recently got home from work. Partway home I had to stop and take a nap. It was either nap or drive into oncoming traffic. I was very tired. And, I often do stop to take naps during my 40 minute/27.8 mile commute home. Getting ready for First Sleep. Will go to bed after I'm done typing here.

Working tonight. Off Wednesday. Working Thursday. Off Friday and Saturday.

Tweety - I take time off from the internet, too. I just don't do it deliberately. I'll just go to the computer, start to "surf", then decide not to "surf" and wander away from the computer. L O L!

Joe - Glad work was OK for you, yesterday. Hope it's kind to you today. I wish you well with the job search. (I believe that you're thinking about looking for another job.)

Lil Nel - I see you "down there". You probably already posted before me. Hope all is well.

nursej22 - I see you "down there", too. Hope all is well. 

Well. . . On to bed for First Sleep. I'm trying not to get too deep into a "funk". For good for for bad, work is a nice distraction from personal life. Quiet moments involve thoughts of Dad, how he was before he became debilitated and how he is now. All I can say is that the aging process is being cruel to him. He does not deserve it. I hope he makes his "heavenly ascent to his Maker" sooner than later. (Need to snap out of the "funk".)

Peace, folks. . . 


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(((((((((((( Ted and his dad ))))))))))))))  Sleep well.  Sometimes one's outlook changes after a good sleep. 

Joe, keep at it, and I hope soon a position appears that will fit well.

BC, sorry boss is so squirrelly.  Sounds like you are a "just point me in the direction we are going and I will GET THERE!" person.  Self-driven, conjures up own incentives.  

HIya Tweety.  Hope you don't get called in and can accomplish what you wish.

Lil Nel, enjoy your day!  Is today tooth inspection only, or will they be floated?  I thought it was cool that someone ELSE complained about the tech!  A bit of solidarity here!  Enjoy your day(s) off!

Weather should be warming up to 80 degrees this weekend.  

I am getting used to time change -- feeling very tired, which usually happens for a few days post-DST implementation.

Just finished tea and breaky, off to work!

Have a good day!

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Well, another nurse did complain to the NM about the unprofessional behavior of the sleeping tech, Dianah.

The reply she received from NM was: Thanks.

I at least got back: Thanks for the information.

So quite frankly, they can shove all their talk about Press-Ganey scores, where the sun doesn't shine.

Just a check up and possible float today for Biggie.

Because he has the hypercementosis ailment, his teeth must be checked twice a year.


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Biggie did great today.

I brought him into to stall, and he was nice and relaxed. He heard the truck door close on the dentist's vehicle, and suddenly he was alert, pushed his stall door open with his nose, and let himself out.

I was there, and still had a hold of his lead rope, and returned him to his stall.

His teeth were floated, as he had some sharp points, but overall, the equine dentist was pleased. No need for any extractions.

The equine dentist is one of five people in the country who do surgical root canals on horses.

I am so glad we live minutes from such high quality care.

He will do Talli's teeth as well. Have to set up that appointment.

Hope you didn't get called in, Tweety.


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Oh my gosh, will this day never end?!

Started off early for a staff meeting that was borrrrrring. Then I tried to watch a webinar on the upcoming National Infant Immunization Week, that was borrrrrring. I ate lunch early because of starting early and so far that has been the most exciting part of the day. I have been cleaning up my computer files and sort through meeting handouts that I accumulate but don't really need.  I'm trying to study what is going on in the TB program that I will be switching back to, while trying to avoid wacky co-worker. I am sure she is compiling a huge to-do list for me of all the stuff she doesn't want to do or doesn't know how to do. As a former charge nurse used to say over and over, "Patience is a virtue." I hope and think the new supervisor is catching up on how little she accomplishes, and is on her to get something done. 

Weather is gray and cool, perhaps that is why I feel sluggish. Dh had to drive to the other side of the mountains this am. Took 5 hours for what normally should have take 2, due to snow in the pass. 

Regarding coworkers who don't do their job, it can take a lot of red tape to actually fire someone unless they are breaking the law. Per dh, and according an agency's policies, you have to have a ton of documentation. And it wouldn't be appropriate for a manager to discuss individual performances because that can get you caught up in a law suit. So a good manager won't usually react to reports of poor behavior other that thanking you for the info. 

I think I'll go for a walk and shake off some yawns, 

see yas, 




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