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Tuesday March 31 esstee

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Good morning all. Back home from band practice with Annie and the Ferals. Might have to change that name to The Kids and the Feral. Kids are really good now but pity about their Mum.

Youngest GD wants to come live with me but it's too difficult what with schooling etc. All she wanted to do while I was there was give me hugs. Love her to bits.

Nice drive home in my new Mercedes. Long but enjoyable. Roughly half the distance from New York to LA. Lovely car and she does 50 miles per gallon.

Bust still fixing engines. Seems to be never ending.

Low patient census but tourist season is now on so we shall see. Had the annual Blessing of the Road on Sunday. That sure helps.

Nothing to do today except the unexpected.

Peace to all in need.:wavey:

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Good Morning all, been away a few days but good to catch up with all of you.

Cut back on the pushing the arm and shoulder strengthening, not hurting nearly as much. Lot of foot pain lately, not sure why but may have to do with it being sandal weather lately. I prefer being barefoot, but it isn't quite that warm. The chemo neuropathy is wearing off a little, but the end of my left foot still feels a little like walking on sandpaper.

My youngest had a birthday tea on Saturday here at the house, and it was really nice. I'm working on making a renne fair corset for her, made the skirts last fall but the corset I made for mine was such a pain I was reluctant to make another. Helps if you figure out the instructions in the pattern correctly! Is going much better now. Using a beautiful gray brocade.

My son is home for a couple of days, his school is on spring break. I might make him go on a picnic tomorrow....

My oldest daughter and I (mostly her with her siblings' help :) ) cleaned out my son's old room, repainted and fixed it up for her. Son is okay with it, he's been moved out for quite a while now. Dd will have her old room (converted garage space) which had been made into a guest room, then hers again when she moved home, as a study/retreat; gives her some more personal space. Putting ds's old bed into it though, so he has a place to sleep other than the couch when he is home. Next project is sand down the door and revarnish, years of kids and dogs have kind of done in most of the doors in the house.

NSIME, hope your dh's recovery goes well.

9 of 34 rad txs done. Some slight darkening of the area, but not too bad. The fatigue they warned me about is kicking in a bit.

Worked Sunday night, rough one in the ER. 3 & 4 hour waits, even for ones in a lot of pain, 17 holds overnight, only one doc, 2 sick calls; left us with only a few nurses for the whole trauma center, who had to take large pt loads of holding pts. Our manager spent the night there as well, doing pt care.

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Good Morning Michael, JBudd and all who pop in,


Michael thank you for starting us off today. How is your Granddaughter doing now? I do pray she is getting the mental health help that she needs and that the baby is doing just fine. So pleased the blessing of the roads went well for you all and pray that the accidents are kept to a minimum.


JBudd sounds like you have a lot of activity going on in your house right now, I am sure it will be nice once it is all done. WOW what a night you had in the ER glad your manager stayed to help you out. Take care of your self especially with the radiation, ensure you get some good rest.


Great day for me at work yesterday, saw 7 patients which was a very nice and evenly paced day for me. Came home and went for a long walk with hubby and our dogs, glorious weather, so we made the most of it. Once home I fed the dogs and baked us some salmon which we had with a delicious salad.


Today we have our team meeting with all disciplines, I will try to see 3 patients prior to that.


Hubby is working the next two nights then off for two so we shall get in some more hiking before his 3 day on call stretch.


Hope you all have a most excellent day.


Much love to you all.

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Happy Tuesday morning everyone,

Work last night went well, worked yet again in a different area, at least it keeps me from getting bored. Had a patient last night that was having hallucinations seeing people that where not there. I was needing to do some charting so decided to take my computer into her room and chart in there, seeing if the presence of someone in the room might help calm her down. Seemed to work she rested a little although did not fall asleep during the hour or so I was in there.

Today is a full day, planning on getting the oil changed on the car this morning on my way out to school for the day. The only scheduled test I have this week is for the math portion for my pharmacology class that I am taking this afternoon, not expecting to have any issues with it. I am looking forward to the free chair massage that I am getting today at school. After the last few nights at work this will be a nice treat.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

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Michael glad your trip went well, it's too bad your GD can't live with you

JBudd I hope the neuropathy decreases

Morning Sabby and Leonardsmom

Nice day yesterday, work was just busy enough to be interesting but not so busy that I didn't get stuff done or had to rush.

Made history yesterday and used my smartphone to make a purchase. A local store didn't have the shoes I was looking for, so I went to their web site and ordered them. Very convenient.

Today nothing unusual going on, might run a few errand after work. Weather getting quite warm, which is nice. Have to start thinking about the details of my Wisconsin trip.

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It is good to read you all!

I made French toast and eggs over easy for DH.

Worked 8 hours yeaterday and my feet feel like it was 12. I'm serious about retiring soon.

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Afternoon, all!

As usual on the night before my two night shifts, I 'practiced' staying up late.:) I so wanted to go to sleep at 11PM but made myself stay up 'til 1:45 AM before I said "oh to hell with this!" and gave in. Slept 'til 11:30 AM. with a few interruptions by the dogs which husband took care of; he put the baby-gate across the hallway so they couldn't come jump into bed and 'wuf' and 'buf' me awake. If we close the bedroom door they REALLY set up a loud stink!

As I settled in with my coffee and laptop, hubby picked up his ceegar and waggled it like Groucho Marx and said "If you want me, I'll be in my office..." and went out the back door to sit in the glider and contemplate the back yard, puff-and-stuff, and make his phone calls. It still cracks me up how much he talks on the phone! :D Boy, not me, though. I DID talk to my sister in Maine for 45 minutes the other day, but I think that must be an all-time record!

JBudd - I was worn out just reading about your Night At The ER, and all the home activity! Can't even begin to imagine how you are doing it plus going through the "rads"!

Joe - I'd say 'welcome to the world of technology' but I'm way behind you. I still use my flip phone and have to pay for things at point-of-purchase (as in 'the store' itself!)

Leonardsmom - good luck with the math test.

Way back when I was in school I missed my first term finals due to a severe case of bronchitis. The Director was all for making me go backwards and start all over with the next entering class because I had missed a week and 2 days of classes. I went to the elevator to go back to my dorm room and ran into one of the instructors. All she did was take one look at my face and say "What's wr...." and I burst into hysterical tears. She took me in her office and calmed me down, then we went back to the Director and my instructor pled my case and got permission for me to use part of our week's break to sit in the library under the watchful eye of the librarian to take two finals per day. I had NO clue about the math parts on the Pharm exam, but somehow, while I was sitting there looking at the questions, a coin dropped into the slot of my brain *ding!*......I 'got it', answered all the questions and wound up, much to my surprise

and delight, getting an "A". I so wanted to go to the Director's office and say "Nah-nah-nah-nah-boo-boo!':singing: but of course I settled for feeling smug but not letting it show.

Michael - I imagine the Blessing of the Roads is much like The Blessing of the Fleets up in the major fishing port near where I grew up. Quite a big to-do!

Well, better hit the shower so I won't get turned away at the door when I go to work! See y'all sometime tomorrow!

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