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Tuesday June 22, 2021

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Good morning!

Joe, sounds like you had a good day.  Glad you were able to get together with your father on Father's Day.

BC, a beach day with great weather is a Diamond Day.  You would be one of those that swim here all year around as it doesn't get much below 60 even in the Winter.  Currently the temp is in the mid-80s which is comfortable to me.  By August it will be warm and unpleasant to swim in.

J22, sounds like you had a good day planned.  

Stars, glad your husband got a good physical, but yes stress does take its toll.

Amo, hope the cleaning out and shredding goes well.  It's amazing how things pile up.

Strange night. Woke up around 3:30 thinking it might be time to get up and went to the bathroom and fell back asleep for what I thought was about three hours and was 45 minutes.  Been up ever since.  I really have to work on my sleep hygiene.  Probably at this point it's the most unhealthy thing I do is not sleep well.  Meh

Been reading some decent news about covid in my area.  Of the six most populated counties in Florida we have the lowest rate of positivity at 2.1% but are still rated "very vulnerable".  Also read that 83% of people over the age of 65 are vaccinated and in my age bracket it's 72%.  Better than I thought.  Gen Z even though vaccines have been available to them have a dismal 35%.  

Spent a boatload of money on "Prime Day" over at Amazon.  Got some good deals on sheets, towels, nursing scissors and clothes.  On top of what I spent on my upcoming vacation, I do need to slow down on my spending and get back on the budget.  

It's "mop the floor Tuesday" and going to do some meal prep for the coming days.

Hope everyone has a great day.



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Tweety sleep hygiene is tricky, it's something I keep working on, though things have been improving

Ted that is sad and will take some time to process. It was good you were able to help her out by filling in when necessary

BC the beach sounds nice

NJ22 the temps are similiar here

Stars I hope that dog gets caught before someone gets hurt

Hi Amo

Somewhat busy morning at work, though afternoon was better.  It's nice knowing that I have a few days off after this week

Exercised after work and stopped at the grocery store.  Have been off diet the last week or so, going to try and do a more low carb approach for a few days to see if that can get me back on track

Was cool yesterday but had to keep the AC on as the building tends to retain heat

Not much planned for today, need to get some cash for the trip and text the cat sitter for any final instructions

Weather was in the 70s yesterday, should be in the low 80s today.  Temps should remain the the 80s for the next week or so.  Though rain is a possbility later this week into next week.  Hopefully rain wont' be an issue during the reunion





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Good Morning - 

Drinking First Coffee. . . 

We had thunderstorms last night. Doing 10:30PM "Puppy Potty Duty" was not fun at all. The thunder and lightening freaked out the puppy. Freaked me out, too. It seemed that the thunderstorm was directly over us. After the initial attempt, we went back inside and waited for the storm to subside a bit. Finally it did, and we went outside the "other way" (outside the fenced in area, which required a leash). The 2:00 AM "Puppy Potty Duty" went more smoothly. By that time, the storms had stopped.  Now?!? It's damp and overcast outside, which makes for a wet outdoor potty and play time.

Feeling sad over my co-worker's death. On one hand, it was not a surprise because of her relatively fragile health. Still, she seemed to have been doing fine with the her dialysis sessions, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. No word about funeral dates and times yet. I'm sure her family is still "processing" it all. (There's that word again. . . "process".) (Can't think of another word to use, right now.)

I'm working tonight as Shift Director, covering her shift. She and I were on the same week-end, so I'm not sure what this Saturday will bring. I am off from work Sunday night, though. I could work her shift then. Later this morning I'm gonna call my "DON" (her actually title is "Vice-President of Operations") to see if any plan is in play for the next couple of weeks.

Early this morning, I was Wide Awake! So, I spent that time putting together a simple video with the puppy. I'm sharing it below. She's grown twice her size since we adopted her. (Her teeth remain sharp!! OUCH!!) She loves her sticks. Interestingly enough, she's not a fan of the sun and it's warmer weather. Basically, she's about 90% fur. LOL! Enjoy the video. . . 



Edited by Ted

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Ted - I guess I missed most of the 'puppy news' last week when I was unintentionally incommunicado. And if there were any pix. But this pix ... she is such a cutie!!!

Many here all seem to have sleep disturbances. I restarted my melatonin. I take such a silly looooow dose (1.5 mg) but it helps me more to sleep longer periods, but best, it's easier to fall back to sleep. Also, am aware of my Jolly Rancher candy intake. I soooo need SOMETHING for the worst dry mouth that ever existed! I think the candy gives me 'sugar shakes', like little kids who get the sugar rush. I use the candy too much. And my CPAP mask is also causing problems, mostly air leaks. Like I wake up most mornings with a flaming facial 'windburn'. I was thinking my roseacea was flaring up!!

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What a wonderful video of Sedona! Thanks, Ted!

Another weary day here in GroundhogDay-Land. 

Lots of rain mid-day, humid, but not QUITE as hot....well, until the sun decided to come out, and now it is steamy. The so-called 'low' temperature last night was 70 degrees and the humidity was 86%. Is that VERY ugh, or what?!!?

I did the shopping, the pharmacy run, and got Nannie her SUBWAY sandwich for lunch. In fact, I got up earlier than I wanted to because I thought it was Wednesday, and was planning on a bank-run also, 'cause I thought my SS check would be deposited this morning. Nope. Not until tomorrow morning. But at least the store wasn't as crowded and I didn't have to slog home during rush hour traffic.

Braves won the last two games with the same score: 1 - 0. More baseball for the next three evenings. 

Going to 'make a deal' with hubby to get another day to spend alone (ie 'off-duty') up in my room and see how much more I can get accomplished toward my re-reorganizing, etc. 

I'm tired, tired, tired.

I am also tired of hearing Nannie's weather recitations: "It's pouring down the rain." / "The sun looks like it wants to shine." /  "It's clouding up again," / "The wind isn't blowing." and so on and so forth. Mmmhmm. ~~~y-a-w-n~~~😯😮


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It's nice here, a little cooler than yesterday with a sl. breeze. I took a bike ride at the bay, didn't see many birds, except gulls and one bald eagle. Then home to cut the grass. Then I returned to the mall to exchange a pair of shorts that were too big, and then swung through the grocery store to get dh some more mushy food. Hopefully on Friday they will upgrade him to soft food. 

I was going to do a thorough clean of the refrigerator , but have decided its too hot, so I'm going to kick back with a glass of water and chill. 

Yes, Ted, Sedona is so cute. I can't blame a girl for not wanting to risk electrocution for a wee. 

My eyelids have grown very heavy, so will leave it there. 

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