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Tuesday June 15, 2021

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Good morning!

My way of finding this area is to click "Clubs" over there to the right but have been getting an error message and thus having to go around about way.  Anyone else having this problem?  Maybe I should report it.

Davey that drawing is hysterical.  

Stars, it's amazing how quickly a pile can turn into a mess and organizing and cleaning is an endless task.

BC, sorry to hear that your BF is such pain.  Here in Florida things are expensive too get done and with demand high and labor short it also takes a long time.  

Ted, hope the doggie kindergarten goes well.  I'm sure it will.  You devotion to the puppy is admirable.  They grow up real fast so best train them while their young.

Amo, sorry the shoulder is giving you trouble.

I have an area on my kitchen counter that sometimes gets backed up with papers, receipts mostly.  With all my bills being paid electronically and my banking done electronically,  I don't have to save bills or statements anymore, and vet records and insurance policies are all online so paper is limited these days.  It does pile up and needing going through every now and then because my default is lazy.  

I was supposed to meet a friend and see "In the Heights" and go out for dinner afterwards but he got it wrong and was at the movies last night.  By the time he texted me he was waiting for me it was too late.  He liked the movie though.

Have a staff meeting this morning.  They have a way we can attend with our cell phones and get paid.  Since I'm up anyway I'll attend.  We have joint commission coming soon.  They visited the facilities in Orlando and got a good initial report and we traditionally do well here.  But it's a pain in the butt to get ready for and go through.

I'm feeling a bit better about things I can't control and bitter pills needed to be swallowed and accepted.  Such is life.

Hope everyone has a good day.


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Tweety I bookmark the daily thread page:  https://allnurses-breakroom.com/entries-c229/  Glad you're feeling better

Davey that's cool that you've kept a journal that long

Stars glad to hear you're getting some help with Nannie

BC I'm glad your friend is finally going to speak to her PCP, hopefully she will have some options

Ted glad the vet visit went well

Amo hope your shoulder is better

Not a bad day at work yesterday, hoping things continue to be quiet but thinking things will begin to pick up

Ran errands after work and exercised.   Anxiety flared up unexpectedly, had to take time in the evening to calm down.  No apparent cause

Woke early, though not as early as yesterday.  Got up, read a bit, laid back down and almost fell asleep before the alarm went off

Today have an online meeting with one of the political groups after work, as well as exercise

Will be fairly cool the next 2 days, in the upper 70s, which will be nice




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Good morning. I was feeling under the weather yesterday and took a sick day. Better today, good enough to work. Covid numbers are finally coming down locally--we are back to the level we were at last November. I think the last of the restrictions will be lifted at the end of the month. The Canadian border will be opening soon for vaccinated people. 


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Reading Tweety's post about staff meetings, JC, and such caused me to give thanks for being retired.

I've been retired for over a year now, but kept my scrubs, trying them on once as lounging wear, but not liking the feel of them. So, recently, I cut the sleeves and below the knees off a few pairs and found them to be great Summer Wear!

They remind me of the Summer I was 14 years old, read the novel Robinson Crusoe, and saw an illustration:



 I renewed my nursing license last year and my BLS is due to be renewed.

It's nice not having to tow the line and I wish for you all a happy retirement from nursing as I am experiencing.

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Good Morning -

Tweety - It's unfortunate that plans to meet with your friend, yesterday, got mixed up. Hope your staff meeting went well this morning.

Joe - Glad that work went well, yesterday. As for those flare-ups of anxiety?!? I wish I had helpful suggestions to offer you. Lately, I've just accepted my recent somewhat heightened states of anxiety, and just worked to keep on walking forward. It's probably not the best way to deal with it, though. (I'm a fairly anxious person, by nature, anyhow. . .) Hope you're feeling better, though.

nursej22 - Good that you're feeling better after being under the weather yesterday. As for new cases of Covid-19. . . although slowly improving in our area, the county where I live still has slightly above-average positivity rates. There's a significant percentage of our county's population who seem to be declining the vaccines. I find this exceedingly unfortunate and frustrating.

Davey Do - You're retired now?!? I envy you. No. . . I COVET you! LOL! Enjoy! 🙂

Life continues with The Puppy. She experienced the vacuum cleaner for the 1st time this morning. LOTS of barking!! Eventually she calmed down. We're trying to lead a "normal" life, with all of its strange devices and loud noises, in hopes that the puppy will become comfortable with these. She was given time to sniff the vacuum cleaner (with it off, of course), which seemed to help. What we don't want to do is feed into her anxiety. This can be a tough task, though, being the somewhat high-energy individuals that we can be sometimes. We're really grateful that we were able to get in the Pre-Kindergarten classes. The first class with Sedona is tonight. It seems that these classes will provide proper training for us, as well as for the growing puppy. Happily, we're seeing signs of her learning, though! We're definitely seeing signs of her growing!! She was weighed at the vets, yesterday, and gained over 4 pounds since 3 weeks ago. She also looks bigger, too, compared to original pictures of her from over 3 weeks ago.

Nothing much else going on. I know that I sound like a broken record. But life is primarily all about The Puppy for the foreseeable future. 

Speaking of puppy. . . I hear "stirrings" in her cage. It might be potty time. Again. LOL! (She's pretty much potty-trained, and does her business outside. The only exception is during her anxious moments, like when the vacuum-cleaner is on.)

Peace! 🙂



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4 hours ago, Ted said:

Davey Do - You're retired now?!?

It's a long, dramatic story fraught with profuse profanity, and misinterpretation of state statutes and P&P, Ted.

But this cartoon with Wrongway's HR Director summarizes it best:





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'Lo there, you'n's ~

Tweety - Joint Commission ... UGH! Used to be they only went in on a day shift, and I worked 3-ll, so I eluded them for many years! The last year that I worked, in a retirement community doing private duty, one of those Clipboard-Ladies came into the patients room and started asking ME questions! I said, in essence, "I don't work here, I am from an agency."  ... Ha-HA! I felt like one of the Three Stooges, because in my mind I was wiggling my fingers under my chin at her! 😋 

Warning: Unclear "explanation" ahead:

I 'get in here' by clicking on the little circle at the left side of four circles at the middle/bottom of the screen, and click on Google Chrome. That brings up a bunch of choices and I click on "an", which delivers me to the choices on the left, starting with "Lounge". I can click on one of the blurbs (a post on a certain day) and get the page of Daily Diary posts, and pick the one for the day. or I can click on "Lounge" and get to the mostly 'funny-pages' (an especially apt metaphor now that Davey Do is adding cartoons) again!

Anyway, my computer is so out of whack, I never get anything added to my inbox of my provider. SirI and I tried more than a few times to get it all straightened out, but after a while I had found alternate routes, so didn't pursue the issue any further.

Joe, I'll trade you your 70-degree weather for our 92 degrees. No? But it's been a little less humid... Oh well, thought I'd put the offer out there, anyway.

What I do about anxiety, when I can remember to, is I mentally place my worries, feelings, woes, and all..."at the foot of the cross." Then I remind myself that I trust in God's presence guiding my life, and then I sit up straight, take a deep breath and try to relax my shoulders. It works for me, pretty well, but if it doesn't ... I frown and sigh, and carry on anyway. Or I go to bed, curl up and pout for a while, 'cause sometimes ya just gotta! I have a ring that has been lost for four years, and finding it again this past week happened at just the right time. It says on it: "This too shall pass." 

j22, Glad you are feeling better. I used to have to take "Mental Health Days" every so often, but tried not to abuse the option. 98 and 1/2% of the time, they could rely on me to be where I was supposed to be when I was supposed to be there.

BCg, Praying for you and BFF.

Ted, I am a little jealous, because WE don't have the option to train Nannie!!! It seldom sticks in her brain, y'know? And she's not nearly as cute as a puppy.

Davey, The D.O.N. of nursing in the case of my long-slow exit from nursing was the definition of sanctity. She was thickly built and short-ish, she didn't cackle like your HR-lady, she drew herself up to her full 'height', flared her eyes, and pursed her lips. I found out you can't be even slightly humorous just to lighten the atmosphere a little, during such an 'interview'. Anyway, I knew she'd already decided what she was going to do because she had contacted me by phone to come to her office the day before I was scheduled to work again. And I said, "Oh! Are you gonna CAN me?" ("Just come to my office at 2 PM") 

I am so happy! I found a new Nail-Lady! She's VERY good! She made my nail's look so much better, that I am going to be a regular customer from now on. I had to go 3+ years and try out 5 different nail salons before I found her! What a relief! (Now, if only other things could work out and begin falling into place!)

Welp, Ozzie says it is time to go upstairs, but it is too early, and besides the ballgame isn't over. We've got one more inning to get ahead of the currently 10 to 7 score, where-in the Red Sox are leading. Way-long-time-ago, in the early 1970's, I was rooting for the Bo'Sox, but times have changed! It's Atlanta Braves all the way, for me. Even when they are playing tiresome/crummy games. Oh well!!!!

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Something that I missed about the Breakroom and you, @No Stars In My Eyes that I just recollected, was your posting style.

You have a way with words that reminds me of the classics.

On 6/15/2021 at 8:23 AM, Davey Do said:

the Summer I was 14 years old, read the novel Robinson Crusoe

Yesterday, no inspiration for art came to me, so I decided to follow that which beckoned me, which was Robinson Crusoe. I downloaded the ebook and began re-reading it. I woke at my usual time of 0300 to use the bathroom, and took out my computer tablet.

In Summer of 1971, at the age of 14, I read Robinson Crusoe in my attic room by the light of my electric lamp with the fan blowing in the window. Fifty years later, at the age of 64, I am reading Robinson Crusoe on my tablet so as not to waken my wife, in my house on the hill with the air conditioner blowing.

There's more I wish to submit, but I'm experiencing some computer glitches, will attempt to resolve them, and will return....

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