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Tuesday June 25, 2019

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Nannie stormed off to bed because "them (baseball team) having three batters up at the same time is stupid!" There was one guy at bat, one 'on deck' (ie, next up), and one guy was stretching and warming up for his turn 'on deck'.

Plus, she wanted to know what kind of pitcher throws such lousy pitches, that he was not letting the batter hit anything he threw. Hubby said, "The pitcher WANTS to throw a ball that the batter CAN'T hit."  Nannie said, "That's not fair, that team doesn't have any numbers at all."...." Yes, Momma, that's where we want THEIR score to remain, at zero!"


Then she asked, "Did I bring a cat home from practice?"  Hubby sez, "No."

"Good. Did I even go to practice?" Hubby sez, "Practice for what?"

"Batting, of course! I don't think I got to batting practice at all today. But I'm glad I didn't bring the cat home."

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Good evening.  Snacking on the salt and pepper pistachios and white wine.  Such a gourmet!  

Ted - hope Mayson gets better soon. 

Stars - no way Jose do I want email notification so sirI and Joe, no worries here!

Listening to a Jimmy Buffet concert  . . . need a break from real life.  

Hope you all get a good night's sleep. 

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