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Tuesday July 20, 2021

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Good morning!

BC, hope you had a nice birthday.  Welcome to the Over 60 Club.  

Work was okay.  I took three post op patients and one ER admit which kept me busy but got off at a decent-for-me 45 minutes late.  Staff was actually pretty good with the other nurses starting off with only three patients because they floated in two nurses and we had two techs.  Hope that's a sign of things to come.

As predicted the "we are only going to have surgical patients" that I called BS was broken the first day and we have medical patients on our unit.  It doesn't bother me to have medical patients.  We're just not staffed well enough yet but I suppose it's a nice plan for the future.  Still we don't do covid or a lot of isolations and all the rooms are big private rooms, some with waterfront views so it's a good floor.

Going to play catch up on some chores.  Have a couple of new CDs to listen to.  I notice I tend to buy CDs of established artists I like like John Mayer and the Bare Naked Ladies new albums, but buy vinyl of indie artists.  With all the music available online and Spotify I really don't know why I still collect music.  Still it's just chump change and not a lot of money.  Although the price of vinyl has gone up significantly since I was kid, but hasn't everything.  I'm old.

Have a great day.


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Tweety glad work wasn't too bad today

BC happy birthday

Ted I hope the rain stops soon

NJ22 hope you get some rain

Hi Amo

Stars here's hoping your DIL does not end up living with you

Was a somewhat busy day at work, but not too bad.  Had a strange call from somone I didn't know looking for a case manager.  Weird, not quite sure how they got my name or how to handle it.  But overall not bad, at least so far

After work was fairly quiet, listened to music and exercised and worked more on embroidery.  Getting closer to being done with that

Today will likely be more of the same

Our church choir will be restarting at the beginning of Sept, only 5 people it looks like, hopefully we can find some more

Will be a warm one today, up to 90, but only in the 70s tomorrow, then back up to the 80s the rest of the week


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I'm confused! Why did Social Security deposit hubby's check yesterday when it is supposed to be deposited tomorrow? Who knows? I sure don't. I will do my banking tomorrow just the same.

Overcast, hot and humid, with a thunderstorm predicted for the PM. Ballgame scheduled for tonight...maybe...if Mother Nature allows it. And Wednesday's supposed to be a double-header starting around noon-ish. Yuh, ok, well, we will see what we see, I reckon.

For some reason, from the very start of my marriage, I frequently have called my step-dgt. my DiL and that is wrong! It would mean she'd married my boy cat many years ago and is a widow, because he died, ohhhh, about 25 years ago. I told you I'm confused!

It is 3 PM now and I don't know what to do. Soooo, I'll sign out here and maybe come back by later. Weird day, somehow. Oh well!!!!

Nope, hubby just came back from an errand and offered to go do the banking today, so I loaded him down with all the paperwork --deposits, transfers, withdrawals, check order. One of these days I have to bring this laptop to someone who knows how to get it straightened out so I can get back into the gmail acct. GADS!



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Tweety, that sounds like a very reasonable assignment. Yeah, the whole have "only surgical pts" gets set aside quickly when ER is busy and needs to place patients. And they are better off in an inpatient unit than being boarded in ER. I wonder if it's the surgeons who want the floor only for their patients? That used to be a thing at my old hospital. We were considered "dirty" because we got MRSA and CDiff pts, so the ortho didn't want their patients on our floor. And yet we got OHS patients too. Hmm...

That sounds a good day, Joe. I get all sorts of weird calls at work, including some spam. And my direct number was printed on brochures for the sleep clinic by mistake. I get at least a call a day to book a sleep study. 

Yes, Stars, you need to get your computer fixed. I wonder if someone at your senior center could help with that? 

Weather is mild, breezy, in the 70s. There might be a thunderstorm in the mountains this afternoon. That will be good if it rains, bad if lightening strikes. I did a quick ride out around the beach. Lots of folks walking and biking. Came home and planted some raspberry plants I bought on sale. And picked some more of those flippin' blueberries. I made 18 blueberry muffins yesterday and dh took them to work. I don't usually care for them, but I did have one for breakfast, and it wasn't too bad, if I do say so myself. I could hear my old home ec. teacher (yes, I am that old) lecturing us on the importance of not over-mixing muffin batter cuz that would lead to "tunneling". Weird that I remembered that. Going for a pedicure this afternoon. 


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Fairly quiet day at work.  Except just after lunch some fuse blew somewhere, and my computer (not office partner's though), and our office manager's computer both went dead.  The wall plugs had no power.  This happened a few weeks ago and the staff who showed up to fix things, questioned us: had we been running any microwave or refrigerator or anything else, from the outlets?  At the time, I was heating water with an electric unit (pour water in, plug it in, it heats the water and turns itself off when the water is ready), and the office manager was using a microwave (not supposed to have either in the offices).  We huddled after power was restored, and decided we just needed to stagger when we were using our contraband units. 😉 

But THIS time, I was not using mine, and she was not using hers!!  There IS construction going on nearby but not in our immediate vicinity, and if that was the cause, WHY are ours the only two offices (there are six offices on the same side of the corridor) that had the outage???  And, only half my office was "down."  I used office partner's computer all afternoon, for NO ONE showed up to tackle and fix the outlet problem.  The office manager found another computer to use as well.  We'll see what happens tomorrow.  My office partner is off Tues and Thurs, for NP school/clinicals.  She will be at her desk tomorrow, and I will be in the Stress Lab.

I went grocery shopping after work, got some goodies (cherries, blueberries [dh loves 'em!], nectarines, apricots, celery, radishes, bell peppers, etc) for munching.  Plus a few other things.

Hmmm, No Stars, dh's SS check didn't go in today.  It will hopefully be deposited tomorrow (the scheduled deposit day).  Hope you can get someone to get the puter working.  I could go back to the old-fashioned 'write a check, insert in envelope, seal, address, and mail' method, but doing e-banking is so much easier. 

It's holding Summer temps at 95-99 degrees daily, but there is usually a wind in the afternoons.  Lots of monsoon clouds above the mountains, I hope they are getting rain in the afternoons.  I will be glad when evenings start cooling down and days are shorter and cooler as well.

Hope you all have a nice evening!

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