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Tuesday July 6, 2021

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Good Morning!

Joe, glad you're feeling calmer. Were you off for the holiday yesterday?

Stars, glad that Ozzie did well with the fireworks. I think Slowbro being hard of hearing helped him cope a better as well. 

Amo, hope the CHF doesn't make you too uncomfortable.

Was sort of in a twightlight about to wake up and saw my phone light up, sound was off, and it was work trying to offer me a bonus for coming in.  Decided to not take it.  I'm really quite tired and can't face them today.  I need to know ahead of time what my overtime will be and I hate being called in and almost never allow that.

Slowbro's eye appointment went okay.  Doc says about the problematic right eye that was swollen, bled, and started to shrink has had the "glaucoma burn through it" and we could stop treatment.  He's getting an anti-inflammatory drop daily now.  He said it may or may not continue to atrophy and be problematic but this would be slow if at all.  The other eye is okay and is still to be treated for glaucoma.  The eye with the glaucoma is good and he has a good quality of life and the dead eye doesn't seem to bother him at all.  

Not really much going on today other than chores and yoga.

Yesterday they issued a storm surge watch for this area and looks like this morning a hurricane watch as well as the winds are barely above hurricane strength.  Right now no evacuations or any talk of calling in the Hurricane Teams to work.  I'll be at work tomorrow when it hits if it goes as predicted and hope I don't get stuck there.  It's very slow moving.  

Hope everyone has great day.

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Good Morning -

Tweety - Sad to read about Slowbro's eye. At least Slowbro doesn't seem bothered by the eye. Did not know that dogs could get glaucoma. As for the hurricane?!? Hope it doesn't cause too much damage, and hope you keep safe! 

Weather-wise, yesterday was a nice day. Our niece drove back home to South Carolina, yesterday morning. So the nice weather was good for her long drive home. We enjoyed the nice weather with the puppy. Took her for a ride to a near-by park and walked around a bit. 

The puppy seems over-stimulated from all of the guests we had during the holiday weekend. It seems that the puppy lost some of its training, or at least it seems harder to get her to focus for any continued training. This morning, she was in extra-hyper mode, almost to the point of being "Zoomy". I know that this is to be expected with puppies, but not this early in the morning. Usually the morning time is when she's most "relaxed" and trainable. We just gotta keep focused on the training, repeating it over and over and over again. This, hopefully, will help keep her focused.

Today. . . At 8:30 AM, I have a phone interview for the full-time Shift Director position. I'm curious to why we're having a phone interview verses an in-person interview. I do NOT take for granted that I "have the job" as others suggested. To be honest, I'm not sure that I want that full-time position. (Although any kind of change in my career would be welcomed.) I need to be assured that I have the time off for our trip to Italy this fall, and that I have time off for my niece's (my sister's middle daughter) wedding that's this December.  Oh well. . . I'll find out about all of this in less than 2 hours!!

The weather outside, today, doesn't look inviting like it did yesterday. It's supposed to be hotter and more humid with chances of more rain. It's kind of weird that some parts of the country are experiencing drought conditions and we're getting all kinds of wet weather. However, it is nice to know that our beloved Sedona (the place in Arizona, not the dog. . . LOL!) is getting some much-needed rain. Apparently that area of the the country was experiencing wild fires because it's so warm and dry. We hope to go to Sedona (the place in Arizona, not the dog) next spring, and take Sedona (the dog, not the place in Arizona) with us for some nice hiking adventures.

Hope all have a nice day today. . . 🙂


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Tweety I did have yesterday off.  Glad to hear that Slowbro has at least one good eye and is doing well overall

Ted good luck on the phone interview, hope it clarifies whether the position is a good match

Stars glad Ozzie stayed fairly calm.  Understandable why you'd be concerned about dh, but glad he's keeping it under better control than before

Amo hope the CHF settles down

Yesterday was fairly quiet.  Was supposed to have lunch with J but he was under the weather so we decided to hold off on that

Went birdwatching in the morning, very few people about.  Was pleased to see a red headed woodpecker, which I haven't seen before.  Last year I was talking to a birdwatcher at this same location, he said he'd seen this bird there, the first time he'd seen this species in years.  Definitely more birds out lately

Rest of the day was pretty quiet, exercised, ordered takeout, and relaxed

Glad for the short work week.  Will be a very busy work week, will try to work steadily with few breaks and hope it doesn't get too crazy

Have been meaning to speak to our minister about getting some spiritual direction but keep delaying, need to follow up with that

Weather continues to be hot, up to 90 today.  Will get  better tomorrow, in the 80s, then in the 70s the rest of the week

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Well. . . The phone interview went well. My "DON" talks about putting me on the full-time Shift Director schedule starting in a week or two. Again, I'll believe that I have the position when I "sign on that dotted line". But it seems that I have that position. . . starting really, really quickly. The "DON" (Vice President of Operations) assured me that I'll be able to take our re-re-rescheduled vacation to Italy at the end of September into October. But the begin date seems to be dependent on ensuring that the night-shift ICU staffing needs are met. (There are two new names on the ICU staff schedule.) 

When that position is officially offered to me (which could be by tomorrow), I'll take it. I welcome the change. . . (although it really won't be too much of a change because I've been "Per Diem-ing" that role - a lot(!) - during the past couple of years.)

With all of this said. . . I'd love to have Cheryl (the person who passed away) still walking and working among us. She is missed. 😞

Edited by Ted

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Good morning, all. 

We got home last night about 10 pm after a long day of travel from Yellowstone, starting at 9 am. 2 1/2 drive to the Bozeman Airport, 2 hr flight to Seattle, hour flight from there to home, with lots of waits in-between. It rained pretty hard the last night, so we were packing up in the mud, yuck. But a large bull elk happened to stroll into our campsite and check things out. The grandkids were so thrilled. The day before a bull bison wandered through, but didn't get quite as close as the elk. Anyway, we did have lots of fun, drove around most of the park, and did several short hikes. It got quite warm most days. 

I am still catching up on your posts, but congratulations BC!

And to you as well Ted.

Take care Amo. 

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Ted - best-est wishes for the new job prospect. You seem to do well all along. So this should be no different.

Thanx all for the CHF concerns. It's just so subtle & sneaky. Just enough to be uncomfortably huffy-puffy. My wt gets affected with it. My Megace makes me 'want to eat the wallpaper' (known side effect of increased hunger). But I suspect I'll be on Megace for life. So even simple dietary indiscretions sneak up and minimal wt gain has its effect on exertion.

Hip hip - it's that yearly time for Shark Week on TV. 

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Good Toozdae afternoon!

Hot 92 degrees and humid. So, what else is new!!!

Saw the funniest thing in the horoscopes today (I read 'em all. This one wasn't mine or anyone else's in this household) ... there was a portion of a sentence that just blew me away: "avoid unpredictable situations."  Say whaaa? How is that even possible? If it is unpredictable, which means you don't know it'll happen, how can you avoid it? Isn't that whatcha call one of them there "KOANS"?

Nothing exciting or worth mentioning is going on today. I feel kind of 'fleh', it's sort of a cross between 'blah' and 'meh'. 

Okay, that's it for now!


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