Tuesday January 25 2022

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Tweety I'd love some 70 degree weather right now

NJ22 that weather sounds unpleasant, though at least not freezing

Stars hope the knee settles down and you find an ortho doc

Dianah hope the symptoms subside

Had one of those odd nights where near morning I woke and fell back to sleep several times with dreams, feel a little out of it this morning

Work was pretty good, fairly quiet.  Hopefully this trend keeps up.

After work ran errands, stopped and the pharmacy and the library and the post office, before the usual online Bible study.  Talked with J who is feeling better

Today not really going out, going to be the coldest day of the year between tonight and tomorrow morning

Only getting up to 13 today, will be -3 tonight.  Might have to set the faucets dripping to avoid pipes freezing


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Good morning!

Joe, that is some serious cold weather.  

J22, hope your day ended up productive and you were able to get the money for the RV.

Stars, sorry about the knee.  Hope it's better.  My hair has changed the last year or so in that the top wants to stand up instead of lay flat.

Dianah, hope you gastric issues calm down and doesn't progress.  Hopefully it's just an "itis" like gastritis that can settle down.  

Speaking of investments, I took a look at my retirement accounts (I just have the two...my work one and a private one that I rolled over my previous work ones when we got sold twice), and I wasn't pleased at the hit the last few weeks.  But I'm pretty tolerant of ups and downs and long term I'm doing okay I guess.

Got a call from the boss that the pharmacy notified her that I did not scan a narcotic on Sunday.  I remember giving it because I had a conversation with the patient about taking it before she was discharged.  I said they can call her and drug screen me.  It was 2:45pm and I hadn't had lunch by then.  I'm a scatterbrained when I have 6:1 and can't get lunch at a reasonable time.  I take responsibility but know that when I'm busy, hungry and stress I get scatter brained.  I must have pulled it and gave it to her while I was distracted taking out her IV and going over discharge instructions. 

Didn't sleep well.  I know that a long nap I had yesterday wasn't a good idea but I was tired from working the weekend.  Bowling was fun, we won two games and aren't in last place.  

Taking the dogs for their wellness visit today but not much else happening other than some cooking and cleaning.

Have a great day.


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It took a couple of calls, but I got the money withdrawn, hopefully. The poor woman in the office was fielding calls from worried investors because of the roller coaster financial markets. Plus, her voice mail wasn't working, and she didn't want people to think the office was closed, so she was juggling calls. And she did a great job. 

It's foggy and cold, still. Clammy as a septic patient. There was a little frost on the windshield, so I did drive a little slower. The airport is fogged in, and I heard another one south of here is delaying flights because they are worried about the 5G and aircraft instruments. Fog and stagnant air is supposed to stick around for a few more days. Makes me think of a Bronte novel. 

Last night was another challenging sleep night. I am trying to meditate to relax. I have trouble finding a comfortable position. I like to sleep on my side, but then I get the burning feeling in my leg. I've been drinking a small glass of wine at bedtime, but I don't want that to be a habit. 

Tweety, I hope your boss can see how your unreasonable work load can lead to not scanning. It just seems obvious, but the people looking at the downloaded reports don't see that. 

Joe, good idea on leaving the faucets dripping. We also leave the cabinet doors open under the sinks. Our dishwasher drain froze during our cold spell, but its a flexible hose, so no problems once the weather warmed up. 

Dianah, I do hope your tummy is on the mend soon. I am a little surprised she didn't go with pantoprozole. That worked much better for me when I had GERD.  I also found that pepto bismo helped, especially at night. I have long wondered though, why cutting back on acid foods would affect stomach acid that is much higher pH than food.  

My hair is slowly changing, and not just color, lol. It used to be rather coarse and wiry, but it is much softer now, and it doesn't seem to grow as fast.  But the hair on my temples is all frizzy, so I always look a mess. My part hasn't changed. 

My sister is finally having her cardiac ablation and possible pacer implant on Monday. She wasn't able to get a second opinion until next month and she feels so poorly that she just wants it done. I will be her ride. 

good day

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Good Afternoon, Folks!

Not quite so cold today, thank goodness. Partly cloudy and partly sunny.

The hair on my temples frizzes, too. It's only the white hairs that are doing it....curls and kinks and whorls, very annoying. Those particular hairs show a LOT of dynamic tension: S-P-R-O-I-N-G!!!! I even looked into Brazilian Hair treatments. No, I doubt I'll get one since they are between $125 and $300, depending on the length of the hair. They do have them without formaldehyde now. I was just thinking how my hair used to be smoother and shinier, and that's what led me to look into the Brazilian thing, because that's what it does, makes your hair SMOOth (with a capital SMOO!) and shiny. One of the women who sings in the PBS programs that feature all Irish music, has hair on which I am convinced she's used the Braz-tx and it's beautiful. Dream on, huh.

Waiting for the Insurance Co. to call me back. I had to leave them a text because they were soooo busy, it was either that or wait on the phone, listening to their terrible "hold"-music for about 35 minutes. Going to take hubby's former Toyota pick-up OFF the coverage. That oughta save us a little bit of money, too. Of course a 1993 vehicle should NOT have to pay much, but I can't recall right now how much it is/was. 

Gotta hop out to the post office and mail off some of the bills I was writing checks for. Don't you know, I heard the mail-person drive by already; I won't leave things in my mailbox for pickup unless I know they haven't been here yet. No sense in giving some creepy person my info to lift from the box overnight!

It is about 3:30 PM, and hubby just got back from having the KIA get it's regular servicing. If I go out now, I just KNOW hubby will say, "Why don't you pick up some supper while you're out?" We are having our suppers earlier and earlier, it seems. I remember when hubby was doing the cooking, suppertime was around 6 PM. Oh well,no biggie; I don't eat breakfast most of the time, and seldom eat a full lunch, tho I might nibble, so early suppers work for me!

Joe, I remember leaving the faucets dripping when the weather got below freezing. Glad not to have to worry about that these days!

Tweety, I really need to see a photo of your hair sticking up!!! Of course, you know it is your JOB that is causing it to happen! You need a t-shirt that says "I have a job so bad that it makes my hair stand on end!"

dianah, I d found something OTC that actually HELPS hubby's bloating and tummy pains....Charcoal caps! He says they work almost immediately. I can't believe, after trying a gazillion products for this, he actually will take this and it goes away for a while. Of course it isn't a permanent 'fix' but it is relief. I still urge him to go to the doc for tests, but you know the saying about the horse and the water!

j22, I'm sorry your leg pain doesn't ease off when you go to bed. I have a specific way I put pillows, and a certain position I can sleep in which helps the knee pain. It takes a few minutes to get it all set up, but it is worth it. // I sure hope your sister's procedure goes well and she doesn't run across the problems you had to go through with yours! 

Gotta dash---------------

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Hello all!

nursej22, probably omeprazole is in the formulary as first-choice, and pantoprazole is not.  I appreciate all the information, will tuck it away for prn use.  I got some probiotics (also recommended by the MD) and will take them as well.  Stopped by the grocery store and stocked up on chamomile tea (instead of my regular tea).  No coffee, check.  no alcohol, check.  no smoking, check.  Oh, and she labeled it "dyspepsia." 

GAH!  I forgot pepto-bismol, I mean to get that at the store, and your post reminded me!  Well, will get it another day.  For PRN use.  Still feel bloated and epigastric area sore.  Yes, after the first day of taking omeprazole and cutting out spicy foods, yes I DO expect some improvement!!!  OH!  And NO CHOCOLATE!!!!  Trying not to think about that one... 

And thanks, No Stars, I'm sure I can find some charcoal caps at the HFS, adn hopefully add them to my arsenal to fight this bugger!

Work was busy today.  Good that office partner will join me tomorrow to tackle the tasks I didn't get to today.

Tweety, good on your bowling team!  GO!! 

Joe, stay warm!

Have a good evening!


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