Tuesday January 11 2022

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Tweety glad you were able to leave on time

Amo I hope you can eventually get that problem with the yellow side solved

NJ22 it's still pretty icy here as well

BC that does sound like an unpleasant work situation

Hi Dianah

Thankfully a coworker who was supposed to be called up for jury duty yesterday didn't have to go, which helped.  We're starting a new referral process, and we got inundated with referrals, mostly Covid cases that don't require case management, but  we still had to check each one out.  The two of us working on this got through most of them, they're supposed to be working on a fix to exclude these Covid cases

Rest of the day was pretty ordinary.  Exercise and online Bible study

Today should be a fairly ordinary day too, not much going on after work

Cold right now but should be up to 20s and 30s the rest of the week


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Good morning!

Joe, ordinary days are okay.   Hope it's a good one.

BC, people nowadays especially Gen Z and Millennials don't have tolerance for work drama and don't mind quitting on the spot over any misstep.  Social media influencers encourage "work boundaries" self-care and post on TikTok their "I quit my job" videos and are very critical of boomers.  Anyway, sorry about the drama.  I imagine you'll be able to make your trip to Europe.  We're in a stage of "living with covid".  The WHO is predicting that more than half of Europe will have had covid soon.  Crazy.

Stars, I see you might have got your computer issues fixed?  

Amo, people should be warm and cozy indoors and not having to wear winter clothes indoors.  

J22, I admire how you're always learning.  To be curious I looked up our Health Departments stats on Florida.  We had 413 cases in 2020 which was a  26% decrease from the year before.  Wonder if social distancing and masking helped?  Also the cases were majority foreign born and skewed to men.  24 of those cases were in my county.  Interesting.

My bowling team won 2 games so we won't start out in last place.  I notice a lot more people wearing masks but we were in the minority.  But this is Florida where we throw caution to the wind.   I'm not as worried about this variant as I was, but don't want it and want to quarantine and won't throw caution to the wind either.  

Going to hot yoga.  Having someone come look at my back yard and give me and estimate for digging up the mess and putting down some new topsoil.  I have no idea how much that will cost but I'm presuming a lot.  Once I get that settled, I'll move forward with my bathroom remodeling.  My three goals for 2020 is getting the back yard looking decent, getting a new bathroom and traveling somewhere.





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It's a veritable heat wave here: up to 55! Finally most of the ice is gone. We have 2 atmospheric rivers headed this way, though.  I guess the term "pineapple express" has gone out of favor. Anyway, warm. windy, and very wet weather is coming in, meaning more flooding. Bah. 

Yep, most of our TB cases are foreign born, although we have had some US born cases. It can be hard to pinpoint were they contracted it, but travel to countries with high endemic rates is often linked. Our case numbers are down, but experts think it's more because it just not being detected, until people are really debilitated. 

BCg, I am sorry you are having to endure so much drama. Puppy play dates are so fun. I have always loved Bernese dogs. 

Tweety, I am sort of like you about COVID. I think I will eventually get it, but I am in no hurry, for sure. Congrats on your bowling wins. 

Joe, I hope they fix you system regarding COVID cases. That just sounds like busy work. I get notifications from time to time from the state, and when I check, they are just COVID. But I always have to look into it, in case it is a positive TB culture. If you see my pre-auth request come through, can you give it a push? Just kidding. I know it will happen when it happens. 

Amo, I hope you are staying warm enough. If I could, I would send Angus over to snuggle. He gives off lots of heat. 

Stars, we are missing your updates. Hope all is well. 

Hi Dianah, you must be super busy at work. I hope the donkeys aren't making too much mess. 

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Hello! I dug out my old acer, which still works okay, though I have to go around Farmer Jones's barn to get to this site. Hubby just took my 'new' laptop over to Walmart to see if he can exchange it. I'm a little worried in that not being able to turn that new one ON, I can't erase everything that was on it. It was either exchange it or mail it back to the manufacturer. I dunno. Anyway, meanwhile I can get back here, so I'm happy about that! I spent several days thinking: "I'll look it up on line," or "I'll have to tell so+so about such+such," but then remember ....WAAHHHH! I couldn't! Glad that at least now I can still chat with y'all!

Sorry to say that I didn't write things down so I'd remember what I wanted to tell y'all! 

Haven't been able to get the local paper because the delivery person quit. I can look at it on-line, however, it's hard to do the puzzles and crosswords from an on-line paper, not having a printer. Ah well, this too shall pass, and if it doesn't, I can save a lot of money by cancelling my paper subscription and just keeping the on-line version. There are plenty of puzzle-books I can purchase if it comes to that.

Since it will probably take a while for me to recall whatever else I was going to say, I'll sign off here and come back by later-------


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Even though several subjects flitted through my mind as something I was going to say here, they all flew off before I could grab my pen and brain to write them down. I know they will recur, and sooner or later I'll manage to post some of them, BUT MEANWHILE....

Ozzie is giving me the side-eye because according to his inner clock, it is time to start gathering my stuff (lap-top computer, notebook, pens, crossword puzzles, magazine, hoodie-jacket, dog's leash, etc.) to take upstairs to my room, and it is then time to grab a few things for snacks and drink. (Popcorn, banana, milk) Then turn out the den lights, carry Ozzie out to the front porch to pee, then carry him upstairs to bed. The 'going to bed' is actually 'getting ready to go to bed'; a million little details to accomplish before I get to put my feet under the covers and then open up my second of the 4 novels my friend gave me, and dive back into the story-line that runs through all 4 books....

Everyone please stay warm and stay safe!

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