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Tuesday January 14 2020

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Hello hello all!

Good to catch up with you! 

Joe, we have been assigned to issue post-visit questionnaires, after patients visit the Stress Lab.  It's certainly hard to get 100%, as some pts fill them out along with their pre-test Cardiac Questionnaire, and some wait till after their stress test to fill them out, and others escape after their stress test and forget to fill them out!  So, good on YOU for getting the ones you do!!

BC, Naples sounds very nice!  I hope the weather is nice for you. 

Ted, good luck getting your sequencing done!  How was Date Night?  Hope food was delish and movie good!

We were gone Wed to Bakersfield, to the Great 48 Bluegrass Festival, held at the Marriott (just steps away from the train station, which many jappl from Up North took to the festival).  9th floor's suites were all hosted by various bluegrass associations.  Snacks abounded, and lots of chairs were available, in a circle, for the spontaneous jams.  Some showcased various bluegrass bands.  Officially they stayed open till midnight, but if the jamming was good, some closed down at 2am or 4 or whenever! 

There was 24/7 jamming on floors 9 and 2 (our floor).  NO jamming on two other floors, and jamming till 10pm on four other floors.   We were on 2nd floor, next to the Central California Chapter, and we enjoyed meeting them and jamming there.  We did cruise around over the four+ days, and jammed in other areas too.  We found a swing/jazz jam in the lobby and persuaded them to come jam in our room (lobby was quite noisy and echo-y).  We also happened upon an Irish and Scottish jam, with two fiddles, a keyboard, a mandolin, and a bodhran (drum)!  There were several workshops. 

We were in bed by midnight or one a.m. most nights.  We just can't stay up and jam till 2 or 3, most of the time! 

Needless to say, it was a really good festival!  We gave out a few band CDs.  We always meet new ppl, and enjoy learning new songs.  Some folks were in the lobby jamming on Sunday, waiting for their train (it departed at 2pm so they had a few hours, after checking out, to jam).  These folks are serious!!

I have some really good calluses on my left fingers, now!  Dh got to play all three of the instruments he brought (mandolin, banjo, stand-up [dog-house or double] bass).  We ate most of our meals in the room -- usually had leftovers for the one meal we allowed ourselves to eat in the restaurant!

It is always sad to leave, though...  hope to meet up with some of the folks again soon.

Our next outing is mid-March: the bluegrass Cruise, Quilts of Valor.  We and youngest and his wife went last year.  This year they are flying out from Ohio to go again, but they will not be quilting, just cruising and eating. 😉  Oldest will arrange his schedule and go with us too!  Should be fun!  It leave from Long Beach on a Sunday afternoon, and Monday is spent at Catalina Island, Tuesday in Ensenada, Wednesday is Day at Sea, and we are back at Long Beach by Thursday 7am.  Short but sweet.  We will bring instruments, of course, and jam in the room while the ladies quilt.  They bring their machines and equipment and fabric, while making quilts to give to local veterans in honor of their service.  They are very skilled and dedicated, it's a very nice group of people!  Last year they said they loved quilting while music was going on in the room!  I hope we can keep them entertained this year as well.

Today wasn't bad at work, it's always hard though to return and get back "in the groove."

No Stars, I always told my mom I would vote for her over any of the candidates (I trusted her!).  Perhaps, though, I wouldn't vote for Nannie...  but don't tell her!  How have your gypsies been lately?

OK, better get going to do some chores.  Have a good evening!

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