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Tuesday February 16, 2021

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Good morning!

My dad was raised by a housewife and married a housewife and never cooked, and never offered any input, but bless his heart never complained, ate with gusto whatever was put in front of him, and always complimented mom.  He would sometimes give her a break on the weekends and make us breakfast.  When she was tired or sick and didn't want to cook, none of us stepped up but we had take out.  She was a great cook.  They are both in their 80's and dad has done the shopping during covid but mom still cooks for the two of them.  She enjoys it and is always trying new recipes but is a diabetic and dad is a cardiac patient so she's made some adjustments and her A1C is pretty good.

I taught myself to cook but I can't bake and really don't know how to cook meat.  I was the cook in my last relationship.  I still have a healthy appetite and now the idea is to eat healthy and have meals to bring to work and cook after a 12-hour shift.  Would be easier to eat in the cafeteria and stop for take-out on the way home.

J22, I don't think in these patients cases that I was talking about it wasn't that the docs weren't listening to the patient.  They listened and delivered the news they didn't find any source of their abdominal pain and needed to look a little deeper.  They believed the patient when they said they had pain, but the patients got offended when the doc said they couldn't find a source right away and present it in a way they liked.  It wasn't what they wanted to hear, and both didn't like the delivery.  I think perhaps the Gen X and Boomer docs don't necessary know how to talk to millennials.  I've often found that the patients don't necessarily listen well either. I think due to the opiate problem patients immediately think that the docs think they are drug seeking.  I'm lucky that I have a decent young doctor that listens, and no specialists for anything at the moment.  I'm in the system as a nurse and see the frustrations on both sides.

Ted that sounds like a lot of orientation and education.  Don't blame Amy for getting comfortable.  That would drive me crazy.  Glad she is enjoying her job.  Enjoy the stretch of days off.

I had a nice 7 mile walk in nice warm 80 degree weather yesterday.   Strange it's so blistery cold with snow and ice just north and in the middle states from here.  It's currently 25 degrees in Pensacola, FL and 64 degrees here in St. Pete.  Crazy.

I hope everyone has a great day.

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Tweety that's a long walk.  Glad the weather remains OK

NJ22 is it nice to get home after being away

Stars that does sound like someone didn't set up the follow up correctly

Herring that sounds good

Ted that's nice to have kind of mini vacation

Amo glad the mouse is finally gone

Was a quiet day at work yesterday, which was good.  Hoping today is similiar

After work did exercise and cross stitch and worked on shoveling the car off

Started snowing again yesterday, is over by this morning.  Hope the snow holds off for a while, we've had so much in the last 2 weeks

Today supposed to have an online meeting with the new interim minister but have not gotten any informatoin regarding the meeting.   After work will do the usual cross stitch and exercise, will try and shovel  the car out some more

Temps will get a bit warmer as the week proceeds



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Ted: Have a great four days off!

Years ago daughter and I made a big pot of vegetarian chili. We planned to freeze it in serving size containers. Husband came home from work and put ten large sausages in the pot. I immediately took them out and told him she wouldn't eat it if meat was there. He was annoyed, but cooked sausages in a pan, had one for dinner and ate the others cold over about a week. 

When I was 13 the Jr. high went on half day session. I was in the morning group that had classes from 7:00 am to 12:30. (Afternoons were from 1:00 to 6:30 PM) I walked three miles home, almost half uphill,  watched Art Linkletter's "House Party" and then washed breakfast dishes, made dinner, and tried to get homework done while I had the house to myself while eating a sandwich, milk, and fruit.

Here is a segment from the show. Glad the introduction by Bill Cosby is short. 


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Hullo. Our snow is slowly melting, and it's a balmy 45 degrees. I took the dog for a walk, but not far because most people don't shovel their walks, and we walked mostly in the street. The sun peeked out and I wished I had worn my sunglasses. Texas looks like a real mess. I had no idea that their power grid was separate from the rest of the US. 

Ted, I think Amy is being practical by working from a comfortable chair. I have short legs, and most office chairs are quite uncomfortable to me. When I watch online stuff at home I do it from my recliner. 

I sense that I get stereotyped by health care people as a "little old lady". I had a dental tech actually pat me on the shoulder and tell me I was doing great. Made me feel like a pet.  And the eye rolling make me nuts. Yeah, I agree, many HCPs don't know or don't care to tailor their messages to the audience. 

Eldest ds has postponed their wedding until perhaps the fall. Border crossing is still limited as are vaccinations. My work would expect me to quarantine for 14 days if I travel, but I can only take 5 days of vacation a month. Bummer. His fiancé's father is being treated for cancer, so I hope he has a favorable recovery. 

No plans for today. I have started re-reading my pathophysiology book because I feel like there is so much I've forgotten and my coworker is always asking me about kidney stuff. Yeah, I am a nerd. 

Have a good rest of your day


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Hey y'all

Sunny, windy, not warm, but not as cold as it has been. 

My stupid knee is bothering me again. On the third day of my prednisone, I took it 3 hours 'late' and already the dern thing had started swelling and feeling VERY uncomfortable. Iced and all that last night, and yet, this AM it was feeling puffy and had some sharp pains. I think I am up on my feet too often and having to go up and down the stairs all the time seems to be taking it's toll. Yeah, and shopping isn't so wonderful for it either, but whatcha gonna do?

That's just a rhetorical question. I know all about phoning in orders and picking them up or having them delivered. I like to make my own choices! Even hubby gets it wrong while using a list with certain things specified and spelled out! Oh well.

I am going to be as good as possible today, sitting with my leg up and alternately using warm and cold packs. I am bored to my teeth with this den-sitting. Nannie isn't being too bad, but she still is repetitive with remarks about the clouds, the sun, the weather, blah, blah. And hubby seems to stay out of the den as much as possible. He does sit and talk w/ her (or listen to her talk) when I am out on errands, which is good, but ...

I guess a lot of folks are feeling the same way as I am. I'm happy that we don't have little kids bounding around, shrieking, so that's something to be thankful for. But Ozzie is a little too pushy and bossy and doesn't mind harassing me if he feels I am not paying him the attention he thinks he requires. He seems to wait until I sit down and get all set up and start in doing something, and then he begins his campaign. One of the ways he bugs me is to just sit below the sofa seat and just stare at me endlessly. Makes me nutty! He thinks I need to invite him up on the sofa with an engraved invitation! UGH. He's s'posta be hubby's dog, BUT...!!!!! 

I love dogs and cats, but I can be driven insane by one because THEY KNOW I hear and see them and interpret them correctly, so I'm just plain sunk. Like my mother said sometimes, "Don't look at me in that tone of voice." But the critters don't care, 'cause they know if they keep it up, I'll fold, most of the time.

Well I'm a cheery voice, aren't I? Guess I'll do some more stupid crossword puzzles. (Even THEY annoy me right now! Uh-OH!)

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Happy Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) to  y'all.

Actually a little warmer today, but we're expecting NASTY weather again Thursday. Am really feeling sorry for those folk down South and in the West. They're getting hit BAD! Read where a Mom & dtr died in their garage of carbon monoxide poisoning trying to get warm.

j22 - I'm  embarrassed! I was bemoaning that I've slacked off reading vol 2 of Twilight.

I keep having these high hopes to make a couple quiches - I've all the fixins. Just a physical chore for me to do the process.

stars - sorry that you're only getting partial relief from the prednisone. You're prob correct re overdoing physical activity. Just to ask - have you ever had the knee injections??

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Yup, I've had various knee injections when I lived up in the mountains, and they did help. This prednisone prescription is prolly just the first step toward getting to the right doc for tx. You know how that goes. Been there, done that ...and here I am again, in mid-process. 

I can't decide if I have a headache or not. Weird, huh?

Reckon I'll head up to bed a little early and hope it won't be another night of being more wakeful than sleeping. I was sitting out on the front porch this morning for maybe 30 minutes, at 5 am, wrapped up to stay warm, and feeling quite disgusted about not sleeping. Ate 1/2 PB sandwich and went back to bed. Woke up about 1 & 1/2 hours later and took my morning meds and went back to sleep. I only have two more days taking prednisone, so maybe by the weekend I can get back to sleeping better. Fingers crossed!!!



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