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Tuesday August 24 2021

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Tweety glad you're back online

BC that's cool that you got to be on TV

Hi Amo

Feeling better now, finally have an online interview with that insurance company on Thursday.  Also, heard back from the insurance company I used to work for and had quick phone interview with them.  Supposed to hear from a hiring manager, they seem eager, they asked me about other interviews and any vacation time I had scheduled

Work went fairly well, busy towards the end as I tried to work ahead.  Today might be busy as well, guess we'll see

After work ran errands and exercised

Tonight after work getting together with J, since we weren't able to get together last Friday or Sunday

Weather continues to be hot and humid, with a chance of rain


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Good Morning -

BCgradnurse - Happy Wedding! Cool about being on the local News Channel. (Would you mind sharing the link here?) The photos of your family are lovely. Again, congratulations! 🙂 

Joe - Seems like you have potential job choices, which is always cool. Hope you settle on a position that best suits your needs.

Wow! It is wet outside. And, the grass grows and grows. Hurricane Henri sure brought us lots of rain. Thankfully, there was no flooding in our immediate area. Also, our basement remains dry, thanks to your new pump! The only annoying thing about getting all of this rain (besides the grass growing into a jungle), is getting our feet wet when we walk the dog for Potty Time. With all things considered, this is a very minor annoyance while other areas along the hurricane's path experienced damaging wind and flooding. (Oh! The new gravel on our driveway held up to the rain, thankfully! This is very welcomed because I haven't paid the bill to the contractor, yet, who worked on our driveway a few weeks ago!)

Besides weathering the rain (pun intended!), yesterday was a pretty nice day off from work. Had some good learning and playtime with the puppy. Also, took the puppy for a couple of rides which she seems to enjoy. One ride was to a Pet Smart store where dogs (and other pets?) are allowed inside. She seemed to like the shopping that we did together there. Purchased more toys for the puppy to comfort her while she continues to teeth. Those adult teeth are slowly coming in! (And her baby teeth are coming out, which is kind of a weird experience for us. As shared before, we never adopted a puppy before, so we're experiencing all kinds of new things as our dear Sedona continues to grow up into an adult dog.)

I'm working tonight and tomorrow night in the ICU. This is my last week as a "full-time" ICU Staff Nurse. Next week starts my new position as "full-time" Shift Director (which actually ends up being about 32 hours per week). Of course if being On Call is offered during either of these two nights in the ICU, I'll gladly take up the offer! Because the Shift Director position is "administrative", there is not such thing as being On Call. Although I welcome this change in my nursing career, there are some definite drawbacks to being a Shift Director. 

I hope all is well with everyone, and hope all have a pleasant day today. 🙂


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Good morning.

Joe have a good day.  Glad you have some prospects.

Ted, good the driveway and basement held up. 

BC you're story if definitely news worthy!

I'm at the car dealership for routine maintenance.  Masks aren't required and maybe 30% of us are masked myself included.  It is Florida.  I guess used Toyotas are in high demand.  Got several texts, an email, a phone call and a live pitch to buy my car.  Nope, it's paid for and I'll keep it.

Internet is out again.  ugh


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Congratulations, BC!

I started to post yesterday, but never finished. We got a wee bit of rain yesterday morning, but not enough to help. We are back to clear and warm, wild fire smoke from the east and north is supposed to move in. Yesterday I went with sis to her cardiology appt, as it looks like she is headed down the same path as me: recommended electrophysiology consult, probable atrial flutter ablation, possible pacemaker. Her heart rate is current 40, which is where mine was, and she has no energy. 

And now, I'm going to make myself a cup of coffee and get to work. I am waiting for a bunch of return calls and they'll will likely all come at the same time. Oh well, that's the way the cookie crumbles. 


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My Goodness Gracious, Ignatious! 

Joe, I'm glad so many places seem to be quite interested in hiring you! What a relief not to have to worry about being out of work when you leave where you are now. ☎️ 🎶📞>"Hello? Is this Joe? Wanna come work with us?" ('work-with us' sounds better than 'work FOR us', doesn't it?)

Ted, It's a good thing when you pay out to fix some things and then have them actually function as they were meant to!!! BTW Does Sedona tiptoe through the wet grass? Ozzie does. If he can, completely avoids grass altogether, wet or dry. He RUNS to get back on the driveway or patio....cement! Ah!  // And I just have to tell you, I think I can hear your grass up there growing, from all the way down here: ❇️ like these faint little ❇️ green popping sounds ❇️ as each blade stretches ❇️ and pushes taller and taller, through the dirt. (I couldn't resist the grass 'dig'! ...I'm only a little bit sorry for doing so....)

BCg! In The News! Tune in to the 11 o'clock broadcast for more!!! Happy, happy! Glad it's been accomplished, I know you have waited a way-too-long-time for the wedding to happen. And what a memorable family story!

Tweety, AUGH! Not the internet glitch again! // Yeah, I got a LOT of pitches to buy my car and I tell 'em all, "NO WAY!"(KIA 2019 Soul) I even told the KIA dealership to leave me alone! I have made 2 years of car payments and I'm NOT selling it!!! They say that used cars are selling for a lot more 💲💲, 💲💲💲00,   than they used to!

j22, here is a good hint for the coming phone calls: "Hello, can you hold, please?" No, I know you can't really work that way. I get a lot of good BAD ideas, I know. // Gosh, I am sorry to hear about your sister's health woes!

Went for my Lidocaine+Predmnisone injections in the lower back and toward the right hip. It wasn't bad at all. But, since I didn't sleep much last night, I am weary today, and the treated portion of my anatomy is aching, which is expected. I've availed myself of the q6 hr Tylenol Ex. Str, and a cold pack every hour, hour and a half, which does help. Going back on Sept. 10th to have him shoot both my shoulders, and I am  looking forward to it!


So here we go....get yourself a drink and sit down, "it's going to be a bumpy ride.":

Step-dgt and son-in-law had 2 wonderful days and one night together, talking and laughing....and step-dgt fell lock-stock-and-barrel for SiL's BS, but she was still hesitant about letting him move back home yet. He told her he'd already given up drinking and given up smoking crack, and that the therapist he was seeing was really helping him.// Then came the news that he'd had to have a friend drive him to the doctor because he had a terrible-fierce headache and blurry vision. Step-dgt was told that the doctor said it could be ciari malformation ... or a brain-tumor! We thought, "Crap! Their lives are REALLY going to change, dealing with whatever it is!"  The plan, he told her, was for him to go and have the fluid drawn off his brain. So, late this AM, she called him to make sure he could get to that appt. No answer. She called and called and called, w/ no answer. She found out (from somebody who knows) where the house is where he and his (dying of liver cancer) dad are living. He gets to live there while he does carpentry and fix-up work. // So, she drove over there. The front door was part-way open. There were 3 guys she did not know, who were sitting in the living-room with the sick dad. She asked where her husband was and they pointed down the hallway. She walked in on him being TOTALLY PASSED OUT on his bed, with a couple of beer cans and his crack pipe! There was a candle practically all burned down on a flat piece of wood. She called his name over and over....bumped the bed....then YELLED his name in his face, and he came up like a shot cat, screaming "Get the **** outta here you crazy ******-******. I don't want you in this house!!!" Does that sound like a man trying to sweet-talk his wife to let him come back home? They argued as he propelled her to her car, and she peeled out, very VERY angry, at him and at herself for falling for his lies again. She said he looked terrible, his face was quite "puffy". Oh, additionally, he told her he had already been to the doctor for the fluid to be drained early this morning, and then the doc sent him home.(Anybody else here seriously doubt that?) // Later that afternoon, he sent her a phone picture of a RESTRAINING ORDER that HE had taken out on HER! He told the police, he said, that she had thrown a butcher knife at him (it was a beer can she threw) and also that she had run over his foot when she was driving away, and that he thought it might be broken. So HE was breaking his own restraining order which states that they shall have NO contact.// Other than that she is changing her locks, in search of  divorce lawyer and getting insurances (car/life/home) separated, the ton of legalities to ensue, trying to pay for it all, and he isn't giving her and the girl still at home any support money.... What a MESS!

He's got quite a backstory to his childhood and raising, but it doesn't excuse his behavior. I am SO glad we don't live up there anymore! GAHHHHH!

Thanks for 'listening'. It was all just too appalling, and probably will continue be so. YIKES! *sigh*

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Hello all!  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddddd we are BACK from the bluegrass festival!  It was INCREDIBLY good to be at the festival, seeing all our friends, jamming, chatting, eating (!), camping.  So. Good.  It was ALL outdoors, of course.  Camping outdoors.  stage was outdoors.  jammed outdoors.  Being vaccinated, we felt pretty safe being there.  No huge crowds, could always keep distance.  It was joy mixed with sadness, though, as one of the three members of a popular local band, died Friday the week before (he had been sick for a couple weeks, so we hear).  Then we heard that a couple integral to the planning and implementing of the festival, who traveled out from back east (where they moved, a couple years ago), both became sick and tested positive for Covid!  Their band was scheduled to play on Saturday.  They were staying in their trailer, away from the main group.  AND, on top of that, the gospel band, scheduled to play on Sunday morning, didn't play because its main member is in the hospital (back east somewhere) on a vent, with Covid!  As I said, there was plenty of sadness mixed with the joy of being there.   It felt good to support the festival and to be there, to give elbow bumps and hear stories and support our bluegrass friends and acquaintances. 

We arrived Wednesday afternoon, and on Thursday our friend M approached us (he is the campground host and is also involved in the running of the festival), asking if we would play on stage Saturday at 10am, to fill in for the band who couldn't be there.  We said yes, of course!  So I threw together a set list, and our friend M played bass, our band member E who usually plays bass, played guitar, and we conscripted another friend, J, to play guitar (they are both High-Powered Pickers!!).  It went OK, and we were glad to help, and honored to have been asked.

No Stars, what a sad experience for step-dil!  Good she found out now, though, before any REAL reconciliation took place.  He needs to come to the point where family is more important than alcohol or crack.  But you know that.  Hope your gypsies quiet down after the injection.

Joe, sounds like you have MANY choices upcoming!  Better than none at all!  Let us know what you decide!

Tweety, I have been following your FB posts (no more OT!!!!  This is your mother speaking!!!).  Love your beach photos!  It does my soul good just to see you photos, I'm sure it would be TONs better to be there IRL!  Blessings!

Ted, hope your transition to your new position goes smoothly.  And Sedona is such a sweetie!  You are sure taking good time to reinforce good training, I'm sure it will pay off!

BC, loved the FB photos, BIG CONGRATULATIONS, and woo-hoo for just DOING IT!  Beautiful pictures! 

nurseJ22, my calls usually all come at once when I do Case Management...  quiet morning then everything explodes!  Hope it wasn't too bad today.

OK, time for dinner!  Have a good evening!


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