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TraumaRUs's Rules for Air Travel

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Ok just came back from a few days at a convention and now I realize the American public needs a little tongue in cheek wisdom.... You are reading page 2 of TraumaRUs's Rules for Air Travel. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

On 5/30/2019 at 8:59 PM, No Stars In My Eyes said:

I gotta tell you, the last time I flew was 9 years ago, and it was bad enough then; I reckon if I fly again I'll have to save $ first so I can afford First Class. It's bad enough having your arthritic knees banged

This has been my dream as I have to fly 2-3 x yr and had some of the worst trips, not having a first class seat although the price I have had to pay for sudden trips is the equivalent of a first class ticket.I have only been upgraded once  and it was Delta but it does not go to where Iam going as a non stop. I refuse to fly anything but non stop ,even if I have to go to an airport an hour further away.

I like to fall asleep to decrease the time of stress but I had a guy next to me  and I was not  sure if I felt him touching  my ass,so now I put a big book between me and the middle seat when I am by the window.

I hate flying so much now,I have looked at train travel,car and not feasible.

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And while we are at it, one carry on and one personal item - they mean it. Please don't think your wheeled carry on, backpack and oversized purse are TWO items, they are NOT!  No...you can't invade my foot space because you have too many carry ons. 

On the other hand, my wheeled carry on, small purse and CPAP are two items.  The CPAP is a medical device.  It fits under the seat in front of me with my purse.  FAA regulations allow me to carry my CPAP in addition to my wheeled bag and my purse.  A few times, I've had gate agents try to tell me I wasn't allowed to take all three items of board with me, and I've had to pull out my copy of the regulations.  At least one time it was because another passenger tried to bring too many items aboard and he was "trying to be consistent."  Sorry, unless one of her items was a medical device, it's a different situation.  

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