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To the Lonely Seas and the Sky -- Part 14

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The fictional tale of lighthouse keepers in the 1880's, tending a Lake Michigan lighthouse. The characters in this story are completely fictional, while the lighthouse is quite real and still in use. The details of its function, while not necessarily specific to this exact light, are consistent with the general function of lighthouses in this era.

To the Lonely Seas and the Sky -- Part 14

Faint, faded yellow light began to creep into the edges of the pervasive darkness. His eyes felt heavy, but a familiar silhouette prompted him to fight the firm hold of the encroaching sleep. He drew in a deep breath and reached for the surface of consciousness, desperately kicking at the quiet nothing that sought to pull him back down into a dreamless slumber.

His eyelashes stuck together, but he forced his eyes open as he used all of his strength to turn his head. His body felt weighted down where he lay, slow to respond to his constant attempts to move. He could tell that his mind, though alert, was also sluggish. Frustration overcame him as he wasn't able to string together his own thoughts, which were usually so succinct and fluid.

There she was--sitting on the edge of the bed, her face toward the window.

But there was something different about her. The way she held her back and shoulders--so stiff and rigid. The way her jaw line formed a harsh angle as she stared out the window. He struggled to see as her form blurred and danced with each blink. Attempting to determine what was different about her was like trying to catch sight of a bird, incessantly darting between trees, pausing just long enough for the observer to notice its existence but forget the fleeting details.

And then, she turned her face toward the candlelight.

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article_pluralized; 61,957 Visitors; 93 Posts

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