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Thursday September 24 2020

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Another fairly good day at work, hoping this trend continues

J was having allergy issues yesterday, so we decided to delay dinner until Friday

Finally got a response from an email I sent to a longtime friend a week ago.  Last few years has has been increasingly hard to get hold of. Seems like his job is going good and his  mom is OK, but he said there was other bad stuff going on he didnt' want to discuss.  Have a suspicion his marriage is on the rocks

Found out online election judge traning will be in about 2 weeks, with in person training to be scheduled later

Did the grocery shopping last night and exercised

Tonight will exercise and do some more embroidery

Going to remain fairly warm, up to about 80, the rest of the week, though down into the 60s next week

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Good Morning -

Joe - Hope J feels better. There's a lot of golden rod that's making its presence around our area. So, it's Allergy Season. Ugh! Again, it's very cool that you're volunteering as an Election Judge, Joe!

herring_RN - Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a nice day for yourself, yesterday. . . and continue to have nice days! 🙂

Tonight is my last night of work before my 3-week vacation begins, tomorrow. If being On Call is offered, I will take it (even though it'll be a financial hit).

The construction guys working on our new, screened-in back porch are doing a nice job. There's still more work to complete, though. Hopefully this project will be done soon so that Amy can enjoy the new porch before her foot surgery. 

Our focus is getting things ready for her surgery. Probably, for the first couple of weeks, Amy will be staying upstairs in her bedroom/office area. Her room is actually the Master Bedroom. It's large with its own bathroom. She's making it very comfortable for herself, which is good. Yesterday, a nice lounge chair arrived and placed in her room.  There'll be a small coffee-maker and a small microwave oven in her room, too. I'll be cooking for us, of course. (Don't laugh! It can happen! L O L! 😛 ) In the meanwhile, we have some local hiking plans to take before her foot surgery. Saturday, we plan on meeting a friend for a hike somewhere in the Berkshires. Our friend is actually a co-worker at my hospital. (She works nights on Med/Surg. She's a GREAT nurse!!) She lives in the Catskill Mountains area. Much to our surprise, she's never hiked in the Berkshires! Amy is doing the research, but it's very likely that we'll be taking her to Mount Greylock, which is the highest mountain in Massachusetts. There are a number of trails with breath-taking vistas on this mountain. Hopefully the weather will be nice Saturday.

I was up a good portion of the night working on two things: 1) Burning DVDs and USB Thumb Drives of the dance recital, and 2) Composing a letter to fellow Home-Owners Association (HOA) members of our upcoming meeting. (I'm the Secretary. . . Again! Ugh!) The burning of the DVDs and USB Thumb Drives continues to be a work-in-progress. I hope to send via email the information regarding this year's HOA meeting later today, and to "snail-mail" a letter to the membership early next week.

Nothing much else going on. 

Hope all are well. . . and continue to be well.

Peace! :)


Edited by Ted

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Joe hope things continue to go well.  

Ted sounds like a nice staycation planned.

The coworker that left on family emergency lost her daughter to Covid.  She was 31.   So sad.  She's a conspiracy theorist and made a blistering post on FB that she hates all Democrats for killing her daughter.  I know it's said in grief.  




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Glad the job is going OK Joe.

Hope you get call tonight and enjoy hiking with Amy , Ted.

I prayed for Tweety's coworker. I can't imagine anything worse than losing a child. 

I hope ALL nurses have a good day. Or at least good enough.

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Ah yes, I will soon be enduring some allergy symptoms but my nasal steroid spray seems to decrease symptoms. I have been discouraged from using antihistamines due to having dry eyes, but I will take them if they get too bad. 

Ted, we expect photos of the porch renovation.

Tweety, that is too bad about your co-worker and her loss. Stupid virus. 

I went out for a short run in the rain this morning and gave dh a little startle. My silly phone sent him an emergency alert and while I was trying to stop it he called all worried. I think I've figured out how to stop that from happening. 

I have a dentist appointment this afternoon for routine cleaning. I hope the usual hygienist is there today. The last one I saw was new and a little condescending. Or maybe this is just a thing when people get older that people assume you are a doddering old fool. Last time she told me I needed to floss. I think a better approach would have been to ask how often and then offer tips if I am missing a spot. I actually floss every night, and sometimes more when needed. 

Good day, all

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Suddenly, for some reason, right out of the blue, after months of not seeing it,  I've gotten that message that says, in essence: You are not allowed to react to any more posts today! There have been many, many days where I could endlessly "Like" so many posts, and nary a murmur from the site. Oh well. Tweety's post above was the last one I was allowed to like, but rest assured, I "Like" you'n's other posts in spirit, if not with a click. (Uh, if this was the ONLY problem going on anywhere in the world, wouldn't it be loverly? Yeh, I know, dream on!)

herring, you are one heck of a punster! Your whole post at the end of yesterday's entries was PUNishing!!! They just rolled over your brain and out your fingertips. Whew! Impressive!

Yeah, Ted, I've been to Mt Greylock more than a few times in my youth; it's a nice place, and yes, the view is wonderful.  What struck me about it way back then was that it's a such a VERY OLD mountain compared to the ones out west! / Just a thought: you also need for Amy to have access to a little dorm-room-size refrigerator. And most importantly, make sure she hasn't had the lounger delivery-people sneak a water-gun in for her, hidden under the lounger. Because one day when you least expect it....SPLURCH! You will be baptized! I recommend that you don't misbehave so you can stay dry! 😊 / I hope to heaven I never have to deal with living anywhere with an HOA in charge. I'm sorry you got caught being secretary for seemingly a life sentence. 

j22 is right: STUPID VIRUS!  Boy, how horrible to lose your child, or anybody you're close to, really, to this sneaky, creeping, dreaded health-threat-monster. / I know what you mean about the "youngsters" in the health field talking to us pitiful elderly folk like we are dunderheads who know Jacques Sheet about ANYTHING! It's hard for me not to say something sarcastically dopey while I'm picking my nose and cleaning out one of my ears with a toothpick, but I am too nice a person to do that to an earnest stranger. Now, with someone I KNOW ... I'd even add more obnoxiousness to that!  😋

On Oct 1st I'm going to have ultrasounds of carotids and aortas (aort?) because of my family history, with various heart-attacks and aneurysms. Seems the sensible thing to do, just-in-case.

I went to WalllllllMaht today, and after the (yes, amoLu) pharmacy visit, I shopped for some clothing....got 4 long-sleeved tees, 2 short-sleeve tees, a pair of sweat pants, and a bra. Denim-wise, all the pairs of jeans they had were with those pre-faded knees, which I am seriously tired of. So I hope over at the BIG mall, there is a store where I can find some evenly-dyed, long-enough blue jeans. Is that too much to ask for? CRIPES! I sure hope not!

Anyway, I also did the grocery shopping today. WHAT a GOOD KID!! as my mom would say. I wish my mom was still alive and all of you could meet her; she was a wonderful,  interested and interesting person, a good-natured and good-humored woman. There's a lot of things she used to say to us when we were kids, which I now also use. For instance, I tell my dog, when he is being a noodge, "Oh, go chase a butterfly." Plenty of other expressions, as well, however, more on that later.

I am about to try to do the crossword puzzle from this morning's paper and scratch Ozzie's head and ears at the same time. I need a second right arm to be able to do it well, really.

Everyone stay well !


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I saw my coworker said she died "more from the isolation than the bug".  Which explains why she's blaming Democrats, because in Michigan, where her daughter was apparently there was a prolonged lock down by the democrat governor, promoting Trump to tweet "Free Michigan".  It's confusing because the stay at home order was lifted in June.  Her daughter was an alcoholic and maybe the lockdown worsened it for her.  Anyway for an RN to be a conspiracy theorist and not scientific is a bit disturbing, however, losing a child is the worst imaginable pain and she must grieve how she grieves.  

Found out one of our PT's just recovered from covid.  My manager was covering two manager's with covid, and there are four nurses from one unit with covid.  One of our NP's that comes and rounds for the doc is in the hospital with covid.   The PT recovering said it hit him like a ton of bricks, and the other ones with it are all sick and symptomatic.  

Stupid covid.


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