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Thursday October 14, 2021

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Good morning!

It's still warm upper 80's and sometimes up to 90 and nice around here.  Weather shouldn't be hitting the 90's for long.  

I can't complain about work as we had decent staffing but really the staffer didn't know we had an extra nurse, so it wasn't their doing but just the manager's doing.  But it was a good day.  

I had one annoying patient that reacted to anesthesia and fell twice.  The first time they didn't call the husband they called the 2nd time and said "she fell again" and he was upset.  He understood but was angry we let her fall the 2nd time.  He's a doctor and has three doctor children.  The doctor son called me asking all kinds of questions and I deferred him to the manager.  He accused me of giving him the runaround.  I told the doctor husband I wasn't there when she fell and didn't know the details doctor son was trying to ask and deferred him to the manager because she was here and had the reports and details he wanted.  All I needed to know was she fell twice and needed to be safe and that she got up without being help and had some confusion.    We had a sitter in with her despite her clearing up and being alert and oriented.  Then his doctor daughter came him...then of course the patient loved the attention and when she went to the bathroom just whined and carried on in pain, and kept her eyes closed acting lethargic in the chair during her visit.  When they left she's bright eyed and bushy tailed and not any pain.  Clearly, even though she was the doctor's wife she wore the pants and bossed her husband around.

I get her back today.  Sorry for the vent.  

Have a nice day.


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Tweety here's hoping you don't have any issues with that patient today

Amo you've inspired me to go through my spices, I have many that are years old and almost certainly no good but still remain on the shelf

NJ22 40s sounds awfully cold, even for October

Fairly good day at work.  Still haven't solved all of the technical issues, but did some work helping out a new coworkers.  Should get my own work fairly soon

Did the grocery shopping then went to bell choir and voice choir practice.  Had only 2 people for the latter as one regular is out of town

Today should be a fairly ordinary day, nothing unusal going on.  Hopefully I'll get the technical issues solved at work

Decided to get a programmable crock pot, as I want to do more crock pot cooking but it can sometimes be awkward with the long cooking times.  Having one that will shut off after cooking will help a lot

In the 60s today, will be in the upper 50s by the weekend  


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TV is showing lots of empty shelves and are recommending that folk plan on buying holiday staples now. And then they show the backed up port of Los Angeles. What I don't get is if the President can call in the National Guard to staff hospitals & NHs, why doesn't he call then in to man the ships and to sub for truck drivers & dock workers. What's so difficult about that for a few weeks??? 

Tweety - had a spam call this morning from Miami, FL and I thought 'oh, Tweety is trying to call me!'. It was either you or  the 'Golden Girls'. :) /// Karma visited you - you had a good staffing day, but a problem pt/family. Never fails ...

Joe - I love crock pots. I've had all sizes, but now I'm just using a 1.5 qt one. For me, it's fine for my mini needs. My spices need to be thinned out also. It's the things on the refrig door that need to be checked too.

Am typing this early this morn. Had a cardiology appt but transportation messed up again. So I had to cx the doc appt. I feel like the forlorn bride left waiting at the altar again!

And let's hear it for Capt Kirk!!!!!!!!. He did well with that commercial space flight!!!

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Re: shipping backlog. It's more complicated than unloading ships and getting cargo onto trucks. 

There are not enough trucks and truck drivers. 

There are not enough people in warehouses to receive and process goods, then in turn ship things to stores and individuals. 

So yeah, the national guard could drive trucks, if there were more. But even if the freight gets to the warehouse, it needs to be checked in and unloaded. Then the warehouse gets orders, pulls the orders and loads more trucks. And then the truck gets to a store and unloads it and gets put onto shelfs. 

 And of course, everyone is shorthanded. 

Maybe the military could fill those giant cargo planes and drop stuff via parachute? 

I am having a crummy day at work. Didn't sleep well and very nice OCD coworker is leaving for 2 weeks and is supposed to get her work caught up and wants to discuss the noninferiority of various TB treatments. And its rainy and gloomy. Bah. 

But no one has fallen and I don't have to deal with unhappy customers, so that's a bonus. 

Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer. Tomorrow will be better. 

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During the network newscast, I mentioned there should be a 'new' option called  'Shopping At The Docks!'  as a way of lightening the loads waiting to be unloaded. Hubby said it couldn't be done, because the Unions(s) would raise holy hail about it. Oh well. Besides it would be difficult to get at the shipping containers in the middle of all the others without moving them. Kind of like an ultimate Rubic's Cube, sorta?

How many times (between 7 PM and 9 PM) has Nannie asked me if there was a ballgame tonight? (7) How many times has she said, "Is there a ballgame tomorrow? Who are we playing?" (7) The answers to her questions are: no, and we don't know who will be playing whom or when or even WHERE! Until all teams finish their playoffs, we are in official baseball limbo. Please stand by....

Later that same evening....

AmoLu, The Vibrating Fitness Platform brand is MEDIC THERAPEUTICS, Special Edition. As I look at the User's Manual, I notice the front page says,   'with magnetic therapy' ...ooooooh. I didn't know that part. And I don't think I've got the remote working, mainly because the machine doesn't respond to anything I click on with the remote. I tell ya, I'm such a techie-geek, it gives me goosebumps! So, I should check to see if they even sent a battery with the remote, because if there isn't one, that would be a BIG CLUE! duh, stars!

Your order was scheduled to be delivered between Oct. 15th and 29th. Weird, huh? I hope that is to-be-so, but maybe it's a best-guess, given the backed up ships and all? I will locate the order tracking # tomorrow and check up on your 12-pack-of-YUM! I sure hope you get it soon!!!

j22, "the noninferiority of TB treatments"????? That sounds like a real yawner of a conversation!

S'posta be in the mid to upper 80's tomorrow, and THEN! On Friday the high is predicted to be sixty-one degrees.


Sorry, I am very distracted here. I am watching The Long, Long Trailer, a 1954 Lucille Ball - Desi Arnaz movie, and though I've seen it before, I have forgotten a lot of it. It is almost time to take Ozzie upstairs and time for me to snack on some popcorn. I have to make several trips from down here in the den, to up-upstairs to my room to get all my 'stuff' moved back up there and then to the kitchen to get my banana and a glass of milk, and back to the bedroom to nosh and read.


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Stars, when we bought our first trailer, a 28-footer, we bought that movie and watched it during one of our outings.  It's always been one of our faves. 🙂  Background on the trailer: we went shopping for one, because we wanted to camp out at the bluegrass festivals.  Then we'd have a "home" there, could jam till 2 in the morning and then just walk a few steps to home and wake up in the morning, still at the festival!  It's nice to go to sleep hearing singing and the thump-thump-thump of a bass (all acoustic, NO electric anything!).   I wanted that trailer SO BAD, I could TASTE it!!  We were pretty happy with it, for a few years, then traded it for a  Class C, which is much smaller in length (24 ft, as opposed to 28-foot trailer, PLUS the tow vehicle PLUS the trailer tongue!).  Dh is much happier with the smaller size.  It has a bed over the vehicle cab, and a double bed next to the little bathroom, plus the eating area can convert to a small bed.  Has stove (no oven) and microwave, and decent-sized fridge; shower in the bathroom.  Lots of storage space.  It's very modest, compared with some of the rigs our friends have, but it does well for the two of us and a little chihuahua. 🙂

Gosh, what started THAT???  I think I'm done gabbing!  Thanks for your patience!

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