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Thursday November 18, 2021

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Good morning!

I have an odd relationship with news as it depresses me much of the time, angers me others, interests me others.  

J22, glad the flood waters have receded some.  Sad about the missing person.  You should be okay with the dose of the flu shot you got....fingers crossed.

Stars, glad you're family got the booster.  Love that your husband still gets to be anti-vax while getting the vaccine.  Makes you both happy.  

I had a nice day off.  The weather was gorgeous in the 80's but was busy with housecleaning, cooking and gym trip to enjoy it much.  But got a lot done.

Working today and tomorrow.  I think my student is with me.  I might have to float.  I'm not sure I'm in charge today.  Our new assistant manager trumps me from doing charge which is fine with me.  

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Tweety tend to feel the same about news.  Glad you won't have to do charge

NJ22 glad the flood waters are receeding

Stars glad you all got vaccinated

Decent day at work, quieter in the morning, busier in the afternoon, but quieter at the end of the day.  Am still kinda getting into the swing of things but I think I have it down

Stomach has been acting up the last few days, not sure why.  Choir director had the same issue, mabye something going around?

After work had grocery shopping, bell choir, and choir practice

Have begun doing some yoga, found a book at the library I liked, aimed at older people. Since I'm not crafting I figure I have time for this

After work today have our vestry meeting

Have tomorrow off for my birthday Sunday, so I'll make sure everything is settled at work by the end of the day

Think the weather will be in the 40s, rain should hold off until Sunday I think


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I'm being a vegetable today. I got a short run in, but it's cold and rainy and miserable. I made a quick trip to Costco for vitamins, and ended up with a cartful, lol. I cut my thumb Tuesday night dicing up an apple, and trying to clean today is too painful. Dh got a bonus at work, so we will likely look for a new dishwasher. Apparently some come with wi-fi, although that just seems like something else to go haywire. 

Stars, good for you all to get your vaccines! Dh says he is going tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath. Yeah, I suppose the standard flu is better than nothing. I find it odd that I got the high dose last year with out asking and this year it's seems like its verboten. 

Joe, yoga should suit you well. My tummy has been weird off and on, but finally seems to have settled. 

80 degrees sounds heavenly, now. Tweety, does your student float with you? That would probably be good experience for her. 


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Seems like everybody's tummy has been at odds the last few days. Hubby has c/o same for a while now, off and on. 

Hubby had side-effects from the injections, teeth-chattering chills, aching, tummy uncomfortable, general tiredness.

I started getting shivers around 10:30 last night, and that 'quick' feeling you get on your skin when you've got a fever...(but I didn't have a fever), some slight nausea, some episodes of Galloping Crud, and a strong desire to just go to bed. I crawled into bed and bundled up; a half an hour later, Ozzie came out from under the bed and barked once. I think he was saying, "Hey! You're supposed to slip me a few snacks while you're reading!" Well, I wasn't going to sit up and read, so I said very sharply, "Ozzie! NO! No barking! Go to bed and go to sleep!" and for once, he actually listened/understood! Otherwise have felt the usual aching, but in more joints, all at the same time, rather than as the "wandering arthralgias and myalgias," as one of my doctors once  described it. (the wandering part is why I dubbed my pains "gypsies") Both my upper arms ached, I guess from the injections, but is almost like when the bursitis starts to kick up, so I am ignoring it for now.

Nannie has had zero side effects! No 'Poor-Pitiful-Pearl' complaints from her at all... an unexpected and very welcome peace and quiet in that regard.

We all took a 2 hour nap this afternoon. It's been exciting. 🙃

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