Thursday November 4 2021

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Dianah that is sad news about your friend's husband

NJ22 those do sound like mild temps

Stars hope you can get the vertigo to vanish

Work was busy in the morning and fairly quiet in the afternoon.  Think I'm getting the hang of this.  Hoping today will be similar

After work went to the grocery stores, after which we had choir and bell choir.  The new minister stopped by briefly which was nice

Today should be a quiet day after work, just exercise and some crafting

Decided not to attend a convention in Wisconsin I'd been planning to attend. Know the organizer and hadnt' been there since 2017.  But given the cost and my declining interest I changed plans

Another cooler day with temps in the 40s, will get up to 50s and 60s later in the week


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Good afternoon-

It's cold here, too.  It was in the 30's this morning.  I needed gloves.  It's warmed up to the high 40s.  I'll be grateful for these temps in about 2 months!

We have decided to get a puppy.  DH works from home 100% and needs a friend.  The cats sleep all day.  We are getting a mini-sheepadoodle boy.  We'll get him the weekend after this one.  I'm very excited!  I've never had a puppy and I know they are a lot of work.  The majority of the work will fall on DH.

Just found out my niece tested positive for Covid.  She just has mild cold symptoms.  She was fully vaxxed plus just got her booster.  She teaches in a community where vaccine rates are low and mask wearing is sporadic.  Hopefully her symptoms just stay mild.

Joe-Glad the job is going well and things are running smoothly with the choir.

Dianah-So sorry to hear about your friend.  It feels like this is never going to go away.

Stars-Hope the vertigo is better.  Yay Braves!

J22-Do your temperatures stay fairly moderate in the winter or do you get a lot of snow?  That's great that you're doing the clinics for the kiddos.

Hi Amo-Hope you're doing ok.

Have a good day, all!

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Just a quick hello. Our temps usually stay mild, but we often get a really cold spell in January or February. We may have a week or two of snow, but most precipitation is in the form of rain. We like to keep the snow up in the mountains where it belongs, lol. 

Windy and  rainy today. I did a short run, and soon I have to go in to get checked off on competencies: blood draw, giving narcan, doing finger stick  HIV and Hep C tests. And donning and doffing PPE. 

A puppy! Bless your heart! We expect pictures, of course! 

Gotta go!

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Hello again!

So excited to hear about the puppy, BC!  You (and your dh) will probably enjoy him/her to bits!  The cats, however, will NOT.  They will probably get used to a puppy, after awhile.  Be prepared for spitting and hissing and *ahem* removing one's self from the puppy area.  Hope it's a smooth transition, though. 

It's been 88 each day I've left work the last couple days.  Today I worked alone and attended a couple inservices (one on a new balloon pump to be used in the cath lab -- in which lately I never work, but am still considered a potential body to work in there.  The other was on the new Zoll defibrillators on the crash carts).  Tomorrow is the last day for our detailed ICU nurse to help us.  She apparently is deemed healed enough to go back to night shift in the ICU.  I hope she does well.  We will really miss her, she is so cheerful and bright and willing and helpful.   Tomorrow night dh and I are invited to dinner at her house, and to do some music.  She has invited a few friends.  It should be fun!

Then, on Saturday, we will drive to Carlsbad, to the South 48 mini-festival.  This one was organized by a couple of the bluegrass associations here in SoCal.  This is the inaugural festval!  (but they are calling it the South 49, because of DST!  lol!)  We are just going for the day, as we weren't able to get a room (and actually didn't try, for the hotel is not pet-friendly and we have no pet care and I didn't take any time off work, etc).  Should still be fun, and we will meet our bass player and friend J, and go out for a nice dinner as well.  I'll bet we can find a good place SOMEWHERE in Carlsbad, lol. 

I think I told you, dh's package never arrived, so he cancelled it.  Then as he was talking with oldest ds about it, ds mentioned he has an old piccolo of dh's, and would dh like it back (ds doesn't use it)?  Dh jumped at the chance, and picked it up today.  He has been piccolo'ing all day and enjoying it.

OK, time for dinner.  Have a good evening!

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