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Thursday November 19 2020

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Better night of sleep for me

Have tomorrow off, so today is my Friday

Work continues to go well, to my surprise.  Would've thought the shorter week would have meant working harder to get everything done, but not yet.  Guess we'll see

After work did the grocery shopping, stopped at the bakery and the post office too, and exercised

After work tonight should be fairly quiet, will stay in and exercise and work on embroidery

Weather will be warmer today, think it will be up to 60, though I think by the weekend it will be back into the 40

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Good morning!

I had a decent day off yesterday.  Mowed the back yard.  It's now the dry season and I probably won't have to mow so often now.  Spent about three hours visiting best friend just having coffee and gabbing.  He's in good spirits.

Nothing planned today.

Hope everyone has a good day.

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Good Morning -

It's sunny outside today. It's also 26 degrees outside, too. Just last week, we were having temperatures in the 60s and 70s. It's amazing how the weather can change so much in a relatively short amount of time.

These past couple of days have been busy ones. Both involved video-recording projects at work. Actually, I've enjoyed doing these videos. Tuesday's video project involved a RN nursing student, going for her BSN.  She had to video-record her final research project for her graduation. She did a nice job, despite being VERY Nervous presenting her project in front of a camera. She did her project in English and in Spanish. Spanish is her first language. She seemed much more relaxed presenting her project in her native language. Wednesday's video project involved a group of people who "graduated" from a healthy lifestyle program that our hospital provides the community. They learn ways to be healthy involving dietary choices (including learning strategies to do healthy-shopping at the grocery store), exercising, meditating, etc.. For some, this "graduation" was quite emotional for them. It was nice to see a program provided to the community being utilized and successful. Of course, I spent many hours in front of my computer editing the videos. I do enjoy editing the videos. My favorite part of the process is soaring original music to them. The only downfall to spending hours in front of the computer is that my back hurts afterwards. (Ouch!)

I'm working tonight and tomorrow night. Then, I'm off for four nights in a row. As usual, I'm looking forward to those nights off from work. 

Amy continues to heal well. Tomorrow, we go to the surgeon again. She'll be given some kind of special boot to wear, and, after tomorrow, she'll be able to put some weight on her left foot. Apparently the 3 remaining pins will still be in her foot while doing this. She's a little concerned about this. This will be interesting, for sure.

Nothing much else going on.

I know that some of your are going through challenging times. Please know that you're warmly held for comfort, healing and peace of mind.


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A so-called "interesting" morning:

First, Ozzie woke me up early, barking, so I had to go let him out to pee, approximately 1/2 a cup, maybe a little more; I'm glad he has good bladder capacity!

Then we went back to bed and fell back to sleep.

About an hour later, Hubby, Nannie and I all woke up to a crashing sound. The first thing we did after LEAPING out of bed was to shout out "Are you okay????" to each other. Once we realized it was none of us who had fallen, it was back to sleep again.

Then, I guess Nannie decided a while later that she needed to go outside and check to see if a large tree limb had fallen on the house. There were no fallen branches. But, oh, guess what! She had locked herself out of the house! Ozzie began barking like crazy, and would not shut up. Hubby and I both yelled out to him, "NO BARKING!"

Anyway, then Nannie walked around to the front door, climbed the five steps, and rang the doorbell 2-3 times in a row. I cussed again because it was the third time my sleep was interrupted. I went down to the den and unlocked the doorknob lock for her, and, ever hopeful of being able to sleep just a bit longer, I went back up to my bed. I was feeling kind of ill-tempered by the multiple rude awakenings.

About 20 minutes after I'd fallen asleep AGAIN, Ozzie began barking AGAIN! AAARRRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! It was because Nannie had decided to straighten out the sofa, and put a blanket down for him to lay down on, despite the fact that he was already resting comfortably on his usual end of the sofa, there was already a sofa-cover under him, and he does not shed fur, and he has clean feet. Well, he barked at her because he takes exception to her always trying to straighten out the sofa, and he was not happy about being disturbed by her.

She used to be the kind of housekeeper we referred to as a Martha Stewart type, where EVERYTHING was like a catalog display..."PERFECT"! She is having a difficult time understanding, even after these two and a half years, that a house/home is to be LIVED IN. Before we came, she could just clean up, and then sit in her chair and admire the perfection of the room. No one was always coming in or going out, no one had their spot to sit, or a place to set their drinks or books, paper or magazines, or anything else, until WE came along and ruined her 'view' by daring to actually LIVE in this HOME.

Sooooo, when I gave up trying to sleep, I got up and started getting dressed,  then I saw what had caused the crash earlier: An oval mirror of about 2 & 1/2 feet wide and 3 & 1/2 feet tall had decided, ....no, the hanger it was on decided, to just give up and let go! The fortunate thing was it was on a wall behind the open closet door (the door, when open, doesn't touch the wall) so the area between the wall and the door contained the damaged frame and multiple pieces of shattered mirror. It was fairly easy to clean up, as the mirror had fallen straight down. All the pieces were put in a triple layer of garbage bags and wrapped with large (and many) sheets of newspaper and taped around with duct-tape.Then I vacuumed the bejeebers out of the rug.

Later, Nannie said,  in a pleasantly lilting Southern accent, while grinning widely, "I hate to hear you dropped and broke your mirror. I hope you don't have seven years of bad luck!" The insincere grin and tone of voice said otherwise. But I told her I did not drop my mirror, it fell off the wall, so I didn't believe the event counted as the old-wive's tale of "7 years of bad luck"...(Geez, at least I HOPE so! 😊...)

And that's the story of my morning. Since I had to clean up that corner of the room, I decided to keep going, and vac the rest of the room. It isn't Ozzie's fur that collects on the rug, it's MINE! Harder to vacuum up completely, so I also use one of those sticky rollers that one uses to get pet fur and/or dandruff off ones clothing. It works well snagging people hair, so it was  like the finishing touch after the vacuuming. But now my lower back is really aching, so I have decided to hell with any further cleaning; I am now all about  getting a cold-pack  on my back and relaxing against a bunch of pillows on my bed, with some magazines to read. I feel so irritable, I don't want to sit in the den with Nannie and Ozzie!

That's it for now! And it's QUITE ENOUGH, I'd say! Hope everyone's day goes better than mine started off!!!!


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Afternoon, all-

Chilly here today, but it is almost December.  I am grateful for the heated seats in my car.  Work has been busy.  We are still trying to figure out the logistics of keeping the practice open while following guidelines.  Sometimes we have too many people in the waiting room and some have complained.  It's tough to keep a balance.  We'll keep working on it.  

I need to start my Thanksgiving planning.  Thanksgiving is my culinary Superbowl, and I very much enjoy cooking for a crowd.  This year there will only be 5 of us.  I need to work on scaling things down.  

Not much else going on.  Trying to stay sane in a crazy world.

Joe-Glad your sleep is better.  It makes a big difference.

Tweety-How is BFF doing physically?  I hope you had a good day off today.

Ted-I hope Bumfooty gets some new footwear tomorrow, and Amy is able to be more mobile.  Fingers crossed she gets good news from the surgeon.

NSIME-I'd be might grumpy if my sleep was interrupted that much.  Good for you for staying in your room.  Hope the latter part of the day was better.

Hope everyone else is doing ok.  

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Good afternoon, its cool and overcast here, with rain showers predicted.  As I was heading to the park for a little run, it started to hail. That quickly passed. I realized after I got there that my training watch which guides how far and fast I go had a dead battery. I so still went for a short jaunt, first time in a month. My sprain foot was a little wobbly, and the hip bursitis reminded me it was there, but it still felt so good to get my heart rate and breathing up. I plan to try again in a little bit once the watch is charged. I had yesterday afternoon off, so I got a mani/pedi, grabbed an asian rice bowl from the grocery store, and had every intention of taking a nap. But youngest son was off and wanted to talk about the election, and then the grandchildren called for a visit. Then dh came home and it was time to cook. He said I looked tired and he would fend for himself. That usually means he eats breakfast cereal. But I said, yeah, I am going to take the night off and did go to bed early. 

Ugh, I hate cleaning up broken glass. That sounds like a terrible, awful, no good morning. Rest your back, stars! And the rest of you'ns, have a great rest of your day. 



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stars - you should have said "it was YOUR (Nan's) mirror". It might have changed her smarty opinion.

They sell something called a 'rug rake'. It really looks like a rake but it's for 'raking' the rug. My hair used to be much longer and I was shedding. The 'rug rake' worked neat to just rake up the hair. No elec, not heavy, easy to store ...

Too cold for me. Started wearing a hat. I love hats. That's the 2nd major reason I watch the big horse races - just to look at the ladies' hats. And my hands are so cold. Think I  need those little palm-sized hot packs. Amazon time!

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I hope we all are comfortable enough to have an OK or better day.

We went to the DMV for husband to apply for an ID since He can't drive any more. I don't mind driving him. 

His club cancelled the outside social event that was to happen this coming Saturday. The Trustees will have a ZOOM meeting with all members able to attend from home. IF the COVID rate is low enough they may have an outside party in December.

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Nannie was in an arguing mood this afternoon. 

Because I was upstairs in my room, she'd call up the stairs, telling me what Ozzie needs or wants. Like she would even know. She said, "He hasn't got any water, and he's thirsty."  She apparently couldn't see that his water bowl was filled to the brim. Then she said he was wandering around and he had to go outside, So to satisfy her, I put on his leash and took him out, where he did nothing but stand and look around. Then, around 3:20 she hollered upstairs that he was wandering around looking for something to eat. OK, so I put his supper down early, and he ate it (sometimes he won't touch it until 9 or 10 PM!). Well nothing would do but I take him back out so he could have a BM, which he did not do.

When I came in I told her, "Listen, this is OUR dog, not yours. HOW we take care of him, and WHEN he eats is up to us. He is well taken care of and is not your responsibility. We've had him for 13 &1/2 years. He is not like the dog you had. He has only had 3 accidents in the house in 2 & 1/2 years."

As I was going up the stairs she said, "Well he doesn't like being left alone down here all day with nothing to eat or drink." More like SHE doesn't like to be alone in the den. I am kind of like her, what?... Entertainment!  She watches me write or do puzzles or read. I'm her live TV! Sometimes we talk, sometimes we don't. 

Later I heard hubby tell her essentially the same thing I had said, and that SHE doesn't have to worry about OUR dog.

After supper, when I went down to get her tray; she'd already gone into her room to get on her pj's. But surprise (not)...then we realized she had already gone to bed. 

Oh, Peaceful Night!

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