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Thursday November 7, 2019

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Good Morning!

BC, sorry the office drama is getting to you.  Can certainly understand the appeal of working from home at this point.  

Joe, good on you for finding volunteer opportunities.  It's important.

Stars, patients that wonder and forget that they are unsteady and can't really walk are frustrating for sure.

Insomnia bug bit me and I was done sleeping at 4:15.  Hate when that happens before a 12 hour shift.  Working today and tomorrow and off the weekend.

Visit with my MD went well.  We went over last years labs which I had the feeling he was looking at for the first time.  He said the lab I use, the one where I work because it's cheaper, is horrible at sending them to him.  Everything looked good.  I was a bit disappointed that my cholesterol rose to 150, a new high for me.  But still good.  I would have felt silly complaining about that.  His word for my labs was "excellent".  BP was even a good-for-me-with-whitecoat-syndrome 130/70 and he was pleased because last year it was 140/90 and he asked me to watch it.  I've had some up and down readings at home, but mostly good.  He told me not to get labs until next month as insurance might not pay if they are not 365 days apart.   I have to remember to have my physicals in December and not November but it was his office that scheduled me so early.  They are a huge practice and aren't always on top of things, but I like my rapport with him and he has really helped me out a few years ago when my anxiety was out of control and he gave me his personal cell phone number.

Anyway TMI.  

Got a message from my dad that they are coming down for Thanksgiving.  Just like them to make a spur of the moment decision like that.  I was just talking about making  plans to see them next year if they didn't come down soon.

Still warm in the mid-80's here, but I'm loving that.

Hope everyone has a good day.

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Sitting here in the chill, waiting for the oil company to come look at my furnace, which has decided to stop working.  It's only 6 years old and I am not amused.  Work was a little better yesterday.  I talked with our new practice manager, and she has a lot of ideas to make things better.  I hope she's able to do so.  I looked a bit at some telemedicine positions, and either the pay is too low or they are psych focused, which is not my wheelhouse at all.  I'll keep looking, but it seems that at least financially, I am better off staying put.

Tweety-Glad you had a good appointment.  Sorry about the insomnia.  I hope tonight is better.

Joe-Volunteer work is good for the heart and soul.  I hope you find a great opportunity.  

Stars-The adventures never end.  I hope you and hubs can get out a bit more.  Unfortunately, I think Nannie is going to do whatever she wants, and that may not end well.

Hi Amo, Herring, Dianah, Ted, J22, and all else who come along.  Hope all have a great day.

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Tweety hope the shift goes smoothly for you

BC hope the furnace gets fixed soon 

Fairly ordinary day at work, no surprises 

Met J for dinner. He had to limit himself to soup and mashed potatoes, at least for a few more days. The oral surgeon says his mouth is healing well

Did grocery shopping after dinner.  Would've done it tonight but I have a call then with one of the local leaders or the gay group to discuss volunteer opportunities 

Didn't wake up as early as I normally do,fell right back to sleep qnd had weird anxious dreams.  Funny how the dreams clearly make mo sense but you only realize that on waking 

Weather has turned colder here, in the 30s

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Good morning Tweety, BCgradnurse, Joe, and Dianah and No Stars when they get here.

We have back to back dentist appointments today. If all is OK we will be done for six months.

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I got up at noontime, and woke Nannie up at 2 PM. She had been complaining about several nights of not sleeping, so we just let her sleep on. At 2,  I decided to get her up and into the bathroom, and get her dressed. I helped so she wouldn't put on her multiple variations of step-in's, pull-ups, and Overnite pads stacked on top of themselves. Then walked her into the den for a very late breakfast; her usual yogurt and Mtn. Dew. Ya-hoo! 

I told hubby it was his turn to be 'companion' to Nannie, so that I could FINALLY do my summer-to-winter clothes switch. From living up in the mtn's for so long, I have, I think, way more winter stuff than I'll need down here. It gets too warm in this house to be wearing turtlenecks and sweaters. However, I am not going to ditch them all yet. Right now, I'm too tired to try on stuff and make some decisions.  When I came back down to the den and flopped on the sofa, Nannie told me that she could have come upstairs and helped me if I'd let her know. Yahahaha, sure. I was doing it so I wouldn't have to hang around her, as much as I was preparing for some weather changes. 

Hubby has a crock pot burbling up in the kitchen; gonna have some veg-bean soup w/ burrito spices, rather than taco spices. I'm not sure of the difference of ingredients between the two, but the taco spice packet isn't substantial enough, in my opinion. The burrito mix has more oomph to it.

Don't like it getting dark so early, but guess it will be a good while before enough states will agree to keeping the time one way or the other. I'm quite sure that THIS state will drag their heels until there is no choice about it. 

Tweety, good news about your physical. I agree it is important to have a PCP with whom you feel comfortable. My doctor here is okay, and easy to talk with, but I still miss my primary doc who I saw for many years, before we moved. / Hmmm. Thanksgiving IS approaching, now that you mention it! Don't know that we have any plans. Personally, I don't care. If SiL invites us over, hubby for SURE will NOT go. Me neither. Doubt Nannie will have the energy to deal with them, but if she wants to go (IF she is invited!) they will have to pick her up and bring her back.

BCg, hope your furnace is back in working order by now. It sure is miserable to be in an unheated building! / Hope your new practice manager works out well. When I worked with the Agency-which-shall-remain-nameless, I had sooooo many supervisors and DONs, it was like a revolving door. I thought about sitting down and trying to name/count them all, but I'd have to be pretty darn bored to do so, because I worked with that agency for 30 years! That's a LOT of thinking and remembering! The ones who stand out....The Toad, The Whiner, The Dipsy-doodle, The Garlic Eater, The one who became a Prednisone Psycho......ahh, memories. 🙄 

Also, the inadvisable things that Nannie does, (due to dementia-brain-shrinkage) probably not ending well? We think the same. Hubby was afraid to go wake her up the past few mornings, he told me later, because he thought he'd find her dead. Her x-rays and scans from her most recent fall showed no damage to her skull, so unless the Lord blessedly slips her away during the night, she'll go on waking up and breathing until she doesn't.

We are about to serve up Nannie's supper. Hubby found her sitting in her recliner, holding her arms  out. She claimed she couldn't eat until her arms heal. Heck, all that is going on is that I put some cream in her palms so she could rub it on her itchy arms. She doesn't believe nothing is wrong with her arms! When hubby told her she was fine, she gave him a very sour look, and sits there still, arms out. Oh me, oh my. She seems to think she has suffered burns on her arms. I hope she forgets this particular fantasy SOON.


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Nannie, ordinarily effusive about any meal served her, said that the crock pot soup "will do." She ate maybe 1/2 cup. She ate her piece of toast, and REFUSED dessert. Hubby said she'd probably have eaten more, except she's wearing her butt on her shoulders.

 😇"*I'm* mad? What am I mad about?" //Because you were told that your arms have not been burned.// 😠"They HAVE been burned! Look at all these red spots!" // The red spots are from you picking and peeling at the dry skin on your arms. // "No..." and she pointed at me, "She..." //... told you the same thing. Your arms have not been burned, and the spots are from you picking at your dry skin. The cream put on your arms was to help the itching. // 😡"That cream was what the doctor gave me to heal the burns!!!!" And she further argued that SHE had gone to the pharmacy and picked up the prescription, herself, this afternoon! 👿 So There!

Hubby has escaped to visit w/ a guy across the street who is a gunsmith. Nanny has not asked where he is, like she usually does ALL the time, so she must still be stewing. She hasn't spoken to me either, but OOOOOOOH WELLLLLLL. 🙉🙊 



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