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Thursday May 21 2020

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Did not sleep well last night, took a long time to fall asleep.  Unusually amount of anxiety last night for some reason 

Which is odd, as the work day went pretty well over all

Need to do better on my diet, last week or two have drifted a good bit.  Perhaps that's one of the causes of the anxiety

Family has decided to reschedule next month's family reunion.  I changed our reservations to next year. We're still deciding what we'll do this year

Got grocery shopping done last night as well as exercised.  Tonight will do more crafting and one of the political groups has a Zoom meeting

Will be in the 60s today, will be in the 80s by the weekend


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It rained last night, so my plans to mow are postponed for now. We have a company coming today to replace the gutters on our home that include some sort of cover to keep the spruce needles and leaves out. I am getting too old to scramble up on the roof 3-4 times a year to clean them off. We had screens installed over the gutters when we replaced the roof 5 years ago but they just collect the stuff and I still have to clean them off. Otherwise this will be my usual clean the house after a work week Thursday. Sheets in the washer, non-dishwasher safe dishes in the sink, soon I will chase the vacuum around. 

Had another on-line counseling session yesterday that was so-so. I feel like she is brushing off what I think is bugging me, but I guess that she is using CBT. I will give it a few more sessions. 

I walked by some protesters in front of our building when I left work yesterday. They had signs about herd immunity, and letting sunlight kill corona. Bless their hearts. 

Tweety,  your burger sounded delicious. I find as I avoid "unhealthier" foods, that when I do indulge that I really appreciate and enjoy them. Absence makes the heart grow fonder! And I won't work extra without a bonus, either. 

Herring, that is a lovely story about your kid. Good for him for saying hello. 

BC, I am glad that you are enjoying being back in the office. Dh has started going to his office 2 days a week and seems happier. And he tells me he is wearing his mask and social distancing. 

Ted, I hope you got your on-call and enjoying the day. 

Joe, hope your day is smooth and productive! And I hope mine is as well. 

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Hello. It is a very warm sunny day here. Husband and friends talking on the phone a lot. One friend is so very glad he got to watch a Nascar on TV. He used to always watch at their lodge. 

I'm feeling OK. Husband and I are mostly enjoying each other's company. Often I am reading or on the computer while he watches TV. 

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Another overcast and rainy day; not as cold or windy. We are supposed to have a weekend in the 80's (bleh) which has everybody (but me) happy about. Never have cared for summer.

Did a pharmacy run today and will be doing another one tomorrow. Emailed and asked my PCP if he could re-write me a prescription for Levsin (Hyoscyomine ... sp?); I used to take it when my IBS-D kicked up. I had some leftover from a prescription he wrote in 2018 and discovered that when Nannie's afternoon sundowning behavior got my gut churning, it made me lose my appetite for supper, and have to gallop to the bathroom, PRONTO. The Levsin works better than the Xanax under those conditions. He emailed me back, saying "It's called in. Hope y'all are doing well. Take care, my friend. (signed w/ his first name)."

So, COVID's good for one thing ... don't have to make an appt nowadays! Just ask and ye shall receive! 

Speaking of appointments, the "salons and barbers" are supposed to be able to open up again after 5 PM  tomorrow. I'm going to get Nannie an appt w/ her hairdresser ASAP during this next week. She has not had her head washed in 2 months! Not for want of my trying, as I know all kinds of tricks on how to wash a patient's hair; but she refused to cooperate w/ any and all of my GOOD suggestions. She said she would like a  shower, but we cannot get her in and out of the tub. Strangely, her hair is not greasy at all, it is extremely dry and brillo-y from the tons of hairspray she uses daily. She'll have to have her scalp scrubbed twice!  🤣 Hubby says, "Maybe sand-blasted! 😂  

 An aside: yesterday she put on her lipstick(s) 5 times in one hour, until I just removed her purse with her ridiculously large collection of lipsticks in it, and 'hid' it back where she hides it.  [Then she asks, "Has anybody seen my purse?"]

Hubby is doing well, but not at quitting smoking. I'll get him some patches from Walmart tomorrow. Their "equate" brand works well and stays stuck better than the Big Brand Name of patches. We'll see if he will try them. Currently he has gone off to get "some trinkets" for my car. God only knows what, but you can bet your bottom dollar it will be something chrome. 

Today I saw another fool without a mask who was walking his naked-faced 5 month old baby in his arms, thru Walmart today. Puts the baby right at adult's mouth and nose level. AUGH! STUPID!

Myself, I intend to keep wearing my mask when I go out, and not make any hair or nail appts for myself, until I see how it goes for everyone else. Let THEM be the guinea pigs for this partial re-opening, and I'll watch the results over the next few weeks before I decide whether to get myself beautimized, or wait a bit longer. 

Ozzie needs a bath and a fur-trim, too. We all are a bit scruffy these days!

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