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Thursday May 14 2020

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Was a slower day at work, only periodically crazy. Today should be more settled

Got the grocery shopping and some crafting done

Today should be a quiet day after work, no where to go, just the usual exercise and crafting

Need to work better on my meditation, lately I have not been as focused.  Which makes it less effective, which is a problem given how stressful these times are

Stormy day this mornings, will be stormy later today too.  Will be in the 70s

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Good Morning!

Joe - Hope today is a quiet, settled day for you. We need those day, for sure.

Amy and I had a lovely hike, yesterday. It was a beautiful day for a hike, with the sun out, fluffy clouds in the sky, and lots of fresh air. We went to a favorite hiking place of ours, called "Oom's Conservation Area". It's an old farmland with open fields and easy-to-see hiking trails. The scenery, of course, was both breath-taking and relaxing. Took my happy camera, and took a bunch of pictures and a few videos. I'm sharing a few of those picture below. 🙂 

Today? Well, it was near-freezing earlier this morning. The sun is out, now, so hopefully the temperature will rise a bit. In a little while, Amy and I will go for a short hike. It's supposed to rain this afternoon, so we want to get our power-walk in before it rains.

Hope all have a pleasant day today. In the meanwhile, enjoy the pictures. 

Peace! 🙂




15 - Hike_5-13-2020_small.jpg

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Good Afternoon!

Ted those are gorgeous photos; I wouldn't mind taking that hike myself! It looks quite inviting!

Forgot to mention yesterday that my 'new'-to-me car is a 2019 model. And one very funny thing ... for years I've been driving that big ol' van, which has the gear changer on the driving column. In the KIA, the gear stick is between the front seats, and the stick on the column is for using the wiper blades.  

I suppose I will eventually get used to not washing the windshield when what I really want to do is to back up!🤣 I've caught my hand midway ... meaning, to get out of 'P' or put it in 'D' ... and snatch my hand back, telling myself, "NO!" I might look like I'm waving at someone, but I'm really not! But I do have the cleanest windshield in the county!

When I used to drive a used Saab, the stickshift was 'in the middle' between the seats. But at that time I used to drive my then-private-duty patient around in his old Plymouth with one front seat, and I can't tell you how many times I tried to shift his dachshund's head!

Nannie is going through her usual SunDowning Theme, which is packing to go home. More often lately she has mentioned that she wouldn't be around much longer. She said, about 4 days ago that "they" told her she would be leaving, or would be gone, in about eight more ... Hubby said she said 8 DAYS, but I thought she said 8 WEEKS. Curious that some folks seem to 'know' their time will be up soon. One man I took care of, when I said I'd see him tomorrow, he came to, from deep within flying way high on Fentanyl, and he replied, "No, Stars, I don't think so." I said "No? Really?" He nodded his head yes. And about an hour and a half later, he passed.

Hard to chat with Nannie babbling on and on. I may stop by later and see if anybody else check's in today!

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Ted, your Ooms Conservancy area is about a hour from the Ashokan area of New York.   Some favorite players of ours, Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, are based near Ashokan.  He, in fact, composed Ashokan Farewell for the Ken Burns documentary "The Civil War."   He is a fiddler and she plays guitar.   They have been married many years and are a very celebrated acoustic duo.  With the covid restrictions, they have been performing music via FB, in their "Quiet Room."  We were privileged to see them perform about six or so years ago, on one of their rare jaunts to the West Coast.

I really enjoy seeing your photos of the area!

Joe, it's stormy there AND in the 70's??  A mite humid, yes??

No Stars, hope Nannie is in bed by now.  Any "new" car takes getting used to -- if not to the controls, to the new "feel" when it is underway.  Again, I am very glad you were able to get it!

Steady day at work.

Dh is jamming online, playing mandolin. 

Apparently today there was a fly-over in our area, over our hospital, with a dipping of the wings, in honor of those working during the covid crisis.  I missed it live, but saw a video of it -- quite impressive!  From what I read, it was a C-17 Globemaster III cargo aircraft (and it was very big!).

Well that's all the news here.  Have a good evening!

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