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Thursday May 2 2019

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Another fairly slow day at work yesterday.  As a result going to take a few extra cases to help out a coworker.  Hopefully I won't regret this

Met J at one of our usual places last night.  He's visiting his friend in the SNF twice a day now, given that she's going to enter hospice and doesn't have much time left

Had strange dreams early this morning, woke up once or twice too.  Not sure why.  I have been a bit more tired than usual the last two days, wonder if it's related

Today have an online meeting of the environmental group in the evening.  Will try and stop at the pet store before that for a new scratching post and some of those sticky strips.  Trying to keep the cat from scratching the new loveseat

Will be pretty much the same as yesterday, 50s and rainy.  After today it whoudl be drier and warmer

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Work has been busy and there seems to be a serious morale problem among the staff.  I'm just trying to keep my head down and see my patients, and not get caught up in all the negativity.  A lot of it is justified, but the staff need to come together with solutions as opposed to just complaining.

I'm looking forward to our quick trip to NYC Sat and Sun.  I'm excited to find out which show we got tickets for on Sunday.  I am not looking forward to driving back home by myself, as fiance will be staying in the city for a few more days for work.  It's a 3 1/2 hour drive, so it's not too bad.

Still cold and rainy here, with temps in the high 40s.  We don't have Spring anymore.  The cold lingers into May, and then it's 85 degrees.  Bring on the heat!

Hope all have a good day.

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We've got heat down here, BC.

It was HOT yesterday, but it has also been so damn windy all week, that the wind can nearly take you down.

Have fun in NYC.

Morale seems to be an issue everywhere.

My nurse friend said the patient actually weighs 585 lbs.

He refused to leave the outside hospital because he is homeless.

He apparently thinks he can stay with us. My nurse friend said the admitting nurse at our facility told him: This is not a SNF. You can't live here. Typical length of stay is 10 days.

No idea what physical rehab will do for this poor fellow.

He needs psych counseling and a social worker.

Ah. Healthcare in the US.

Meeting a friend for coffee

It is supposed to storm. I hope I bring the boys in before it starts.

Talli looks so good.

His name is beautiful.

His coat is shiny.

He looks like a horse that somebody loves!


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We just had a meeting about our yearly skills check-offs, and what a mess.  I was supposed to review the adult immunization procedure, and I got push-back at every step. People wanted a task about how to give a deltoid injection, they want a list of which vaccines are IM or SubQ (look at the insert), what allergies to be concerned about (look at the insert), what size needle to use (we have 1 gauge, 2 lengths), they want a copy of the schedule, they want a copy of the Pink Book. Look people, we don't give that many shots. When the time arrives, we can review all that stuff in the moment. And then someone will bring up the way it used to be. The good part is my supervisor, who is newish, flat out said drawing up epi from an ampule is unacceptable and we should purchase Epi-Pens. 

Overcast here, but it is supposed to be sunny tomorrow. 

Have a good day all, 



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Good news!!!

The state representative returned my phone call, and is interested in meeting with nurses to discuss safe staffing issues.

She gave me her home phone number.

Now, I need to pull together some nurses to meet with her, and pick herring's brain.

Can I borrow your brain, herring? 

Be forewarned: I might not give it back!

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Hey, all...

Gonna get my gripe out of the way first and get it over with. Nannie got three things in the mail today. 1.) a letter saying her eye doctor is retiring, and she thinks it was so nice of him to let her know because "Not everybody would do that." [Um, yea, Nannie, they DO; I think they hafta!] 2.) She got the water/electric bill (it is a combined bill here; weird) and 3.) a statement from Edward Jones, which gave her the rundown of what her investments were worth during the last forever, backwards for years. Which she felt she HAD TO read to me. 

I have to tell her, "DON'T read me your mail. _______(my hubby) takes care of your mail and your bills." But she seems not to hear me; I had to tell her 5 (FIVE) times NOT to read me the E.Jones statement. She kept reading. She's a halting-type of reader and reads every. single. thing. on. the. page. I said "PLEASE don't read that to me." She continued on, so I took my stuff and went upstairs for 1/2 hour. 

When I went back down, she started in on the water/electric bill. I told her that was HER bill and my hubby would write the check on her checking acct. to pay it and will mail it tomorrow.

But, still, she had to read me all the picky-pooky details, you know, all the initials and numbers that tell you how much and when and blah-blah-blah. I said, "PLEASE, Nannie, STOP! I don't want to hear any of your mail. Let _______go over it all with you." She seemed to think WE pay the water/electric. We don't. We pay landline, TV, and computer/wi-fi package. The water/elec bill is only $165/mo and that's for 3 people, so it ain't too bad. 

When she started in again about not understanding what the E.Jones mail was about, I said they were "required by law to keep her periodically informed and my hubby "WILL GO OVER IT WITH YOU" later. He is smart...he is out mowing the yard so he doesn't have to deal with her until later.

Now she is quietly picking up the envelopes, re-opening them, taking out the contents, looking at them, putting them back in the envelopes, and after a minute or so she does the same thing all over again... and yet again! But she hasn't spoken a PEEP about them. I kind of had to hammer in the emphases before it seemed to sink in. But I always said "Please"!!!!  Wonder if she's MAD at me for speaking up? Don't much care. I do NOT want to have to go over things with her and then listen to her go through it all again with my hubby. It gets tiresome. If I could or was so inclined, I could skim the mail, tell her what it is about, and put it all up where hubby keeps her paperwork. It would have probably taken all of 3 minutes and it'd be done. But I am adamant about not getting involved with her financial confusions.

Sooooo...Went to the P.A today for the final follow-up visit since my laminectomy. Today the pain is worse than yesterday. She wants me to take ANOTHER Medrol pack. I sighed and told her that the last 3 Medrol packs I was given at intervals last year did NOTHING. But, ya gotta follow that ol' Protocol, so tomorrow I will go get the Medrol Pak. Pfft.

Then I have to have another MRI.

The good news is there was a cancellation for an MRI appt this Saturday at 2 PM, so hooray, that means I don't have to go through this for MONTHS like I did last Fall. Then the follow-up appt for the MRI results will be with the PA again, a week from today! THEN, maybe I can speak with the Dr who did my surgery previously. I hope they can just go ahead and do "Round 2 of The Ceremony Of The Shaving/Removing The Re-Grown Cyst"... like SOON! I may have said this already, but I suggested they use some Round-Up Weed killer on the spot before they sew me back up. I sure hope I don't keep re-growing that damn cyst or any others. If I knew how to eliminate that problem, I'd do it,  but nobody seems to know nuthin' about no Nostrums, not even some obscure hooha gypsy-witch cure-all formula.

It really spoiled me not having this pain for several months, standing up straight, and not "Oooch-ouch-ooching" my way through the days.

Yup, Nannie's mad. She just got dressed and whizzed out the back door with her rollator and spoke not a word as she stormed out of sight... 😜 

Going to feed the dogs in a few minutes. Hope y'all are okay. I've read up on the past coupla daze, but my mind, you know, has a retention problem sometimes...

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I am sorry you are in pain again, Stars.

Hooray on getting an MRI so quickly.

Talli's mane looks beautiful. Not his name.

Auto correct is a pain.

Both boys are mud covered. It stormed here.


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Great story in today's Washington Post about Omaha Beach, he was the Kentucky Derby favorite who was forced to scratch.

Beautiful horse.

And his trainer, Richard Mandela, is a good guy.

He is a West Coast trainer, and he trained the first horse I ever reported on, in the Breeders' Cup.

That was 19 years ago, and I would see him from time to time when I covered Derby, and he is just a great guy.

Not one of the bad apples.

You can get a sense of his personality, in the WaPo piece.

Too bad the Racing Gods decided it wasn't his year.

The Racing Gods are the Triple Crown winners who are no longer with us.


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Hubby said I am getting the silent treatment because, Nannie told him, I had told her to stop talking.

Not a bad concept, as she is, too frequently, one of those people who has to fill the air with words; but I did not say to stop talking. Oh well, maybe she'll have forgotten it by tomorrow. Then, the next time she gets a statement or bill, I will vacate as soon as she starts to open the envelope!

Sometimes I think she just likes to read her balances out loud to brag. I want to say: you know, it is really NOT all that. 

Saw a photo and brief article about Omaha Beach and his trainer. Gorgeous horse. Didn't register what the owner looked like, as the horse was dazzling!



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Good evening.  We had a sick call and I had a full assignment, was in charge and precepted a student.  Did a discharge, sent a patient to the OR, got her back, and and ICU transfer.   When asked about me going to the afternoon charge nurse meeting I politely said "I don't mean to be belligerent, but I don't do these things when I have a full patient load".  The answer was "I understand and you're not being belligerent.".   Other floors were poorly staffed as well.  Not sure what's going on.    In the meantime night shift is staffed well and we floated one, and the nurses were going 3 and 4 to one RN without a tech.  

Anyway, I read you all and am tired and having dinner at 10pm, on Spanish time.  Tofu coconut curry in a tomato sauce.  Yummy. 

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