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Thursday may 15

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Good morning from sunny West Aus. I do trust all are well or getting better.

YAY I can hear again. Bought a hearing amplifier. I have to wait 'till July for an ear op so paid $400 for this device. works well even though I look like I am using an iPod. Who cares.

Been thinking about AK's crook hoof. Now I'm a pretty good farrier so I reckon I could come over and fit a horse shoe on to correct the problem, same as you do with a horse with a crook hoof. Just offerin' like.

Our govt has just introduced their budget for the next 12 months. Pretty grim for pensioners. I will lose $900 a year plus my meds cost will double. A lot of poor pensioners will not now go to their doctor. No money for it.

'Nuff gloom. The sun will still get up tomorrow and my butterflies will still flutter by.

We are busy fundraising for a new AED to replace my obsolete one. New one will cost $2000. I can probably get one from the States for $1400. Could be the way to go. We really get ripped off here with prices. I can get a started motor for Jane from the States for $400. Cost here $2000.

Thats me for the day. Stay safe and well.

Hooroo M

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Michael; i'm sure you could fit a comfortable shoe for our friend!

good for you getting a hearing amplifier.

We have a friend far away who can't listen on the phone. His wife has to relay conversations to him. She does not like to do that.

my husband used to work for him. He learned many languages including both international and America sign language.

He speaks English, Bulgarian, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, and polish. he reads lips too. No one would know he can't hear except on the phone.

He started losing his hearing in his 50s and won't get a hearing aid.

He is a unique and kind 90 year old. WWII veteran. He was 48 and his wife 18 when they married. He has sons older than she is.

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Michael, I would love to have you play farrier. Come see me anytime. My crooked hoof awaits your care. I still have not found a real cure. I go barefoot as much as possible and wear fancy cushy shoes at work. My foot doc, the closest thing I have to a competent farrier here, says Mr. Arthritis has settled in and made himself comfy while making the bones look swollen on x-ray. He is considering a boot, probably much like you would fashion. I think I would prefer yours. I could introduce you to all my friends as my farrier from Oz. Or the Saint of Western Australia.

Come, we will explore lots of fun places. I could take you to see my favorite Percheron to get a pretty good guess at the size and shape I would need.

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Good Morning Michael, Herring, AKY and all that come in,


Michael I saw the budget and it simply sucks, that idjit is going to kill Australia and our economy so much so it sickens me. Yes buy from over here better deal and less money.


G'day Herring may you have a most excellent day sweet story too.


AKY I do pray your poor l'il foot improves, Mr Arthritis sucks that is for sure. I pray for less pain for you.


Busy and very productive day for me yesterday, I was so exhausted I slept like a log which is just what I needed.


Looking at another nicely paced day to ensure all my patients are tucked in until I see them again next week.


Tomorrow will be nursing competency day for me so I will be at the college all day.


Ted we have not had a house showing this past week so we are considering dropping the price a l'il bit but are excited about seeing this house on Friday night, we have found another one close by so we are trying to see both of them tomorrow night. We have fallen for this first house we saw so we shall just see.


Hope you all have a most excellent and happy day I know I will make it a good one.


Much love to you all this day.

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Michael I'm glad you can hear better

AKY I hope you can find a solution for your foot

Morning Herring and Sabby

Tough day yesterday, started off having to make lots of calls, then my phone kept ringing. Got less done than I wanted, was calm most of the day but by the end I was getting very tired and starting to get angry, although I did my best not to.

Tough night too, woke up around 2:30am with a HA that turned into a migraine. Took my pills and by 4 I was good though not able to go back to sleep. However, this is the first migraine or headache of any sort in about 2 weeks, so that's good. Better about staying calm. Not sure what triggered this one.

Did the grocery shopping last night. Will check on cat supplies and get some more tonight.

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Good Morning -

Just woke up. Our two canine family members are fed and the coffee if brewing. Still haven't had First Coffee yet. Got a headache. But I know it will go away soon. Just waiting for the ever-precious sound, "Ding!"

Michael - Hope your new hearing device works well for you! As a musician, one of my fears is to lose my hearing. So far, so good. Still, for many it's a part of the aging process and I guess I'll have to "man up" should I experience it. Sorry to read about the loss of income and the cost of medications going up. It does not seem fair, especially with all of the service that you give back to the community. I don't know how your country's social-governmental-economic system works. It doesn't seem right that you'd lose all of the income, though. I do wish you well, Michael.

herring_RN - your 90 year old friend sounds like he lived a very interesting life! I'm impressed that he learned all of those languages! Very cool.

aknottedyarn - Amy has problems with her feet. On one foot she has a slow, growing bunion that's slowly deforming her big toe. On her other foot, she has fascia planteritis (sp??) which causes her great discomfort. It seems to hurt most in the morning when she first gets up and walks. She recently seen an ortho doc and he has her wearing a special boot on the one painful foot. This seems to be helping her. I wish you well with your poor aching feet! It ain't fun when they hurt.

Sabby_NC - Hope your surviving a busy week. I know that you have a busy one. Only two more days until the week-end! Good luck with selling your home! I hope you don't have to lower the price too much, though. It seems that you just put your home on the market. Would it be too early to lower the price now?? The housing market is still kind of weird. I guess you gotta do whats you gotta do.

Joe - Sorry to read about your sleepless night and migraine. Lack of sleep really sucks. (I've given up on a good night's or a good day's sleep long ago.) Hope today goes well for you.

Heard the coffee pot go "Ding!" a few moments ago. Gonna finish typing here. Hope to mow the lawn today (didn't do it yesterday). I have a meeting with a young couple who are getting married later this month. I'm playing keyboard (organ) for their wedding so we'll be picking out music for their ceremony. I like playing during weddings. I actually have a couple of original organ-sounding compositions that I've played during dozens of different weddings throughout the years. Interestingly, I tend to play those original compositions when it's a couple's second or third wedding (after a divorce)! LOL! Usually for a couple's first wedding, they want the too-often-played "Here Comes the Bride" LOL! I play that by memory! LOL! Oh well. I do whatever the couple wants. It's their time.

It's First Coffee Time! Peace, folks! :)


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Thanks for all your wishes for my foot to heal. I think it will get better. Obviously we can't change the arthritis factor but I think I can work on other solutions to keep the pain under control. Interesting that I tweaked my back the other day and used my TENS unit on it. That seemed to help the feet. it makes sense that endorphins don't care where pain is located, the whole body gets bathed. I have not tried the TENS anyplace near the foot but am considering using it to push the feel good chem. Being kind to the foot on days off is good, also. Ted, I had bad plantar fasciitis when I lived in Valdez. I think it was from being in snow boats so much of the time. i got it healed up. Long process but PT for it helped. Yeah, getting out of bed was terrible. Once you get going it is not nearly so bad, until you get off the tootsies.

Got a note from my niece that their business got a write up in Taste Trekkers! Their business is very grassroots and has taken off so well. Someday Lazy Crazy Acres might be as well known as Ben and Jerry's! I am going up to see them next week and hopefully get my special reserved maple syrup. I figure a cone or two and some rhubarb will be wonderful.

Best get going. I need coffee and a brunch before I go to work.

Ted always says Peace. Thinking I need to get me a signature ending.

How about care and share.

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On her other foot, she has fascia planteritis (sp??) which causes her great discomfort.


I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does this. :yes:

Plantar fasciitis Definition - Diseases and Conditions - Mayo Clinic

Good morning everyone. Second cup of coffee poured.

Busy day ferrying FIL to his appointments. But all in all it was good. His post-op eye doc appt though showed wet macular degeneration. Used to be no treatment but now they inject something into the eyeball with a needle. :confused: Shook my FIL up a bit. First the antibiotic drops stung. Then the lidocaine drops stung. Then the stinging didn't stop so a stronger anesthetic was used. Still felt stinging but we figured he might be doing what he usually does and exaggerating a bit due to fear and his dementia. Then I held his hand and got to watch the doc poke a needle in each eye and inject the med. It looks painful to me!

Took them to lunch afterwards. He had a delicious hamburger and fries and two colas! He's 90 and can have whatever he wants. I had fish tacos.

Then he had his appt at mental health. We got to sit in on his assessment. First question was the date. He had no idea but admitted it, smiling. Thought it was Fall. Later said it was November. He got 18 out of 35 right. The doc was very nice but when she discussed the meds she could give for his "sundowners" anxiety, she made seroquel sound scary (sudden death) and xanax sound good. I'm not crazy about benzos for elderly. And neither is the awesome FNP at the Vets who saw him about a month ago. It was so awesome - he made sure we came by to see him after the assessment. Spent 15 minutes asking about how he was doing, he went over the med changes, he asked about my MIL's state of mind. I just love this guy.

We stopped at Dairy Queen and I got FIL a peanut butter parfait and MIL a smoothie.

Today I get to go on a field trip to Sucker Springs with the 2nd graders (diabetic kiddo).

Michael - my hearing is getting worse with this tinnitus. Time for another exam I guess. Glad you are doing better. Sorry about the economy.

Sabby - I read over on FB that y'all are getting rain again. It is sunny and warm here.

Joe - you should somehow get a photo on here of your cat when you get her. So happy about this. Dianah's kittens are so big and cute. I can't help but want one but we've got 3 dogs and one cat already.

Whoops - look at the time! Gotta go wake Spidey . . have a great day!!

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