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Thursday March 19 2020

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Good Morning!

All is well here.  Waffles is adjusting very nicely.  I came home to some of the trash spread around.  I'm not sure if it was her or Slowbro as he does like to chew up stuff out of the garbage cans scattered around.  They leave the big one in the kitchen alone.  But she continues to look comfortable.  The last two nights she has slept with me and Slowbro, is eating well, all signs pointing to being relaxed and not in distress.

We have our first Covid-19 case in our hospital.  Someone turned positive yesterday.  I of course don't know any details due to hippa.  Also 30 are being tested about 8 of them at home.  A few are well enough to go home but the docs refuse to discharge them until test results come back.  Guess they don't want to be the doc to release to Covid-19 patient home.  

The counties number has doubled from 5 positives to 10.  

My unit will continue to be a clean unit and any Covid-19 units will go to one of the closed units.  If there are a more of them.  The one patient is staying the medical floor for now.

We have a few staff with poor immune systems, or family members with a poor immune systems and a few people over 70 so finding staff to care for a large number of patients will be an issue.

And so it goes in the new normal.  Businesses are starting to hurt.  The beaches seem in full swing and are getting public pressure to close, but it's Spring Break and for the the most part people can social distance.  It gives people a place to go.  Problem is especially with the gorgeous weather it's winding up being too many people.  I'd be heartbroken if I couldn't go to the beach.  I went the other day for sunset and wasn't near 50 feet of anyone.  

That's the update from here.  Have a great day!


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Fairly ordinary day at work.  Another meeting, only somewhat helpful.  

Worked on embroidery and went grocery shopping.  Was glad that Trader Joes was limiting how much people could buy at once, and people were calm and maintaining distance.  Had 2 shopping lists, depending upon what was available 

J was a little sad, his best friend's mom is in hospice, he's know her for 50 years and she's 91.  Hoping he can get the chance at some point to see her or talk to her before the end

Not much planned for today, except for exercise and embroidery

Going to be in the 60s, could be rainy and stormy.  Cooler after today

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Tweety: Glad the dogs are adjusting to each other. I'm glad your unit is clean. 

Enjoy the recliner, Joe. I don't like ti sit in one. Husband likes his a lot.

Husband and friends are complaining that the daily news conferences preempt "Let's Make a Deal". 😪

I've ordered two dinners to take out from a Mexican restaurant  we have enjoyed for decades. Now the original owner's grands and great grans work there. We always do take out because the view is of traffic. My nickname is "No Chips" because we don't eat them or give them to dogs.

I plan to walk the 1.5 miles to pick up the food. It will be enough to freeze for another meal. We have plenty food, but having a place to go and having their rellenos will be nice.

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Lah-dee-dah, lah-dee-dah ~

Supposed to get to 78 today, with 'breaking' clouds (hope Chicken Little doesn't get hit with a piece of them falling on her.) And, UGH, tomorrow is said to get up to 83 degrees. SUMMER already??? All the birds think it is Spring, because the boy birds are chasing the girl birds and nest building is going on.

The morning started at 9 AM, with hubby hearing Nannie on the monitor, calling out to him. Guess, just guess what had happened? Nannie took a sliding fall in the bathroom, only wearing socks instead of slippers. We think she fell in the bathroom, but she didn't holler for him until she had put a towel under her fanny and used it to walk on her bottom and hips into the bedroom, to the floor beside the bed. Of course, he was quite put out with her, which made HER mad. (And he said he did not want to wake me up.) She said she couldn't even lift her feet into the bed once he lifted her to a sitting position on the side of the bed. (the other day, while sitting in the recliner, she informed me that she has to sit with her feet raised because her legs were broken!!!)  I'M irked because hubby should NOT be lifting her! I shouldn't either, but two are better than one in this case. All we need is him becoming worse in any way. She is currently in bed, either sleeping or pouting.

Hubby 'had to' go out to the pharmacy for refills. And almost more importantly to him, to get deer corn! I tried to get his attention as he drove off; wanted him to at least come back and get one of the masks he used when riding the lawn mower -- it would be better than nothing! I called him on the cell phone and told him to ask the pharmacist if they had ONE mask he could use, because he is the one at risk who SHOULD be wearing one. Gotta keep an eye on that fella! He's not as bad as Nannie about do's and don't's, but, after all, they ARE related!

A couple of days ago Nannie began to complain to me about something he said to her. I told her to never mind going over and over it, because it was, at that point, water under the bridge. She said one more thing about him, and I told her she was the pot calling the kettle black -- after all, SHE raised him!!! She insisted that she "did not raise him to be that way" and I said maybe not intentionally, but she was the one who set the example all through his growing up years. She didn't like that, but oh well, the truth is the truth. 

Tweety, it makes me all warm-hearted to hear that Waffles is feeling comfy with you and SlowBro in her new home! I want to adopt almost every dog I see, especially the ones needing a "forever home". I have had to clamp down on that idea for YEARS now, but it never feels any better not to be able to love a dog back into trust and happiness. 

Joe, so sorry to hear about J's best friends Mom. Hope he gets to see her and talk with her, if she's still alert enough, before she goes. It'd be comforting for both of them. But even if she can't talk, he should talk to her and say all the things he needs and wants to say. Hope he gets to see her soon.

Dunno what this day will bring -- maybe don't want to know! But seriously, folks, no surprises or rude shocks, please God!

I have put a pork-roast into the crock-pot with small potatoes. Found a can of carrots (blick to the canned kind) that I will probably dump in. Hubby would like to add some other ingredients, but I said don't you dare! Anything he wants to add once it's on his plate is fine, but don't go dumping in Little Smokies or bacon bits or whatever into MY crock-pot meal! By the way, he has stopped adding bacon bits to everything he cooks! HOOOOORAH!!

herring, funny they call you 'no chips'! At the Chinese restaurant we got take-out from, back in the mountains, the waiter always handed me a bag of fried noodles. I had always said  "...and my husband wants a bag of noodles", so the waiter would approach me with the take out in a bag, lifting a small bag on top out of the larger bag, smiling and saying "Hussban's noodess!"

So,the sun has come out, Nannie is still quiet in her bed, Ozzie is sleeping on his end of the sofa. Hubby should be back soon. I'm going to read and surf the web, and do word-puzzles, cross and otherwise.

Prolly will stop by later. Have a goooood day, and try to behave. 🤪

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Eeeek! Hubby just called and said the check engine light came on in the car (his mom's, but he's the one always driving it). He stopped at an auto-parts place and they said the catalytic computer has gone bad ?"in both rows"?--whatever that means. He also said "Now some other lights have come on, but it's still running okay, so I'm going to try to make it home." He was maybe 5 miles away. He said he will call me if it doesn't make it. Oh cripes! What did I JUST say about no surprises or rude shocks today?

Holding my breath, keeping my fingers crossed. Can't go pick him up because of Nannie, so if it does crap out on him,  maybe a neighbor will be at home and can do so?

Nannie just got up, doesn't remember she fell, and walked to the bathroom with minimal assistance. She's eating her 'morning' yogurt.

YAY! Hubby made it home! WHEW!


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It is turning out to be another sunny day, still cool though. I just spent an hour in our parking lot assisting with drive-up COVID-19 tests. We are almost out of swabs to use to send to the public health lab, and I don't know what the next step is. Perhaps all those planning meetings that I am not a part of will figure that out. I heard a item on NPR this morning that Children's Hospital of Seattle is asking the public to donate any  N-95 or surgical masks they may be stockpiling. And another hospital south of Seattle is making their own face shields. 

Husband picked up taco salads for dinner last night, and tonight he has instructions to place chicken in the oven, and I will do rice or cauliflower to go with it when I get home. He is prone to improvising, so who knows what I will come home to. 

The neighborhood seems so quiet during our dog walk because I usually pass kiddos walking to school in the morning, sigh. I've been finding interesting web sites for museums and zoos that I send to the grand kids, and one that looks cool about the national parks. https://artsandculture.withgoogle.com/en-us/national-parks-service/parks

I plan to explore that one when I get home. 


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It's cold and rainy on this first day of Spring.  The Vernal equinox was a day early this year, thus Spring is a day early.  I'm at home, doing video visits as patients request them.  Plan is to re-open the office as of 4/1, but we all can't agree on what services we should be providing.  We have a conference call Monday to hash it out.  

Tweety-Glad waffles is adjusting.  I hope your vulnerable staff are not exposed.

Joe- I hope J somehow gets to say goodbye to his friend's mother.  

NSIME-Sorry to hear about the car.  That's a pain.  

Herring-Enjoy your Mexican food.

J22-I hope DH doesn't improvise to much on dinner!

Hope all are doing ok.  These are challenging times, and I'm glad I have my friends here to stay in touch with.  Please stay safe.

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Got taxes done (not terrible news, thankfully). 

Did some grocery shopping, was able to get a dozen eggs and one roll of paper towels, and one box of kleenex!  SCORE!!!

I had ordered some TP via amazon.com.  Supposed to be delivered by 3/15.  Dh just informed me it is "delayed at the border.  It is coming from Hong Kong."  WHAT???  TP???  Then he informs me we get about 10% of our paper products from China and India.  Interesting.  But where's my TP???

It is raining, on and off.   I came home after taxes, had dh sign the necessary papers, ate lunch, then took the signed papers back to the tax lady.  I paid her and submitted the signed papers, so we will get some $$ from State, and will have to pay a small amount to the Feds.  Will get that done today, then it's DONE!

We are in for the evening.  Have plenty of food. 

Like most of us here, I have a weird sense of humor, especially about the ongoing events and situation.  Let's just say I have seen and passed on many memes on FB.  🙂 

Have a good evening!

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Am late for this particular post - today is March 19th, feast of St Joseph. And my grammar school was St Joseph's.  Attended Catholic school for 12 years, so somethings are just burned into my brain.

However, on today, you're supposed to cut a snippet of your hair.  Supposed to ward off headaches as per my fiercely Italian across-the-street neighbors. Big ta-do to do so.

Yearly, I usually manage to cut a lock off; don't want to tempt the headache gremlins. I don't think I did it last year - was just days out of the NH/rehab place from Hades. I've been waking up past 2 mornings with a headache, but it disappears quickly after I get moving  about.

Still not too late for y'all to snip away.

To our health ...

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