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Ted Ted, BSN (Member) Nurse

Thursday - June 4th, 2020 - Good Morning!

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Good Morning!

Been up since around 4:30 AM (EST) this morning, working on a new composition (finally!). Currently drinking First Coffee. Thought I'd start today's Good Morning thread before I forget to post here. Again. (. . . again.)

Yesterday, I primarily worked on this composition. It's like exercising atrophied muscles. It's painful, in a way. There are tricks in starting and developing a composition that can be used when one is facing an empty music manuscript paper. But the bottom line is this. I really need to do this music composition thing more often. The more it's done, the easier the process becomes. Anyway, I spent most of the day in front of my computer and keyboard working on this thing. The goal is to use this piece for the photos and videos that I took during our hikes the other day. . . to create a music video of sorts. L O L!

Yesterday, I was officially informed that the refinancing of our mortgage has been accepted! So, in-between working on this music, I've been in communication with the loan-mortgage person with regards to the refinancing. "Closing" is set for either Friday or Saturday. The details are being worked out. I STILL don't know how the process will take place. Hopefully, the details on this process will be given to us today.

Below are some photos that I took of our hikes that we did earlier this week. When the "music video" is finished, I'll share it with you, complete with footage from the drone. Included in the photos below is one of our drone in mid-air. It's one of the "artsy-fartsy" shots that I took with my camera. L O L! 😛  🙂

Well. . . gonna continue working on this composition. It's a process. . . 

Peace, folks! 🙂



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Morning Ted.  Like the pictures

Fairly quiet day at work.  Unexpected meeting turned out to be nothing important 

Went grocery shopping after work.  Got groceries for myself and also some for the church.  Worked on the needlepoint a bit more, starting to get the hang of it.  Hopefully it will turn out good

Saw a peaceful protest on the way to the grocery store.  A bit suprising, in an almost entirely white a very yuppie suburb.  Pretty large one, according to local news, and it remained peaceful

Not much planned today after work, just exercise and more needlepoint 

Weather will be warm, upper 80s the next 2 days.  Upper 70s by the weekend.  Some chance of rain the next few days but likely won't be much

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Love the pictures Ted.  

Have a good day Joe.

The sick coworker I worked with Sunday has Corona virus.  That's the rumor anyway.  She's young and should be okay.




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Those photos are just beautiful Ted. So good to refinance and pay less!

Joe: I tried to shop for groceries yesterday. The line at the supermarket was long so I went to Trader Joe's where people were out of the parking lot and down the sidewalk. I went home and served leftovers to husband. The line was more than six tomes as long as the last time I went to Trader Joe's and waited 35 minutes in a friendly line. 

I heard on the radio about protesters who stopped looters from robbing a store last evening. One after the other gave their age, name and where they live. All but one was under 40. That one said, "I'm 75 years old, my name is Jerry *****, and I live in Hollywood." I was still in bed listening and jumped up when I heard that. When my husband's Hollywood restaurant was going strong  we had a customer who came in for lunch almost every week day. He would be about 75 and that was HIS name! I'm gonna try and find out if it was him.

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Hot and humid, w/ t-storms in the afternoon...our usual summer weather pattern.

Hubby's going out to get deer corn and then something at the pharmacy; at both places they'll bring his order out to the parking lot. Gives him a break from these four walls and his mom. She is fussing because she wants to go. Nuh-uh, lady! He said that before he left, he was going to make her lunch, and she said, "Well, don't go to any trouble on MY account."  She said, "This is about the 35th time he's black-balled me about going out somewhere." (As Fonzi used to say: "SIT ON IT!") 

Ted those were some beautiful photos, and once again it looks like a wonderfully inviting place to hike. Have you named your drone? It looks like a giant spider with 4 legs missing and only two eyes, but it is kinda cute, so it should have a name.

Tweety, Hope your sick co-worker didn't share her COVID germs; good grief, I don't want to hear that you've come down with the virus!!!

Joe, are you really as organized as you sound? 

Hubby and I trimmed Ozzie's fur drooping down from his brow and on his nose where the fur grows upward in a sort of fan-looking spread of fur, all of which were covering Ozzie's eyes. He also allowed us to trim under his chin where food collects and dries (ick), AND around his poop-chute. I can't believe how well he behaves! Hubby holds him and I snip and buzz the fur off the crucial spots. Afterwards, he runs around looking happy and excited. If I was any good at all, I'd try to get the rest of him, but we tried that once years ago and it was soooo uneven and chopped up, he looked quite disreputable!. If the groomer doesn't open up soon we may have to settle for home-styling. I'm good at people haircuts, but animals is a whole different animal!

I'm waiting another few weeks to make hair and nail appointments. I don't trust that all this 'opening up' won't bring another round of COVID on the scene. I'd have to go live in a motel room somewhere, because hubby definitely shouldn't be exposed to it. If I had to be shut in my tiny room for two weeks ... well, there'd be no access to bathroom or kitchen, my window won't open, and Ozzie would have a cow if he couldn't come and go from my room as he does. So would I, come to think of it, so leave us not go there!!!

All for now ---

Except, P.S: herring, I believe you know just about everybody in California!!! 😋


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Hi folks. It's partly sunny but still on the cool side. It appears that rain/sun is in the forecast for the week. I tried to run yesterday but only did a mile and had leg cramping and shortness of breath, so I quit early. I think I was in afib for a while. But I went out today and did 2 1/2 miles and actually pretty good. I am waiting for a call back from cardiology (that I doubt will happen) and from my PCP about my chubby, dusky arm. Otherwise, its been a housework day--but I am going outside soon to catch some sun rays while they are here. 

Lovely pictures Ted. Yes, do give the drone a name! Charlotte, perhaps?

Stay well, Tweety. Do you wear masks at work at all times? We are supposed to, but when I have to speak on the phone I close my office door and pull it down. So far, no one in my building has been symptomatic or tested positive. 

Stars, you a such a good dog mama. I need to trim Angus's nails and keep putting it off . He hates it, even with lots of cuddles and treats. Sometimes I can only do one foot at a sitting. And some of his nails are black and those always make me nervous. 

Yes, Joe, you are very organized. I like having an established routine but I am not good at developing one. I always seem to have too many thoughts to get things in line. 

Herring, wouldn't that be weird if it is the same Jerry. Thats a crazy long line for Trader Joe's, but I think I waited that long for fabric when I needed to make masks. I ordered some online for dh and ds, hope they arrive soon. 

BC, pink scrubs?! Thats so fetch! I sort of gave up scrubs because the draw string pants would never stay up. Although when I help with nasal swabs I do wear them. 


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Warm & muggy sticky outside tonite, but not as MISERABLY miserable like yesterday. Weather had horrific rainstorms. One of those dereccio (sp?) (not hurricane per Weather Channel definition) blew thru.

Have to thank one of you re the bigelow 'Constant Comment' tea. Getting used to it. Difficult for me to do much stove stuff. I enjoy my tea esp when I get my Tea Time magazine subscription in the mail. I 'light up' when I get it.

Had my first oncol MD visit Tuesday. Very difficult when one has to attend SOLO - I had to stop him during our talk as I was NOT comprehending him. Like he was "wah wah, wah, wah wah".  How are people supposed to manage when doing solitary visits? I mean we're talking MAJOR issues.

Ted - your pix are gorgeous. I think I like the first one with the trail thru the trees best-est.

Bad weather again now. To finish later. 

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