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Thursday July 22, 2021

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Good morning!

Joe, hope you had a good day and glad it's looking like no work this weekend.

J22, glad you still have a job until you're ready to not have a job.  🙂

Stars, thanks again for the offer.  The TJ's isn't convenient to me and hardly ever go, preferring the locally owned store that's more convenient and I'm afraid the certificate would just sit in my drawer unused.   Glad you found a someone to do your nails you like.

Dianah, sounds like a good afternoon and way to break up the day.

I can't complain about work yesterday.   Started with 4:1, got one post op, discharged two, and the last post op went home.   So many surgeries that used to stay like this parathyroidectomy used to stay over night, and even in ICU are now going home same day.   

Got in a botherly-sisterly fight with my boss.  I've worked with her 29 years so we're close but she's still the boss when the said we won't have to go 6:1 in our new location.  I told her to stop feeding us BS.  Yes I used that word.  It's one thing to have that as a goal, but so say it's never going to happen is pure fantasy.  We got a laugh out of it and she knows I'm right.

My unvaccinated coworker with covid is now hospitalized and will be out for a while.  I don't know much else. The boss talked to her so she must be okay.  Her boyfriend is also in the hospital.  Her shifts next week are covered, but I fear there is going to be some unwanted overtime in my future.  She apparently is going on short term disability and her doctor says she'll be out at least another three weeks but who knows.  One of the other charge nurses goes on vacation next month.  Then my vacation is in September.  

On of our social worker's brother, who is in his 70's is on a ventilator with covid.  He was vaccinated with Moderna.

Covid still sucks.


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Tweety hope you don't end up with unwanted overtime.  That's sad that someone who was vaccinated ended up on a ventilator. 

Hi NJ22

Stars that must be hard on him, sounds like she only wants to communicate when things are bad

Dianah this one is mostly flowers.  It was part of a set of 4 designs with birds and flowers

Was a fairly ordinary day at work, not too busy.  Hoping today is the same

After work was busy.  Went grocery shopping then stopped at the pharmacy.  Then ran to the laundromat and got done in time to do online Bible study.  Will be very glad when our laundry room is back  up and running, going to the laundromat takes a fair amount of additional time

Little sleepy this morning, woke up a bit early and partially fell back to sleep before the alarm.  Always leaves me a bit groggy

Today should be fairly quite after work, just the usual exercise and embroidery

Was cooler yesterday, today will be back up into the 80s and will be at least for the next few days



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Yes, covid sucks. 

I let myself get talked into making a home visit with very nice, OCD nurse (VNON) that took 2 1/2 hours! She thought the man might need assistance to get out bed, so I was going along for that. But a home care aide was there, so basically I stood around for 2 hours and listened to her talk. The aide was there to make sure pt had something to eat, but we needed to collect sputum. But VNON felt like she had to go through her whole TB spiel, instead of collecting, and then letting him eat while she talked. The aide finally had to leave, I had to go out to the car because I was having back spasms. And I suspect the guy had significant dementia and I doubt he understood half of what she said. When she finally gave him the specimen cup to spit in, he refused! Because we rode together I was tempted to call a cab to get back to the office.  I was worried I might miss some return calls I had put out, but no one called. But that's the nature of the job. 

Tweety, that sounds like a very doable assignment. It is pretty amazing how quickly surgeries are discharged, probably for the better. I know when I had my hysterectomy 20 years ago, I had to beg to be discharged on POD2. I knew I could get better sleep and better pain control (cuz I wouldn't have to wait for staff) at home. 

Joe, still no laundry room? Ooh, I would be hopping mad at this point. I hope this gets resolved soon. I doubt they are reimbursing you for the cost of the laundromat. 

Dianah, I suppose that is some peace of mind that you and coworkers are not solely responsible to shorting things out. We had one outlet sort of like that--the coffee maker and the electric kettle were plugged in, but if you turned on the coffee maker, you had to unplug the kettle first. 

Dh went to the dentist this morning to get an impression for his new tooth that goes on the implant post, but they had to do a filling first. 2 stupid implants have taken 2 years to do, and they are still not done. Makes for a grumpy hubby, for sure. 

Stars, from the outside, it seems that step dtr is rather manipulative, which really sucks for your hubby, who really seems to care. He really needs to talk to someone. Easy for me to say, though. Best wishes. 

Hullo, everyone else. Later. 


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Joe - is it an on-site pay-to-use laundry system for you? Had something like that when I rented. Each unit had its own laundry room with machines. Hurray for my quarters supply! I'd be going nuts without a functional laundry. If my unit's machines were down, I could just go to the next bldg.

stars - hoping things work out for DTL. Sounds more needy & dramatic-type to me. Certainly Hubs doesn't need her drama.

j22 - annoying that you had to spend the wasted visit time.

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