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Thursday January 27, 2022

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Good morning!

Joe, that's some serious cold.  Apparently it's moving down our way this weekend with parts of Florida getting to the 30's which is a big deal.

Stars, hope your short day was a good one.

Stars, my hair isn't that white but is completely grey now.  It went prematurely grey in my 40s but I let it go totally grey when I turned 50.  Now at 62 it's pretty much grey.  What you don't see is the big bald spot on the crown which makes it look like I'm not bald when you look at me from the front.

I'm sure to have 6:1 ratio because there are only two of us scheduled today.  With the turnover I have to come to some peace with it.  It's not getting better as people are transferring out and quitting.  I read an article that nurses leaving the profession this past year is at a 40 year high or something dreadful.  It seems hiring new grads isn't keeping up.  We got grad from the December class on my unit are are loosing about 3 nurses.  

And so it goes.  Thanks for listening.



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Tweety that kind of turnover seems common everywhere lately

NJ22 glad it was a short day for you

Stars I hope it's something that can be treated with injection

Twice I've somehow left the site while I was typing, not  sure what I'm doing wrong.  I think it's the tiny Chromebook keyboard, too easy to mis-type

Had a strange and rather long dream last night.  I usually don't even remember my dreams

Work wasn't bad yesterday, shouldn't be bad today either unless something unexpected happens

After work bundled up and ran errands.  Did groceries, dropped by the post office and the library and credit union.   Thankfully the wind was very light otherwise it would have been very unpleasant with the cold.  Choir practice was canceled as the director was having car trouble

Will get into the low 30s today but will be colder tomorrow, with snow  expected

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Oh, hello, sunshine! The temp got down to 25 over night and laid a nice frost on everything, but now the sun is out, and the temp is 39, but with no wind, it feels really nice. I was able to run in a t shirt and no gloves. Whilst I was running, I got a call from the dr.s office saying my doc had challenged the insurance denial (they require more PT) and I have approval for the MRI. Of course, I called when I got home, but they need to check with cardiology to see if the pacer is MRI compatible. Okay. The cardiologist is in the same group as the hospital, notes are in the system, but sure, let's wait to hear from the office. And likely, it will be an MA who opens my electronic file, sees that it is compatible and reports the same. And I know they will need to schedule the pacer rep to be present. So, 2 steps forward, 1 step back. And last PT visit tomorrow. w00t! 

Today, need to move the furniture roll up my old area rug, clean the floor and unroll my new rug. I saw this brand on line. It consists of a pad and a washable cover, which sold me. I am sick of sponging spills out of the rug. And I have a huge load of laundry to tackle. And I hope to get outside in the yard, to soak up some more rays. 

Stars, I hope an injection will fix your knee! Yes, don't count your patellas, too soon. 

Yes, Joe, I agree, that as long as the wind is calm during the cold, one can usually bundle enough to get our and about. More snow? Geez, you guys are really getting it. 

Dianah, I hope your dyspepsia is settling. Did you get your retirement stuff worked out? I am looking at next November, but am still waiting for some info from the state so I can firm up a date. They say it will take 3-4 weeks, and it's been 3. After the last week at work, I would leave tomorrow if I could. 



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nursej22, thanks for asking about the dyspepsia, and thanks to the rest of y'all who have been checking on me!  I appreciate it. ?  It is a little better every day, since I started treatment.  Still feels full/bloated in epigastric area, and still burns every now and then.  I am persevering.

Speaking of persevering, I am taking the retirement paperwork one thing at a time.  The labyrinth of paperwork and things to consider, decide on, then sign the proper papers, is absolutely astounding.  And scary.  It's not just a case of presenting a letter of intent a month before your target date, OH NO.  HR has a pathway of multiple forms.  My insurance company (which I will continue with) has information and forms for the transition.  The Nursing Department requires different forms, and requires scheduling an interview with one of their ppl, two weeks before target date -- and bring all THEIR required paperwork (signed).  I am trying not to stress out about getting everything done, but taking my time considering things and signing/arranging things one at a time. 

Work was busy today, which keeps us out of trouble, I suppose.

39 is COLD!!  (to me)  Good the sun was out, and you could enjoy it, nursej22!  And you too, Joe!  Brrrrr, in the 30's!!!

Tweety, hope work went OK today, I always hope (sometimes against hope) that you are properly staffed. 

Have a good evening!

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Looking at COLD + COLDER temps today into tomorrow, maybe howling winds rain/snow in the afternoon, going into Saturday, then NEXT Friday getting up to ?the 60's? Really? I have listened to so many weather reports that I have become confused. They don't know, either, but that's alright.

The news reporters were talking about how we've had 3 weekends in a row with snow, and how the guys in DOT are having to work 12 hour shifts, 3 week-ends in a row!!! ....and they are really needing a break from working so hard. Yuh. My reaction was, "Talk to a nurse."

Maybe someone will call me in the morning and say, "Want to come in and get your left knee injected?" YOWSZA, would I love that! Otherwise I'll be waiting until next week. Well, it'sa bin a'painin' me on and off for what, months? So, OHHHH WELL!  Pfftt.

Tomorrow ----

(the sun will not come out tomorrow, Annie, so stop singing!!!)

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