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Thursday January 20, 2022

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Good morning!

Amo, sorry you're having trouble on the other side.  I still laugh that every time I asked sirII a question the answer was "clear your chache". LOL

Joe, sorry you didn't get your cat scratching posts.  Some things take a while these days.

J22, how frustrating. I hate having to play the system. After I went to therapy my ortho was able to get authorization practically immediately because before I could even get home they were calling me to schedule it. Hope it's the same for you.

Stars, that kind of communication is frustrating and too bad your husband had to be "that husband" but it got it done. My doc told me when he renewed my klonopin "I'll renew it one more time but the rules are the next time you need to see me". How hard was that? Now I go back every six months for a refill for him to write "yep, still has anxiety and insomnia". Such a game.  I drink instant at home because it's easier to make just one cup of coffee for myself.  I started that about 40 years ago and have grown accustomed to instant.  Although the 10 years I was living with my ex we drank brewed because he was as coffee snob.

I'd heard about that nursing home or another incident where there was one LP, two aids and a gazillion residents due to staff being out with covid.  I'm glad they got busted.  Wonder where was administration?  Although it could be administration was working day shift.  I have a friend that's a DON that says he has to take on 10 residents while being the DON and dealing with all of that and staff with covid.  They have the nurses for 70 residents but have 120 residents.  It's a crisis.

I read our cases are dropping.  "Only about 50,000 cases a day".

My boss tested positive yesterday, as did another nurse who was on orientation.  The other staff that has covid is a night tech and is not getting well after over two weeks of symptoms.

Again, I keep having the creepy feeling that I'm next.  

Work was miserably busy.  I'm so tired of working short staffed and getting hammered with post-op admissions.  I'm so tired of being in charge.  I snapped at the Administrator that asked me "did you have a chance to review the admissions coming to you and what does your post-op schedule looking like tomorrow". Me:  I have six patients and I can't be in charge so I'm not doing charge things, I'm extremely busy and tired of working short staffed."   She got the message.   Stop asking me charge questions when I have a full load.   

It's not her fault people are out with covid and the hospital is full, but don't ask me stupid questions.  





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Tweety I hope work is less crazy for you, hopefully with Omicron starting to fade things will get easier

NJ22 here's hoping the MRI can be scheduled quickly after that last visit

Stars I'm not too nervous about the solo, the director says she's chosen a hymn.  And it won't be for 2 or 3 weeks

Yesterday at work was crazy.  They found a very awkward work around for  our tech issue, and I had to spend an hour on the phone with tech support to implement it.  Then new work came my way, and the coworker I was covering also got new stuff.  So it was a bit of a mad dash most of the day. Cut lunch short and worked right up until 5, and bypassed some of the less important stuff.  So today, if nothing new comes down the pike, should be good

After work made the usual grocery run as well as stops by the post office and bank.  Was a bit of a relief not to have choir practice.  

Today have a vestry meeting after work.  Thankfully it's via Zoom, so I will have time to exercise before then

Will be quite cold today, in the teens, but I think it will be in the 20s by tomorrow

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I am sorry that I came off so snarky yesterday. I do get frustrated with the system, but I am better off than most. It is almost a handicap to be a healthcare person because instead of being a professional speaking to another professional as you do at work, you have to submit to their processes. Gack.  Then add in a new computer or a new system every 6 months just adds more confusion and chaos. 

Interesting day at work. Got a call from a GI doctor just as I was heading out the door, wanting recommendation on ruling out  latent TB in a hospitalized patient. She is immuno-suppressed, so the usual blood test or skin test won't work. I asked the hospitalist to order induced sputum collections, but of course, that hasn't happened yet. Today I am sleuthing out her history and risk factors. 

Weather is 40 and showery. Sun is forecast for Saturday. We are going to look and possibly order a travel trailer. If I can pry dh away from the TV and football.  I am going to try a new chicken recipe tonight that I saw in the NY times this morning. It's one dish which sounds great. 

Yes, Tweety, stay strong about them expectations of taking a full assignment and charge. Oof, it sounds like Omicron is sweeping through your hospital. 

Joe, I am sure you will power through the work. Those work arounds can get quite convoluted, can't they? 

Stars, I can't even imagine how people who won't push back about refills and such manage. The number of people who don't take meds as directed is huge, but it is easy to see why. I see a couple of different providers, and every one has a different med list for me, even though they go through it every encounter. Same for the patients I see at work. 

Okay, I'm starting to get snarky again. Imma going to drink my mid-morning coffee and take some cleansing breaths. 

Good day

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j22~ You don't come across as being snarky, you come across as a person with chronic pain that is being essentially ignored and you are justifiably disgusted! I am also disgusted FOR you! Insurances don't care how long you've lived in your body and the knowledge you've gained from living X# of years there-in. Even if you are not a 'standard/generic' being, you still cannot deviate from the insurance mandates. And that would include ALL of us, since no two people are alike; hence the irritation over being treated like a brainless body.

Tweety, I am not a coffee snob, but I have yet to find an instant coffee that I LIKE. There are 4 or 5 brewed brands I will drink, from the usual ones available in the grocery stores. I also like coffee from the HFS, but can't afford it, so that's that! // If you want me to, I'll think up some other things you can say to admin about the short-staffing over-load assignments ?, "What are your plans for staffing when you don't have me to ask questions of any more? No, never mind, I don't care, because at that point, none of it will be MY problem. BYEEEE!"

AUGH. Today I have been a domestic drudge, with the accent on DRUDGE!  Have FIVE loads of laundry, but so far I've only got 2 done. The next to the last loads are washing and drying. Last load is heavy stuff like towels, so will probably not get finished until tomorrow. And I vac'd the den, including under the sofa and under the sofa cushions Also Nannie's room and her bathroom. (Found missing socks under her bed, trying to disguise themselves as dust bunnies.) Made her bed w/ fresh sheets and pillow-cases, and blanket + comforter. Gathered trash and recycling to go out tonight for tomorrow's pick up. Also cleaned leftovers from the fridge to contribute to the neighbor's ?? pigs' slop.

---time out for supper---

We have definitely been here TOO long; hubby is 'splaining things to me like I'm Nannie!! I think I told you where he warned me about how to recognize black-ice, and where snow still was on the roads---how to deal with that. I told him, "Uh, I'm from New England and I grew up dealing with snow and ice on the roads." (did not say "DUH!" even though I felt like it.) There are other things he feels obliged to man-splain to me, too. *sigh*

It has been raining lightly all day, not terribly cold nor windy at this time. Supposed to be getting some snow overnight--or tomorrow--or tomorrow night--or SOME TIME, IF the upper atmosphere so deigns. They can't decide which weather pattern will arrive...the "European model" or the other model. I suppose I can wait a half an hour to get the most recent update from local news and weather, but then watch while Mother Nature takes her own route and fakes 'em ALL out!

Will be playing Laundress for a while longer, and watching the Local 'gnus' and then Network news broadcast on our BIG ol' T + V---------

All for now, mebbe more laydah---



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I confess, I am a bit of a coffee snob. I buy whole beans, ground them each morning, and make two cups in a French Press. I usually get Starbucks French Roast. Starbucks makes an instant coffee, that comes in little individual packets, that I take when I travel. So I don't drink nearly as much as I used to, but it needs to be good coffee. On the rare occasions I stop at a coffee shop, I like an Americano with cream, or if they have ceramic cups I will get a genuine cappuccino. 


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Sorry, but Starbucks is  ? 'the devil's brew' to me as it feels like it absolutely erodes holes in my stomach, no matter what kind or how it's fixed. You kin have it ALL! ?

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