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Thursday January 13, 2022

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Good morning!

Stars, hopefully the laptop won't be too expensive.

J22, I agree the cinematography was good on both of those albums.  

I received a text at 6pm the they looked at my yard and would send a quote soon.  They seem quite slow so their either busy, short staffed, or not competent.  I'll still look at the offer as I have no others at the moment.

I looked at the website and my reservation to Costa Rica was still intact, so I decided to go.  I gave them a call to "cancel my cancelation request".   They were busy and the automatic service said 10 minute wait, so I had them call me back and it took an hour.  How about in the time I look at it a few hours earlier to then they canceled it.  Took them all this time to cancel it.  But short staffing....  I do have a credit to use by the end of 2023.  So rather than rebook (at they point they couldn't just undo what I had done and would have to start over). I just left things as they are and will think and plan a new trip.  I'm a bit disappointed that I let the surge cause me to cancel my plans in haste, but it made sense at the time.  

Working today and tomorrow.  I think the ones with covid are all back.  The last comes back tomorrow.  

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Tweety it's understandable that you would be hesitant to go out of country a this time.  Hope planning for the new trip goes smoothly

NJ22 hope the gabapentin helps and the MRI gets scheduled soon

Stars I used to get rolls of quarters from the bank for laundry, and carrying them around was a workout, surprisingly heavy

Another quieter day at work.  Though things may be picking up as we reorganize and redistribute work.  Will call the MA board of nursing again tomorrow if the licensing process hasn't progressed.  Don't like having to be on hold for an hour but want to get this straightened out.  And they haven't responded to my email in over a week.

After work did grocery shopping,  came home and exercised.  Was kinda nice  not to have choir practice.

Did get up an hour early again but pretty sure I fell back to sleep again, feel  fine this morning.   Wondering if prostate issues might be causing this early waking, usually have to hit the bathroom before I can fall back to sleep

Nothing special after work today, just the usual exercise

Got batteries for my camera and an adapter so I can transfer pictures.  Hoping to take pictures while bird watching.  We'll see how well this works, just seeing them at all can be a challenge

Think temperatures will continue in the 30s, think we might get some snow today or tomorrow



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Not such a good morning....I slept really well last night, however I must have not slept in a good position because when I got up out of bed that old right hip and lower back grunted....and THEN! Putting my weight on my left knee was really quite painful. After having a week or so without these particular pains, I was feeling spoiled. Am having to use a crutch when upright, to ease the left knee's screeching. I think I didn't take my meds early enough this morning, so I am hoping that now that I have taken them and have used the capsaicin patches things will quiet down. Hubby was squawking about having to help me out, bringing my cold drink and my coffee (and a Dramamine for The Diz) down to me on the sofa in the den; I couldn't manage them what with also carrying my laptop and papers and magazines and using the crutch. I don't know if he was put out or just yanking my chain, but tough luck if he was serious. There's been many a time when I've picked up the load and carried it for him when he was unable. (Equal time!) Anyway, I am ensconced on the sofa in the den, and here I will stay.

Joe, I remember the days of having to make sure I had a roll of quarters (or two rolls after the price of the machines was bumped up) for the laundry!  Now that I have a washer and a dryer, I have the luxury of forgetting about having change, but also forgetting I have the laundry in progress. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Tweety, Maybe it will turn out to be a good thing that your trip to Costa Rica was cancelled, you never know. When one door closes, another one opens. Between weather "events" and the virus mutating to yet another variant in different spots of the world, I'd hate for you to be locked in on a trip that you wish hadn't taken. 

Hope the 'snow-bunnies' (Northeast, Central, and Northwest) are warm and dry, with no skidding, slipping or sliding. It never bothered me that much to have to drive in the snow or a snowstorm when I lived North of Boston. Massachusetts was generally pretty good about plowing the roads. I used to say, "I may not be able to go to work, but if I am at work, there's no way I WON'T be able to get home!" When I lived in Asheville, I didn't like driving  when it was wintry. I remember once when they had no sand, but just used salt on the roads....which melted the snow and re-froze into a skating rink after dark. Ugh! We'll see what this weekend brings to us here. The high is predicted to be 35 on Saturday and the icon shows a cloud, a few rain slashes and a snowflake. Guess we'll see what we see when we see it!

Nannie is napping, Ozzie is napping, and hubby just got back from bringing the truck title over to his buddy, and (hopefully?) getting some $$$ for the sale.

It's now 2:30 PM and I've got a small packet from the Food Lion deli, of some pretzels and some Spinach and Artichoke dip. Not a large snack, but I hope eating that will not 'spoil' my supper. Don't want to have to hear hubby squawking at me again!

Already got the upstairs trash gathered and bagged while I was getting dressed, so hubby can bring the bin out to the roadside for pickup tomorrow. *I* like to get everything OUT of the trash baskets so we start fresh...hubby doesn't see why 'we' have to do it that way. All the little wastebaskets inside the house can stay full? I think not! If they are going to come and get our trash, I want them to have it ALL. 

OK, I have to get up to visit the 'loo'....there's just some things that ya can't put off until later! Hoping the meds have kicked in and my knee is not as bad as it was a while ago when I settled in.

Later, guys!


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It's sunny and mild today, up to 50, sort of a lull between systems. I haven't heard about any major flood issues, except for potential mud slides. I went for a nice run, about 4 miles, just sort of circled the town. The park where I like to run will likely be closed for months due to damage from the flood in November. I am going to get a pedi this afternoon. I really need to change the sheets, but now I have a warm pup on my lap. Darn him! The gabapentin really helped last night. I slept so hard I woke up and couldn't remember where I was! 

Tweety, that yard clean up group does sound a little sketchy. But we get that here, everyone is over-booked or short-handed, or incompetent. COVID really makes it hard to plan. Hopefully this wave ends soon. 

Joe, pictures would be fun. There is a community member on Facebook who posts some amazing photos he does around here. Lots of eagles and hummingbirds. That must be frustration about the MA board of nursing. Maybe they are out with infections? 

I gave up on having the paper delivered years ago. The way the box was situated, the paper was soaked through when ever it rained. I do get it online, plus I get the New York Times and Washington Post. I try to do the Times crossword every night. 

Amo, I sent you a DM. 

Hi BCgrad and Dianah. 

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