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Thursday January 9, 2020

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Good morning!

You guys remind me I need to mow the grass because we had some rain.  Usually don't need to mow much this time of year because it's our dry season.

I had  a rotten end to my shift.  At shift change a patient with a new ileostomy leaked everywhere.  She was so upset and had to shower and bed change.  Her daughters helped, but she was embarrassed and upset since it was a new unwanted situation.  Then a nannie next door vomitted a huge amount of coffee ground emesis.  While a doc was called the tech and I cleaned her up and changed the linens.  All the while she was combative screaming "help, help, help!!  Get of my house, call the police!"  To add insult to injury or relief was late.  Called him "I'm not on the schedule". Me: yes you are.  Him:  well I'm not coming in".  He's has two shifts left of a two weeks notice and it's just "termination behavior".  So they pulled a float nurse from another floor that had already started his assignment which short staffed that floor, but we would have been worse.  One person throwing at least a dozen people is disarray.  

Came home by nine, eight and took a sleeping pill even though I knew I could fall asleep, I just wanted to stay asleep.  It worked.   I didn't wake up once.  Now trying to wake up and face it again.  We're short staffed ourselves on today.  Hope everyone at least shows up.

Have a great day!


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Good Morning -

Tweety - Oh dear! There's nothing like a confused person yelling at you, and hysterically calling for the cops for help, while you clean up vomit (or poop, or pee, or any combination of the above). As for that nurse who did not come in?!?!? Fire his butt, let his termination shine brightly on his record, and ensure that his poor work ethic follows him throughout the rest of professional career. (As you can see, I have little tolerance for such unprofessional behavior.) Hope your work-day, today, is much more kinder.

Gosh. . . Recently work up. Currently drinking First Coffee. . . 

As for work last evening?!?! Someone said the "Q" work!!! Again!!! LOUDLY!!!

Although I was (supposed to be) a Shift Director, I actually functioned more as an ER Nurse last evening. Literally at the same time, we had TWO Acute Respiratory Distress people come into our (teeny-tiny) ER. One required intubation, and the other simply required a little suction, a few good coughs, and more suctioning. That was actually the easier part of the shift in the ER. The more challenging part was a steady flow of patients coming in. It was almost relentless. Although this is the normal function of the ER, caring for sick patients, we had the "B Crew" for ER staff. Don't get me wrong. They're good nurses! But at one point during the evening shift, there were no full-time ER nurses on hand. Two were part-timers. One was floated down from the ICU. And one was me! L O L! What added to the challenge was the lack of availability of ambulances to transfer patients to other hospitals. At one point, there were THREE patients to be transferred (including the intubated patient), and NO available ambulances. Of course, this situation added to the minor chaos. Finally, ambulances from 3 different services were available, and all who needed transferred got transferred. In addition to this, there were three admissions for the Med/Surg floor, which was already almost filled to capacity. (Remember, we're a teeny-tiny hospital!) I finally left the ER to do rounds (as a Shift Director) around 9:45 PM. (My shift ended at 11:00 PM). I HAD to leave the ER in order to coordinate the three Med/Surg admissions. The Med/Surg staff were accommodating, and professional, of course. The On-Call OR staff that had to be called in for an OR case, were fantastic, and came in as expected! The ONE THING that made the three admissions a significant challenge was the lack of beds. Literally, I had to find three normal functioning, appropriate-for-patient beds, for the three admissions. Let me tell you that there ain't too many places to store and retrieve three hospital beds. I got lucky, though. Three beds were found!!! I transported all three beds from their storage to the Med/Surg floor by myself!! (Everyone else was busy, faithfully doing their jobs!) I actually left 45 minutes past my shift, which is a rare thing to do as Shift Director.

I must say that I work for a fine crew. All stepped up to the plate. Despite the challenges, and despite the semi-chaotic busyness of it all, everyone remained focused to the tasks at hand and safely got patients where they needed to go.

Prior to starting my shift, I got my yearly evaluation as Shift Director. Happily, it was a really good review!! The review was very affirming, and I got a raise as Shift Director.

Today?!?!? I am off from work! Don't know what Amy and I are going to do. But, right now, I'm in recovery-mode from a very unusually hectic evening shift, yesterday.

Gonna get me Second Coffee now. . . 

Peace! 🙂



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Tweety that dies does sound like a rotten shift.  I  hope today is better

Things at work went well, met my weekly quota so the next two days will be easy

Things at work will change for our group in the near future.  Our patient group, which is partially managed by the insurance company, is now going to be entirely managed by them.  We're going to be moved to the patient population that the majority of our coworkers work with, which is rapidly expanding.  Overall it should be a bit easier...the questionnaire is shorter, they're easier to reach, and you don't need to make any late calls.  Some will need more frequent follow up than our current group but that shouldn't be too much trouble

As I predicted, J was still not well enough for dinner last night.  He may have picked up that GI bug I had before Christmas.  Hopefully  he'll be well enough by Fri

Did grocery shopping and exercise last night instead

Tonight going to get my hair cut, and finally start looking for a new dentist.  Not exactly sure where I should start with that

Very cold yesterday, warmer with rain today and tomorrow.  By Sat we may have freezing rain and snow

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We had hail yesterday afternoon, and possibility of snow showers, but won't be warm enough to stick. 

I can't even imagine not coming to work when I was scheduled, whether I was leaving soon or not. According to dh though, very few people that work for him in a retail setting give more than a few days notice. 

I just had my eval and will stay employed, 😂. The supervisor and I spent some time strategizing  about stream-lining work flow. I have armchair diagnosed my coworkers as 2 with ADD poor memory, and 1 who is almost OCD.  Sort of like herding cats. Meetings go off in multiple tangents, with 3 people talking over each other. But they are all out of the office for now, so I can gather my thoughts. 

Bronchitis is so tiring. Take care BC and let yourself heal. Glad you don't have flu. It is so bad here. 2 deaths reported in our county of 200,000. 

Tweety, ugh and double ugh. Your patients are so lucky to have such a caring nurse. And you too, Ted. I used to like 3-11 because the time sped quickly, but as I got older, the fast pace lost its appeal. 

Poor dh was all jazzed up last night, presumably from predisone. And of course his blood sugar is up 100 points. I keep reminding him to stay hydrated. I don't need him to in a hyperosmolar state. 


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Good Afternoon!

This morning, hubby and I hit the inside of the house like a cleaning hurricane. Right now I am mid-way through three large loads of laundry, so I get to sit down until something quits spinning or something else buzzes. 

Nannie is jabbering up a storm; I think her stories are like a deck of cards, where she gets all the suits shuffled together this way and that, and then changes abruptly. Like, the woman next door..."she has never talked to me", but a number of years ago when she had 5 horses, she asked Nannie if they could graze in her yard, and then she wanted Nannie to take care of them and ride them while the neighbor went on vacation. None of this is true, except the woman did, at one time, have 5 horses.

It is 4 PM, coffee-time. Nannie has gotten dressed and put on her make-up and fixed her hair (with 1/3rd can of hairspray, I'm thinking.) She keeps coming out into the den, asking if her outfit matches, and does her hair look right? Does her make-up look right? I already have said at least 1/2 dozen times that I didn't know why she was getting all gussied up, we aren't going anywhere, and nobody is coming over here. (Also that she'll be changing back into pj's in 3-4 hours!)

And then, I realized nothing was actually computing in her mind, so I knew THIS was coming: "What time are we leaving?"   WE AREN'T.  "Do you think I need to change my socks?"  I told her that the Sock Police aren't working today. Then she ventured to say, "oh, well, if it bothers any of the boys, that's just too bad."  And the, again, moments later: "What time is this thing supposed to be going to start?"  There is no 'this thing' and therefore no starting time. "How much does it cost to get in there?" It doesn't cost a thing to go nowhere. "Well, I knew that you said you weren't going, but what is the admission?" 

I reckon when it sinks in that we are not going out AT ALL, she will start sulking that she never gets to go anywhere. Where does she WANT to go? Tell us! / She doesn't know. / Well, Nannie, here's the thing: You won't go to church services, or any of the social things they have going on there. You won't go shopping because it makes you tired before we ever get in a front door, and you refuse to be seen sitting in a wheelchair or even using your walker.. You absolutely won't go to ANY event at the Senior Center. We offer to take her out several times a week, but she always has an excuse why she can't.

So, hubby came in briefly for something in the kitchen; "Who just came in the front door?" Your son. "Who?" And then when he went back out onto the front porch, she said, "He's leaving without us." No, he's not going anywhere. "Well I thought we were supposed to be going somewhere..."  Nope. (inaudible mumbling and grumbling.)

Ah, me, there is NO pleasing The Perpetually Dissatisfied, (the story of her life, for real.) especially Nannie with her Mis-Firing Brain Synapses, at sun-downing time...So sad.

Okie-dokie, then...time to resume playing laundress again!

Keep on keepin' on!





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