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Thursday - January 31st, 2019 - Good Morning!

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Good Morning!

It's 2:53 AM (EST) in this part of the world. It's also a warm and toasty -3 F outside at this time. (Ugh!) Feeling very grateful for having a working and reliable furnace. It's doing what it's supposed to do: heat the house.

It's nice having this extra night off this week-end. Before Amy came home, I started "doodling out" some melodic ideas for my next composition. Did not commit to any one of them. At around 6:00 PM, I phoned in to do a conference call for our ICU's monthly staff meeting. I must say that it is pretty cool to be able to do this rather than drive all the way to work for a 1 hour meeting.  After the conference call, I strolled downstairs and relaxed on the couch and watched re-runs of "The Big Bang Theory". (Didn't get anything else done on the next music composition. I am, after all, a long-time procrastinator! LOL!) I LOVE that show. I still laugh when I watch that show, even if I watched an episode several times before. Amy got home a little later than usual. I guess work was busy for her. We relaxed together for the rest of the evening. 

Today, I have to go to the place where us ICU staff nurses are organizing this Friday's Healthy Heart Night. It's being held at a place called Berkshire South, which is large health-spa/gym of sorts, complete with gyms, swimming pool, and conference rooms. I need to see the space where the two individuals will share their healthy-heart related lectures. and figure out which of my own audio sound equipment I'll need to bring for the lecturers. That should only take up the later part of the morning. Afterward, I plan of being warm and cozy in my home, hopefully working on my next music project.

Nothing much else to share. I hope everyone is peacefully slumbering away now! I'll be back later to read your posts. 

Cheers! 🙂


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That polar vortex is no joke.  Seems like here we have Nel, Ted and Joe affected the most, but they are also hearty people living in the frigid north and can handle it.  

Nel, hope the animals are faring well.

Good morning Ted. Awesome that you guys are promoting heart health.  It's a huge killer and cost.  I believe in prevention.  What I don't believe in is radio interviews.  Never would I do that, but you're an actor and singer, and professional so I know you did well.  

I went to bed to read at 8pm and kept falling asleep.  Typically I couldn't sleep well after 3:30ish because I fell asleep so early.

I decided to wipe out my debt from the $10K loan I took in the late summer for my dental and air conditioner in prep for getting a new car.  I couldn't afford both that payment and a car payment.  Problem is my emergency fund (an an air conditioner and dental work is worthy of an emergency fund) is back down to nothing.  

Best friend said he's good at car negotiations and will come with me.  Last several cars I got were from "non-negotiable" places like Car Max.  Not sure how it will all play out.

I still think I can keep the car running for a while, but also know I'll eventually have to get a good reliable car if not now then in the time to come.  Decisions.

Working the dreaded Thursday.  I shook off the horrible weekend and will approach work today as I usually do "I'm going to have a horrible day, but it's a paycheck and I like my schedule and time off".  

I have some education on restraints due on February 1st that I will be harassed about but they can give me the day off to get it done if they want to because I haven't done it yet as I like my time off and there's no time during work time as I'm staying to 9pm to finish normal chores.

Have a great day!

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Morning Ted

Tweety hope this Thursday isn't too bad for you

Yesterday wasn't too bad at work, was able to engage one of the people I called and got him to agree to case management.  Hoping for more successes like that

Didn't go outside yesterday at all, just stayed in

My early morning meeting was changed to a telephone conference, so I only have to call in.   Still had to get up early

Tonight I'll do the grocery shopping and exercise.  The really cold temps should abate by this afternoon

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Good morning.

I had such a strange dream. I dreamed I was hanging out with RBG, at her home, with her children and friends. Very strange.

I also had a night terror, in which I wake up screaming. 

Those usually happen when I am feeling a lot of stress.

I looked online last night, at employee reviews of other facilities I am interested in working.

The reviews were mainly horrible.

I did read reviews of my current employer, to see how much I could believe from these online reviews, and they were SPOT ON.

My nurse friend and I always say there are no good nursing jobs, you just pick the least bad from horrible choices, and that statement is so true.

Understaffing is everywhere, and only legislation will change that. Leaning on existing staff to work OT to fill in staffing gaps is everywhere. 

Still frigid today. It gets better tomorrow.

Over the weekend, it is in the 50s, but RAINING!!!!!!!!

At least Biggie's halter and lead rope will unthaw.

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Good Morning, 

Sitting here warm and snug at my desk. Its a balmy 43 degrees here, but supposed to dip down to 13 on Sunday or Monday. But our forecasts seem to change hourly, so I am not too worried. I sat in a 4 1/2 hour class yesterday to learn how to write using Plain Talk. I wish I could have just tested out, or gotten a 1 page sheet with the high points of : Avoid long sentences; use plain concise words; and write in an active rather than a passive voice. I almost walked out though, when he started dissing semi-colons. That is my favorite form of punctuation, for goodness sake! I caught the know-it-all instructor off guard when he said "I bet no one knows the second line to "Conjunction Junction"?" Hah. Now who is the know it all, lol. 

Before this class, I sat in a meeting with my new supervisor who is rubbing me the wrong way. I have pretty much decided once I get my car paid off, I am out of here. I think I can do it in about 9 months. I want to work with Ted!

Dh met me when we were done and we stopped at one of our favorite Italian restaurants for what I call the old fogies' meal: the early one that comes with soup or salad, a small entree, and dessert. I had a house salad, pollo piccata and tiramisu. And a lovely glass of red wine. 

I saw this commercial on Facebook this morning. It has some of my favorite actors, and my favorite breed of dog:

I hope everyone's day is better than expected, 



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I hope all will be OK. 

Just thunder, lightning, and a downpour a while ago. Now just steady mild rain. Both dogs were walking toward the back gate when LOUD thunder made Duke turn around and run back inside. Pear began barking and running around. I brought her in.

Yesterday step-Mom was slow, grouchy, and spaced out, often staring at a ceiling corner. I got her to the eye doctor, but she couldn't cooperate. When asked to keep her eye open she shut both eyes tight. It took about 20 minutes for her to stand up from the examining chair. I called her primary physicians office, told them she has the same behavioral symptoms that three times resulted in a seizure caused by dehydration and a UTI. At the office she was seen by a young male associate of her doctor. He got labs and scanned her empty bladder then when she refused to take even a sip of water or Pedilyte started an IV. 1 1/2 hours later she had a liter of lactated ringers in her, was able to pee, and proved to have a UTI. She then flirted with him and drank a glass right down. I truly believe if I'd just taken her home she would have had the drama of a seizure. I'm very glad she didn't have one in my car like she did before.

I'll get her another eye appointment, but not today. She is too slow and unreliable to take outside in the rain.

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Aww, nursej, it's Angus!!!!

I think we all secretly want to work with Ted.

Herring! You are a saint. An absolute saint.

It is about 15 degrees here, and it feels wonderful.

I remember when it would go from -55 to zero, in Iowa.

Zero felt balmy. You could really feel the difference.

Columbia jacket was the best purchase, ever. Keeps me toasty warm.

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Afternoon Everyone!

Hubby is packing and getting ready to leave tomorrow morning. Nannie is trying to keep track of a bunch of things that she doesn't have to worry about and getting quite confused. 

She keeps thinking she has to send her great-grand a birthday card, when in fact, she has already written in the graduation card and enclosed a check. She also keeps asking hubby if he has enough money and she wants to give him a check. I murmured to him to let her give him a check every time she forgets she's already done so. I'm so bad, I know. 🤨 

"Are you going to have enough gas?",  "Do you have a tie?",  "Have you got a clean, ironed shirt that goes with your suit?" I keep expecting the questions about a clean handkerchief and clean underwear! (Yes, mommy.) Hubby is being remarkably calm, saying, "I've got everything taken care of. It will be fine. I'll be okay."

I was going to make baked chicken tonight, but guess who has NO flour. I suppose I could crush up crackers really fine, but hubby says, "What would be wrong with having pizza tonight?"  Well, not a thing, I reckon!  But I could've  gone  to the neighbors and said, "Could I borrow a cup of flour?"...like they did in the olden days (1950's). 🤣 

OY! Currently Nannie is telling about the 13 interns who were present when Shriner's Hospital was doing a 'program'  (I think it was like Grand Rounds) about how she had the worst club-feet the doctors had ever seen. She was part way through her multiple surgeries over a course of 18 years and the docs were touting their progress, et al. I think she may have been  about 9 years old at the time... but suddenly the story changed, sort of, because she was talking about how her husband was separated from her by a glass window, because they made him stand in the corridor. (She never met him until she was in her 20's and was working at the telephone company.) She said  he was so mad the doctor's wouldn't let him in the auditorium to see her, and how mad he was that the 13 interns were flirting with her,  and the surgeon also wanted to date her....Man, she is really zipping around on some strange tracks in her memory bank right now!  WHEW!

Ted, Nannie curls her lip whenever there is a commercial on TV for The Big Bang Theory...she says it's the stupidest thing she's ever seen....but so are at least 14 dozen OTHER things she says that about, so you can't go by her!!!  Glad you had the extree thyme off from work. (I don't know how it happens, but every so often, Granny, from The Beverly Hillbillies comes boldly into my vocab and spelling...) Stay WARM!

Tweety, I hear ya about juggling debts to make them more manageable so you can get another car. My mom used to call it "robbing Peter to pay Paul."  I wish I'd win at least several of the sweepstakes and lotteries I enter (the ones that don't cost anything to enter), then none of y'all would have to put up with aggravating jobs or vehicle problems. Now, I'm not saying I'd pay for your 'round the world vacations, but my spirit is generous enough to eliminate SOME of everyone's financial ogres.

I really wish I could;  it would be so FUN to do a drone fly-over at each of your residences, yelling, "LOOK OUT BELOW!" while dropping wads and wads of $1,000 bills into your yards. [Oh, dream on, No Stars!]

Nel, So did you and Ruthie have a good visit? I'm assuming the dream with her and family was NOT the one that gave you cause to awaken screaming. Gosh, Night Terrors....just the name sounds horrible. Do you have them a lot? It must be freaky to go through them.

j22, REALLY? Four and a half hours to 'learn' how to write Plain English? I think I may have very well walked out. I mean, I know some people have that problem of not being able to string sentences together so they make sense, but YIKES! 4 & 1/2 hours is rawthar EXCESSIVE!

herring, good you recognized the S&S of the dehydration and UTI coming on with your step-mom. WOW, though, what a lot you had to go through to not get accomplished what you'd originally taken her out to do. But at least the problem of her behaviors got sorted out and taken care of. I'm with you...I'm not too awfully fond of someone having seizures while I'm trying to drive.           When I was about 8, my mom and I were at the next-door neighbors, visiting her because she wasn't feeling well. Mom had to pop back out to go over to our house and get this lady something she'd cooked for her. Mom told me to stay put and just talk and visit. The minute mom got to the back door, this neighbor-lady proceeded to have a grand mal, which I'd never witnessed before, and as she slid right out of her rocking chair onto the floor....well, I SCREAMED! Mom hadn't gotten too far away, thank goodness. I thought the woman had died right there in front of me.

"Lil Nel has replied." ...so I guess I'll click over to see what's what...

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Stars, I thought the same thing about four hours spent on Plain Writing.

Actually, I thought: how do I get a job that will pay me for four hours to sit through nonsense?!!!

I've had night terrors since my early 20s. The screaming freaks out roommates and sleeping partners. Sometimes I am freaked out too because I scream loudly, and sometimes more than once, and usually I am scared.

I see dead people. Dead people are coming for me, that sort of thing.

Just don't feed Nannie Tyson's chicken nuggets, Stars!

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Good Afternoon -

Tweety - I wish you well as you search for a new/newish car. If able, check out Consumer Reports. I think it's available on-line. Consumer Reports have a fairly comprehensive list of cars with reliability ratings. At the very least, this can help narrow your choices on the next car you purchase.

Joe - Nice to read that your work-day, yesterday, was a good one. Hope today was good as well. Very cool that you were able to have a telephone conference for your meeting. I like these "telephone conferences"! LOL!

Lil Nel - Seems like the stress of work is creeping into your dreams. I believe that there are hospitals to be found where staff-satisfaction is relatively high. Those hospitals seem far and few between, unfortunately. My teeny-tiny hospital is one such hospital. Most staff seem to enjoy working there. This is evidenced by the length of employment by most staff members. Many have worked at my teeny-tiny hospital for decades. This year will be my 20th year there. Still, even my hospital has its "challenges". I'm used to those challenges, though, and cope with them accordingly. (I'd rather not float all over the place. But floating is a fact of life for my hospital simply because there are days when our teeny-tiny ICU has no patients.) But I agree with you. Our country needs thoughtful legislation passed to ensure safe nursing/patient ratios. Regarding the weather, it seems like you're experiencing wide changes in temperature too. Interesting, isn't it?!?

nursej22 - Your 4 1/2 hour class on "Plain Talk" reminded me of a job I had about 20 years ago. For about 6 months, I worked as an investigator for a NY State agency, investigating abuse & neglect cases (for the developmentally disabled & mental illness population of our state). That agency had a strict standard of writing which we were obligated to use in our "Findings". I could easily re-write a Finding three or four times before my supervisor accepted it to be mailed to the investigated facility. Regarding your new supervisor, it is sad to read that he or she doesn't seem to be working well. No fun! I hope that things can be smoothed out with that supervisor.  By the way, I LOVED the commercial that you shared. I'm still giggling! LOL!

herring_RN - Sad to read about your step-mom. UTIs, along with a degree of dehydration, sure can cause mood-changes. It's upsetting to experience a loved one go through such changes. You're a good step-daughter to look after her, and care for her, the way that you do. 

NSIME - Oh, your poor Nannie! And, poor you for having to cope seeing her act in such a way! I guess all we can do is be patient (no pun intended), and make sure that we take care of ourselves by venting in a safe way to safe friends & family. Heaven knows that I need to vent when I see my father not be himself. It breaks my heart to witness his memory fail the way that it does. (Dementia really sucks!!) (((Hugs to you!)))

Well. . . This morning was productive. I saw (again) the facility and its conference rooms where we're holding Healthy Heart Night tomorrow. I have a clear idea to the equipment that'll be needed, and that I'll need to bring from home, to ensure proper audio and video is available during the lectures. As for this afternoon? I've just been relaxing with Amy. 

Hope all have a restful evening! Peace! 🙂

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Why do I get a notification that dianah has responded to a topic, in this 1-31st thread, when, in fact, she hasn't;  I can't find ANY post from dianah on this date/thread.

You know how the First Word That Comes To Mind thread works? I get a line in my in-box, click on it, it goes straight to the most recent post left on that thread. Now THAT'S easy, and what I'd like to see for other threads.

The Grumbler 😞 


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