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Thursday February 18, 2021

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Good Morning!

Joe, glad you got your taxes done and are getting a small refund.  

Ted, I agree that there should be just one standard and a national nursing license, especially with all the travel nurses these days and remote nursing.   Florida at least is part of the compact agreement.

J22, glad no falls occurred.  🙂

Stars, hope the headache went away.

Looks like we're not going to get whatever is causing the cold weather north of here.  It's already 72 here and may get to 77ish.  Next week it might hit the 80's.  Fine with me.

I had a long and tiring day that started with an ER admission at the shift change and then two more post op admissions.   Three of us had to take seven admissions and I told administration that was a horrible way to treat us.  Towards the end of the shift they couldn't place the elective post ops because we were maxed out at 6:1 ratio.  My answer was "not my problem, I told you at the beginning of the shift we couldn't take those ER patients and all the electives both and you didn't listen".    It's not getting any better because for every new hire there's someone transferring to another department.  I stayed until 9:30 charting because poop magnet that I am stuff happened at shift change...a blood pressure that would not go down, patients in pain and vomiting...on and on.   Not sure why I have such a dark cloud at shift change all the time.  LOL

At least I'm off today.  I slept every well but not rested.  Fasting for some lab work in prep for my physical coming on Monday.  Will try to resist a nap. Working Friday Saturday and Sunday.  Ugh......



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Tweety glad you have some time off, it's a shame that those new hires aren't making a difference in the work load

Ted that was nice of you to take that extra shift.  I agree, getting licensed in multiple states is a pain

NJ22 those are mild temps, wish we had those here

Stars hope your headache went away

Work was pretty good yesterday, not too busy, unlike the day before

After work I ran errands...stopped at the bank, the bakery, the grocery store, and the library.  Then I went to church for Ash Wednesday services.  Was very sparsely attended, most were online

Slept pretty good, woke up once to read briefly but that was only shortly before the alarm

Today have bell choir practice after work, might try and get some laundry done too

Looks like we'll be done with snow, and over the next few days things should get warmer.  Glad to say goodbye to these last few cold and snowy weeks


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Gouda Mornink!

It was a race this morning ... neck-in-neck doesn't sound like the right metaphor, but it was darn close ... I had to peeeeee, and I was also quite aware that if I wanted to have the thigh-high support hose I bought yesterday to work correctly, I hadda get 'em on BEFORE I got out of bed. Made it, though. Whew!

Yes, I did go out to a couple of stores yesterday, to look for the TEDS hose and restock my fast-dissolving Ex Str Tylenol, and make sure I had enough Hubba-Bubba bubblegum and popcorn...all the necessities in life, doncha know. Hubby had called me on my cell and said, "While you are out, get everything you think we might need, because they are putting brine out on the road, and it's supposed to be icy in the morning!" So, I also filled the gas-tank, (now gas is up to $2.49/gal. after having been in the low $1.90's for a good while.)

I guess I was one of the last to hear about the big "Winter Storm Watch", because the rush was already on! I couldn't believe the traffic and the lines EVERYWHERE! Twelve folks in front of me at the 6-pump gas station, and every line at the grocery store registers and pharmacy were long, as well. You'd think we were living up in The Great White North and were expecting 3-4 feet of snow or something! A lady in front of me spent $395.00 on two-cart's-worth of groceries. YIKES!!! But listen to this: NONE of the surrounding counties are involved in the Winter Storm Watch; it is everything West and North and East of us that is listed in the TV screen crawl.

I guess the brine is all washed away because it has rained all night, and now is redoubling its efforts and raining hard and fast. Cars, what few of them I've seen, are not going any slower than usual. If it keeps raining, we will have to break out the water-wings, as the mud puddles are taking over the yards, front and back. Not flooding, but pooling pretty darn impressively. 

Had to let Ozzie out to pee, and then I got Nannie's yogurt, meds, and Mtn Dew (ick) to her, Now I am back upstairs to drink coffee. I actually feel well rested and awake, and have no headache. Since I feel pretty darn good, I didn't want to ruin the first part of my day listening to Nannie's inanities. Hubby wasn't interested in what time it was, although every night he says, "Don't let me sleep too late in the morning." However, he is stirring now. I'll bet you a dollar that at some point today he's going to figure out some reason he needs to go drive somewhere, after saying yesterday that we won't need to go out at all. Some guys are like that, y'know.

Tweety, AUGH! <-- That's all I can say that I haven't already said about the "far-sighted, caring-of-staff/patient's needs" your facility constantly displays. Geesh! I sometimes think that the folks who are now gung-ho about going into nursing really have NO IDEA of the realities of the work these days. Glad I am not one of them. At least it took me many years to become "No Stars in My Eyes" and I really did love being a nurse, because I was allowed to be a nurse! I wasn't exactly starry-eyed and innocent, I just absolutely enjoyed my work and patients. (94% out of 100 times anyway) Sounds simple, but we all know it isn't any longer. Those were the days! Of course, it's a good thing that people want to become nurses, and the medical field advances just as much as it drags workers down, but "Happy To Be Out Of It" might have become my screen name if I'd signed in here just a year or two ago.

I'm going to get dressed and join my finally-awake husband for a huddle on the front porch to drink another cup of coffee. Guess I haven't PLANNED anything for today because when I do, it seldom seems to work out as I want it to. SO! 

May be back by here later to greet more of yez ---

 Stay warm, safe and dry!


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Tweety, that does sound like a miserable, long day at work. Those situations are pretty much what drove me away from acute care. I enjoyed patient care (mostly), I liked teaching other nurses and patients about cardiovascular stuff, and I appreciated the good pay I got that allowed me to put away enough for retirement. But every shift turned into take more admits and transfers than beds available, and short staffing and pleas to come in early and stay late. Our 29 bed unit used to average 12 admits between 3 and 7 pm, every day.  At least we didn't have to wear masks all the time. 

Our weather is gray and cool, about 45. We still have about 4 inches of snow at our house, but once I come down off the hill, most of it is gone. Youngest ds and I had a good outing yesterday. He got some new running shoes then we stopped for lunch, sitting outside on a covered deck with heaters. He had a pear and brie grilled cheese sandwich, I had yam enchiladas with mole sauce. Delicious! We stopped by the plant nursery and I got some flower seeds and a couple of wee houseplants. And I stopped at the drugstore for some steroid nasal spray--I'm starting to feel stuffy sinuses. Today, I am back to work. I need to do some vaccine competency trainings. 

Stay warm and dry, all!



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Hello all-

It's been a crazy week.  Staff with Covid, patients with Covid, and so it goes.  Just wanted to say a quick hello.  Will try to stop back later.

Hope all are well.

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Prayers for  us all.

Took husband to the doctor. He wanted a breakfast sandwich so we drove through Mc Donald's. He got a Shamrock Shake too. First time there in a year.

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