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Thursday August 16, 2018

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Good Morning!

Did not get called into work yesterday. That's the third time they've canceled my overtime. I might just not sign up and hold off working overtime until the winter. The other charge nurse that's been out is coming back soon. So they don't need me as much. Summer is our slow season here. Had a nice lazy day, but managed to make to the gym and cook some. Took a Klonopin the last three nights to help me sleep. Something I usually don't do three nights in a row, but needed it and slept decently. I don't like the hangover it gives me in the morning though. It's the dreaded Thursday at work

Dianah, the trip sounds amazing. Now off to another festival! Hope you've scheduled some rest time when you get home before work.

Herring, glad the headaches have abated.

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Good Morning -

Tweety - I'm confused. Is not being called into work a bad thing?? Of course, not getting that overtime money can be a bummer, especially if there were plans for the extra cash. Hope work is kind to you today.

Had a great couple of days in Provincetown, MA! Amy and I saw Randy Rainbow who was performing there this week. He is a political satirist through musical-comedy, and is very, very funny (and clever)! It was an expensive trip, though. The actual tickets to see Randy Rainbow was $43.00 per person. The cost to spend ONE Night in Provincetown this time of year?!?!? $375.00!!! This did NOT include meals. Dinner was an additional $120.00 including tip! Unbeknownst to us, this is Carnival Week in Provincetown!! The theme this years??? Mardi Gras by the Sea! LOL! Needless to say, Provincetown and the people were all dressed up for the occasion. Had we known that this was Carnival Week in Provincetown, we might have made arrangements to stay longer and enjoy the experience! For example, the big parade is today!! It would have been cool to see it! LOL! People were already "dressed" up while we were there Tuesday and Wednesday. The only downer is that it was crowded. LOTS of people. Provincetown is an old town with many narrow, one-way streets. Driving through it is more than a challenge. Thankfully, our hotel was away from the main drag (pun intended! LOL!). It was about 3/4 mile away from the crowd and festivities. It made for great exercise as we walked to and from the main town during our stay. Although we couldn't stay for all of the festivities, we had a blast! It was well worth the $500.00+ dollars to see a $43.00/ticket show! Yikes!! LOL! :D

Today?!? We both have to work. I'm working tonight, off Friday night, and I picked up Saturday and Sunday nights as extra shifts working as Mr. Shift Director. It would have been really, really nice to have my usual weekend off from work. But, you know, gotta be a "team-player", and all. (I did plan on taking on extra shifts this summer as Shift Director. It's been taking on ADDITIONAL extra shifts as an ICU/CCU Nurse that has been a real killer!! Ugh!) After working extra this weekend, I'm putting a halt to working extra, ANYWHERE! I'm a bit burnt out. I really LIKE my days (nights) off from work!!

I hope all are well. Peace, folks! :)


Edited to Add:

Here's a picture of Amy with Randy Rainbow, wearing her pink Randy Rainbow glasses (which has his name printed on them), and wearing her "Randy Rainbow Saved Me" T-shirt. LOL! :D


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Hope this Thursday isn't too crazy Tweety

Glad your trip went well Ted

Work was fine yesterday, no issues

J was feeling sick so we decided to cancel last night's date

I went grocery shopping and exercised instead

Today will be leaving work early to do some phone banking. Little nervous, which is odd as I spend all day on the phone at work

Starting to get cooler, which is good, we should have some rain too, which is also good

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Good morning all.

Sorry you were cancelled, Tweety. Hope the day isn't too bad.

Ummm, I was looking at the poster behind Amy, Ted. Glad you had a good time.

Busy shift last night. Infiltrated IV, patient with very low BP, etc.

Just one more night, and I am out of the Blue Grass.

I will miss my boys, but can't wait to be home.

What's the weather this weekend, BC? I heard rain. It will be raining in KY, too.

I am packing my rain jacket.

Time for sleep!

Have a great day, all!!!

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I got a text yesterday afternoon from DD saying "Mom, I just jumped out of an airplane." Thank goodness I didn't know beforehand that she was going skydiving yesterday. I would not have slept the night before. I asked her if this was a bucket list check off, or a new hobby. Fortunately, it's too expensive to be a regular thing. She will be sending me a video later. I don't think I could ever do it.

Nel-weather for Boston is 80 with chance of showers on Sat., and 70 and sunny Sun. Your alma mater is holding a big free music festival on Boston Common on Saturday, so it will be busy in that area.

Tweety-I think there should be "inconvenience pay" for when you're put on call.

Ted-The Randy Rainbow show must have been a blast! Too bad you couldn't stick around for a few days, now that the weather has improved. Hotel rooms down the Cape are outrageous this time of year.

Joe-Sorry J had to cancel. Hope the phone banking goes well.

I just saw that Aretha Franklin has died. I hope the Queen rests in peace.

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E'ry body be goin' off or comin' home from trippin'!!! Or, well, it seems that way! Me, I'm here :wavey: ...and all I have to say about that is "yippy-kiyaaaay..."

I'd send everyone of youse all my best, but it kinda seems in short supply of late. Oh well, this too shall pass.

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No Stars: Preyers for som fun for you!

I'm going to the headache clinic soon.

It's gonna be hot again today.

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Yes, I just read that Aretha Franklin died.

Thanks for the update, BC! I am guessing the concert has something to do with WERS?

Wow. Sunny and 70 degrees? My body may not adjust to not sweating!

Where did your daughter sky dive, BC?

It is Madonna's 60th birthday, today.

The NY Times has a nice tribute to her, and the many ways she influenced our pop culture.

I am told that the patient I clashed with last week, is sweet as pie!

He was sent out, shortly after I had him, don't know what for, and returned with a completely different attitude.

I still don't want him as a patient.

I helped another nurse with him, briefly last night, and he just stared at me, with this odd look on his face.

Somebody tricked my non compliant stroke patient into taking medication the other night, and now, she trusts no one.

I don't think such actions are ethical, or legal, and don't engage.

Her BP last night at shift change was 186/137. I begged her to take her Lopressor. I told her I understood someone tricked her, but I would never do that.

She said: I know that. I trust you.

She took the Lopressor, and BP dropped to 179/129.

She wouldn't take PRN, Clonidine. So be it.

I could ream the person who tricked her.

Just need to make it through one more shift with these folks.

Hope the wheels stay on the bus tonight!

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Evening all!

Digging for data today, w-a-y back in patient's histories. I do like a bit of detective work!

I've had to chase 20-yr old blood results from a hospital in India before - today's trawling wasn't in that league!

I also managed to pounce on a 'frequent flyer' who we've been after for a while.

He's right for one of our studies, but the moment he's admitted, he starts agitating to go home, so he's either gone or awaiting transport home by the time we get to him. This time's no exception - his ambulance home is booked for lunchtime tomorrow... but he's agreed to participate in our study in the morning!

Tweety, I've done years of bank (pool) and agency work... I loved almost everything about it, EXCEPT waiting to see if you'd be called in or not!

I hadn't heard of Randy Rainbow - I'll have to give him a listen, because I'm a big fan of live comedy.

My current favourite US stand-up is Reginald D. Hunter. It's the deadpan delivery. I like Rich Hall, too... he just does bitter, hangdog, hard-done-by so well.

The abortive early post is down to Harriet the Rescue Kitty. She's assertive about the head rubs and brooks no refusal!

Edited to add: Aretha Franklin.... WHAT a voice! One of the all-time greats, for my money.

Be happy!

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Just another day in paradise... the smoke has cleared a bit. The news guy on the radio reported our state as having the worst air quality in the country yesterday. My eyes are still a little burn-y, not so much cough. I am going to stop my MIL's place after work. She has COPD and was going to the doc today. And I have more fresh green beans to drop off for her. Our intern's last day is today, and she leaves for college tomorrow. We all pitched in for a gift certificate to her college bookstore. Dh is out of town tonight, maybe Angus and I will go out for a burger.

That is pretty sad about Aretha Franklin; 76 is too young. I loved the lunch counter scene in the Blues Brothers, and her singing at Obama's inauguration.

Aretha Franklin sings at Obama inauguration - BBC News

She was a national treasure for sure.

Cheers all,


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I didn't sign up for OT to be a team player, but to make money, so yes it was a bad thing to have that canceled. But not too bad. On a scale of 1 to 10 a 2. I don't depend on OT to make ends meet, but when I have a goal like new glasses, and unexpected expenses like a $7,000 dental bill and a $5,000 air conditioning bill like happened a couple of months ago. Meh...

I love Randy Rainbow. I love P-town, the gayest town in New England (especially at night). Haven't been in a while.

Always loved Aretha. What a legacy.

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