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Thursday April 29 2021

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NJ22 that tends to be my experience with case management, though too much work tends to be the norm for me

That's great news Amo!

Hi Stars

Work was crazy again yesterday morning, there was additional work they were supposed to give me yesterday but forgot.  Rather frustrating.  Did manage to get the extra work done by lunch time and have a calmer afternoon.  Since this extra stuff was delayed I might have to make a call or two on Saturday, hoping that is not necessary

After work was the usual stuff.  Went to the bank, the bakery, and did grocery shopping.  Also dropped by the pharmacy

Bell choir went well, we actually did good enough that we were done a bit early.  We play again the Sunday after next.  Everyone seems to be picking up the music more quickly

Today not much planned after work except for exercise

Weather will be a bit cooler today, in the 60s today and tomorrow, but will be in the 80s by the weekend

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Good morning-

I slept through the night last night without discomfort.  Of course, I woke up 2 hours after my pain meds were due, so I was quite sore getting out of bed.  I'm hoping to be off of narcotics by Saturday or Sunday.  I have meloxicam and gabapentin, and those should keep me comfortable.  I've been reading and watching a little TV, but i don't have much focus.  It is so nice not to be at work, lol.  Today will be more of the same.  We're expecting rain, so I'll stay indoors.

Amo-that's wonderful news!!  Hope there's just more of that going forward.

Joe-glad bell choir is going well.

Hi to everyone else.  Have a great day!

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Good Afternoon -

Work last night. Someone said the "Q" word. I was floated down to the E.R., and it was FAR from "Q". Far, far from "Q". Although I can hold my own, I am not as fast as the regular E.R. nurses. Gratefully, there was nothing crazy. (No Codes. No one dying.) It was just busy. At one point, I could not find a medication that a patient needed. (The E.R. Omnicell was out of this particular medication.) Eventually, I found additional vials of this medication - up in the Maternity's Omnicell - which took precious time away from getting things done. And the patients just kept on coming in. At around midnight, one of my patients needed admission into my teeny-tiny ICU. THIS required me to go up with this patient and become Mr. ICU Nurse. The changing of my nursing personalities, at that point in time, was NOT helpful because I still had charting to do for the E.R. (Ugh!) But, I took up the patient to our teeny-tiny Unit and continued on as that person's ICU Nurse. By the end of the night, I managed to finish everything, including the back-logged charting for the E.R. (Ugh!) (Not helpful was that one of the regular E.R. Nurses was On Call last night. Needless to say, that person was eventually Called In.)

Tomorrow. . . I take the hands-on testing for the NRP certification.

Now. . . I finish reading the NRP manual, and take the on-line tests and go through the simulations.

Peace. . . 


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Hi all. Sitting here at work, trying not to fall asleep watching an instructional video on lab tests for TB. Its a YouTube of previously recorded presentation and the slides are pretty blurry, but it's good info. I am familiar with some of it, so my mind tends to wander and then, bam, what was that? I had to  back up more than once.

I dropped my car at the dealership for oil change and tire rotation--guy tried to up-sell me for other recommended servicing, but I think I can change an air filter myself. Weather is decent, will go for a walk at lunch. 

BCg, good to read that you are able to rest and recover. I'll bet the kitties are glad you are home. 

Ted, arghh, charting is the devil, isn't it? Your ICU patient was lucky to have a consistent caregiver from ED to ICU. I hope you were able to chart from your unit without having to travel back to ED. Good luck with your test. 

Joe, it's hard for me to imagine you will be in the 80s so soon in the year, but of course, Saturday is the beginning of May. We won't get to  80 here until mid July or August. 

Ta ta

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Apparently I just lost the first half of this post! Basically it was about my appointment with the audiologist. She changed the ear pieces and they fit really well. and I am a happy camper. But ...NOW I need some new glasses. The pair I am wearing are, like, 6 or 7 years old. The most recent pair (3 years old) not only were scratched, but also either got sat or stepped on, so the frame was irretrievable. I noticed today that I can't see street signs very well until I'm right up on them. Hubby needs new glasses, also, and we both need to go to the dentist. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ *sigh* 

So, tomorrow, Publishers Clearing House is going to be delivering the BIG CHECK, flowers, balloons, and an immediately cash-worthy check as well. Someone here asked me once if I even entered, because you can't win unless you enter...the answer is yes. I have entered their various Sweepstakes for 48 years or so. Talk about perseverance! I do wonder at times... how much have I spent in postage stamps in all that time? Maybe I don't want to know. I'm only marginally hopeful of a win, since I have cut way down on entering on line;  if you get sucked into that, you can play 'games' all. day. long, with nothing to show for it but lost time. I find it too irritating to just keep going and going and going with on line entries. And I seldom purchase anything through them any more, though I have to say I have gotten some very useful items in the past. 

There was a big accident on the way home, though the traffic was soooo backed up I didn't get to see anything except cars in front of me turning around to go back to find another route. I hope it wasn't too horrible. It was 1/2+ mile or so up the road, on a slow, downhill  curve where yer posta slow down to 40 mph, but some folks don't. I do, because there is a large presence in this town of police, sheriff and State Troopers; one of the very first things hubby told me when I moved down here is to be VERY SURE you don't exceed the speed limit, because cops are everywhere!  They sure are!!! When I lived up in the mountains you could go days without seeing a patrol car of any kind. I have said before, though, I'd really like a bumper sticker ('Bumpah Stickah' if you're from New England) "If I'm driving the speed limit...I APOLOGIZE!" because lotsa folks zip around me for doing that. JEEZ! 

Braves won 10-0 against the Cubbies last night. The game last night and tonight are on channels we can watch, thank goodness. It gets restless and irritable in here if we can't see the Braves playing. Nannie doesn't stay up for the whole game, but she does peep out from her room to ask what the score is. Last night when she did that and I told her that the score was 10-0 in our favor, she slapped her hands together and said "HOT DAMN!" 😋

Hubby just came back from a run out to a store and said there was still traffic backed up in that area....guess someone took out a couple of telephone poles! Will have to listen to the news and see what's what, or maybe it'll be be in the paper tomorrow.

As usual, I still feel there is something else I wanted to tell y'all, but durned if I can think of it right now.

Everybody try to behave, or if you just can't behave, at least don't get caught!


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amoLucia, wonderful news!! 

No Stars, it's always something, isn't it?  How are the hearing aids working?  Next is the glasses and dentist!!!

Joe, bell choir rehearsal sounds nice and fulfilling!  Hope work wasn't too busy today.

Ted, sounds very busy at work!  Good you were able to finish charting while caring for your ICU pt.   Good luck on your NRP exam!  I have a feeling you will ace it!

BCGrad, sounds like you are recovering well.  Good you are home and can truly take the time to recover!  Wishing you the best!

Hello to all!

It was 95 degrees when I walked out from work today.  I worked in the Stress Lab but was able to help with Case Mgmt stuff when we had a lull between patients.  The techs are helpful, they will set up the pt and call me when they need me.  That way I can spend time in the office, where all the records  and my little notes are. 

My bluegrass friend, whose husband had a hemorrhagic stroke a month ago, is going home today!  He has made wonderful progress, can now feed himself and walk using a walker, and is alert and with-it.  Big change from even just four days ago, when they were looking to send him to a SNF!  He will have home health nursing and PT f/u, but wow, we are so pleased he is going home.  This has been a rough road for them, and good news is always welcome!  I hope he continues to make good progress.  (now, we need him to pick up his mandolin and play!!)

Not much else going on.  My tummy tells me it's time for dinner, so will scoot.  Have a good evening!


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