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Thursday April 9, 2015

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Good Morning to you all,


Excellent day at work although I had to deal with drug diversion and handling something like that makes me sick to the pit of my stomach, had to do a drug tox screen so this will be interesting!


Enjoyed a 5K walk when I got home from work, it was 81F and we were all panting when we got home. Talk about guzzle the water, phew guzzled bottles up until I went to bed then had to tinkle overnight. LOL


Looks about the same weather wise for us today but no walk tonight as hubby is back to work.


Will be another busy day and no doubt will have to continue to deal with the drug diversion issue.


May you all have an awesome day no matter what you get up to.


Much love to you all.

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Sabby sorry to hear about the trouble at work

Stars glad your dh's surgery went well

Kind of busy at work, and a little stressful, it gets that way for me before vacations, trying to get everything done beforehand. Only one more day...

Went out with the Meetup group to a wine bar, kind of expensive and a little loud but the food was good and we had a pretty big group this time.

Going to try to get the grocery shopping done tonight but lots of thunderstorms today so we'll see.

Going downtown tomorrow to meet my best friend for brunch, glad I decided to take Friday off, otherwise our schedules would have made getting together tricky

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Mornin', all!

Beautiful sunny morning here. Have to take the 'kids' to the groomer in a little while, and later on I will get my Friday-type stuff out of the way.

Hubby slept like a log all night long; he didn't want to sleep in the recliner so we got him situated in bed with pillows all around, only had to get up once. No problems. He made me laugh like hell this morning when he was trying to explain to the dog that he can't scratch her like usual.....he likened the condition of his hand/arm to that scene on the Carol Burnett Show where Tim Conway was a dentist and Harvey Korman was the patient, and Tim kept accidentally shooting himself with the novacaine...

Well, hope everyone has a lovely day!

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I just woke up after spending the night in the hospital with my step mother. She fell again.

This time she was admitted. Ive been working with the nurses and medical team the make sure when she goes home she has appointments.

Now she wants me to get batteries for her hearing aid.

I'll have to go to the hospital and get one of the batteries so i get the right kind.

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Hello everyone,

Has been an overcast rainy, foggy day here. No thunderstorms yet, but still hoping to get something tonight. Happy that this week at least for school is over, finished taking my last 3 exams that had been scheduled for this week. Now to focus on writing a lab report due next week, and hopefully get started on the next one that is due the week after. Still have studying to do for my pharmacology exam next week, which is thankfully the only scheduled exam. I am however, planning on taking my last math test next week and maybe the final so that I can finish up with that class a little early. Mentally I am feeling a little bit drained, but still have another 4 weeks before I can take a short break. As they say what doesn't kill you (or as I have been saying this semester doesn't give you a mental breakdown) makes you stronger. My next weekend off I might get the boyfriend to go out to a movie with me, in need of at least a few "mental health" hours and has been sometime since we last had a chance to spend sometime together.

Hope that the rest of your Thursday goes well :)

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Okay, Leonardsmom, I am now officially exhausted FOR you. Just reading​ your post made me break out in a sweat!

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Good evening all!

Smelly night at work, quite a few homeless folks spent the night in my lobby.... wasn't freezing but still a bit cold. Two were signed in, but couldn't get the night doc to come clear them and send away (ETOH, what else). One ff, simply stretched out of the floor under the water fountain, so we constantly had people coming up and saying "do you know there is a man on the floor out here?", and I'd just smile and say he does that a lot. (We've had him arrested more than once for trespass, but since he checked in I couldn't send him away until seen). Others claimed to be waiting for someone in the back (ah, turned out not true). One fellow showed up about 4, didn't want to check in, seemed to think his job was to encourage and look out for everyone else in the lobby.... kept trying touch and arrange blankets, tell us not to fall asleep at the desk, thank us for taking such good care of people, my bipolar frequent flyer shrieked at him and called for us to get him away from her.... Long about 5 AM, we'd had enough and

had security send people out. Mr. Encourager kept getting in the way while they talked to folks, grabbing one guy's elbow until the guard literally had to push him out the door. One couple kept coming back in with their stolen grocery cart, and needing to use the phone or the bathroom, even after security got them out the door. She had spent the night trimming her toe nails and calluses in the lobby...

Looking back, I kind of wonder why I let it all go on for so long, except that I hate throwing people out in the cold. If I had had actual patients (other than ETOH) having to sit there I likely would have gotten "mean" earlier. As it was, the ones I triaged I kept in the rear with me while we got beds assigned.

Slept well, had rads this afternoon, MD visit went well, and did the gym tonight with my dd and my fella; walked the dogs a mile first, then to the community center, cardio bike and weights.

Sabby, sorry about all that!

Joe, enjoy your time off, blessings!

No Stars, good to hear about dh, hope it continues to go well.

Herring, so sorry to hear of the fall, again, hope it goes well.

Leonard'sMom, this too shall pass! Keep up the good work.

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Its been a busy week at work, around 2hr OT each nite, and most days missed lunch.

We have taken good care of our patients, though.

Had rain on Tuesday; not much but at least it was some.

Last weekend we camped in a friend's field.

Practiced with band Sat morning.

Folks showed up around 3pm and we had a nice gospel jam till 5.

Grilled a great dinner with other folks who showed up, and then had another good jam from about 8-1030pm

Breakfast brunch at the friend's house, then packed up and headed home.

I want to go camping again, just need to decide on a weekend and a place to go.

I read your posts daily, keeping up.

Just don't always have much to say, myself. ;)

I have tomorrow off, have errands planned.

It is nice to have alone time. :)

Y'all have a good one.

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