The Break Room Collective Novella

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The following collection -- a tale with no end in sight -- was gleaned from a previous related thread, each morsel of fanciful writing selected from the innermost endless thought-stream of our esteemed, worldly-wise, skewed, cockeyed, and passionate members. You are reading page 6 of The Break Room Collective Novella. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

Yep. The role of Georgina Chapman in the film adaptation of her book was going to be a stretch...but I'm going to rock it. 

I gaze into the mirror, bat my eyes and say "oh Harvey" with what I hope is a sexual growl. Yeah...I can do this. 


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But you have that lung condition, honey. Are you sure you would be able to? You know you get short of breath when you move around vigorously.


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Morning and I'm aimlessly moving room to room. Didn't sleep well. Just wandering about this ancient farmhouse with a restlessness that I've not felt before and don't understand. I toyingly finger some cherished chatzkees.  Old memories from past travels come flooding back with some perfect storm turbulence.

To far off places I've travelled and the men with whom I travelled there cloud my memories. They all mesh into a mélange of feelings long buried. From that cloudy mist, I begin to think of James, the twins, Philip and Richard, Edouard. Recent others, too, with no names come back to me. And I smile. But I feel my cheeks flush as my smile starts to glow blazingly with thoughts of Michael. I hold on to steady myself. Ever so slight faintness.

Big, tall, southern and fuzzy, I chuckle out loud to no one in particular. No wind could ever push him to even sway. He never needed to stretch those long arms outward as he could pull me in so gently with his soft clasp. Nothing could ever sound sweeter than that slight Alabama twang when he drawled 'Darlin'. Like he was purring when he whispered ever so softly 'Sugar' into the flecture of my neck. Those red-blond curls brushing that strong jawline just barely touched his facial peach fuzz. How I yearn to nuzzle with him again.

There it is again. That odd sensation. Just my discontent as I remember our last nite together. Was it three months ago?  Four? He was leaving again that  morning for another distant assignment.

"Will only be gone 6 months", he shrugged.

"Where to?" My voice barely quivered, but I felt my my heart sink. Deep down I dared not to reveal my gut-wrenching disappointment. Maybe I should have. Maybe I should have let him see my tears welling up. His absences were always far longer than he led me on.

"A relief project back home. Mobile. Besides, you have your new position and you'll be so busy, you won't have time to miss me. I'll be back before you know it".

"I've heard that before", I sniffled. Too late. By now my tears started flowing like a turbulent torrent into some uncontrollable flood.

"I promise you", he husked again, as I tumbled into his caressing arms. Body warmth soothed all my senses as I felt the awakened embers of desire starting to engulf me.

And then he was gone by the morning's light. Much like this morning, I awoke in that vast rumpled empty bed. Not the first time, and probably not the last. His glasses and keyring that included mine were nowhere to be seen on the dresser. Just a smudge in the dust.

Such a harsh reminder now, as I gaze upon his untouched and undisturbed side of that vast oasis of a bed. But then an urgent dash to the bathroom with no advanced warning and no time to waste brought me back to reality. Catching me unawares as I feel a wave of nausea take hold. Quickly it passes, and just as fast as it came on, it was gone. My reveries, though   interrupted, still relentlessly occur.

Michael ... not an Edouard, so different. Oh, the infatuation. Just his walking into my classroom caused me to fluster. Like a 12 year old in puppy-love. Please, don't let my class notice, I remember hoping. Trying to keep my composure and concentration on my presentation was sooooo difficult. I couldn't avoid him. He provided tech support for the school.  Our paths were surely to cross. But was it something else that Michael was so near and so often?

Edouard had introduced us at a joint conference. One of our few remaining encounters. Edouard had slowly become more distant and remote. Even our together times were becoming routine and less frequent. Familiarity and comfort were settling in. Our lovemaking, once a fiery storm, had become passionless. Was there another woman in his life? I wondered. I secretly was hoping so.  Edouard needed that passion, the intrigue in his life. Our lives were moving in different directions. Was it any surprise that I was becoming ready for whatever was next to happen?!?

Looking into my rear view mirror, I recognized that blue car. Michael was driving behind me. Do I go home or do I just run an errand? Home, it had to be. Time to face the terrible gnawing void inside me! We walked together to the house.  Some small talk and then he reached across me, barely we touched. But that was all I needed. That spark. The fireworks began to explode! 

Michael ...


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Oh my love he purred, I have some news that may be heart wrenching for you, but please believe me Darlin' there is no other woman for me. You are the other part of my life. 

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