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Teacher facilitates environment for bullying?

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Well, I'm vexed. Maybe some of you have some words of wisdom.

My sixth grader is in a new school, and adjusting to the challenges of being a pre-teen. She's doing pretty well, but she's arrived at that age where other children take notice of her last name, which happens to sound like a slang word for penis. [i don't have the same last name, but I did change my last name many years ago because I didn't like it.]

To compound things, the person who sits behind her in History class, that child's last name is easily contrived as something sexual. Without revealing their real names, think "Dick" and "Ball." Prime ground for teasing.

This class is the only one in which the teacher insists on calling students by their last names. When their is snickering and teasing, he just tells the children whose names are targeted to 'man-up' and 'own-it' and 'don't have a problem with their own name.' Which is backward, because it's the OTHER children who have a problem with it.

The teacher told the two children that if they have issues with their names to go down to the courthouse and change them, which I think is inappropriate.

1] A child can't make that decision.

2] We have already petitioned and the judge said no.

Should I talk to the teacher, ask him to simply address the children by their first names, explain the stress it is causing?

[i should add, when we met this teacher at orientation, he thought we were pranking him with her last name, and kept repeating it, wanting it spelled out, etc.]

My child is getting more and more upset and it's only the beginning of the year.

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I think it's worth a discussion with the teacher and maybe the principal. I'm sorry your child is upset. Pre-teen years are hard enough without being teased.

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