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Sunday the fifth day of Jan 2K14

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Morning all. I see most of you are having a freeze with the Midwest set to hit -50. Send some here please. Yesterday was 113F and my main aircon went on strike. New one going in today. The hottest ever here was a few years ago when it hit 124F. That day it was 149F in the power house. Lucky I fixed the engine with a temp problem!!!

I am planning my next adventure. In Aug I'll go to Canberra, our national capital yo visit the National Library and Parliament House where apparently my photo is hanging. Then I'll go to Sabby land with Ceinwen and we will explore that little island. Hopefully I will get to see snow and play in it.

Next year I am off to Seoul for the Biennial conference of the ICN. They have invited me to do a presentation on remote nursing and healthcare.

Best get ready to put the new ac in.

Hooroo Michael:wavey:

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Good Morning -

Michael - Glad to read that you have your air-conditioning in order. Surviving 113-degree heat does not sound any more fun than tolerating -13 degree cold. Seems like you have some interesting and impressive travel plans for the year. I believe that congratulations are in order on you doing your presentation in Seoul on remote nursing and healthcare.

It's 4:49 AM (EST) here. Have the next few nights off from work including this one. Have the usual church routine this morning. Not quite sure what Amy and I will be doing this afternoon. Had a somewhat disturbing phone call from my father yesterday evening. Apparently someone stole his social security number. He found out about it when he got a phone call from a collections agency wanting $$$ for a loan made from that social security number. Even the collection agency said it was freud because the name and birth date associated with that social security number do not match. Dad is doing all of the proper interventions to clear his name (social security number) and ensure that his finances are properly secure. He seemed very shaken by the situation, though. He also sounded tired. I have plans to visit him this March. I might step up that visit sooner, though. We'll see. :(

Steph - I hope that they figure out what's going on with your mom. It must be painful to see your mom not be herself. I'm sure that you're being a loving advocate for your mother. Your mom and you remain warmly held in our prayers.

I'm going to try to catch more "ZZZZZZs" before getting ready for church.

Warmest regards to all. . .


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Good morning Michael and Ted and anyone who ventures forewith!

nice to see you! Traveling mercies prayed for you Michael, prayers for your Dad Ted, prayers for your Mom Steph!! not much new with me! Trying to gear up to clean up, clean out my apt. for impending visit from DS. :) Yes, I said impending, haha! Anxious for him to get here and start his new life, anxious for the impact it will have on my nice quiet little life, remind me how much I love him when his dirty underwear impede on my progress in life lol. He is supposed to be looking for a job and housing when he gets here but he is pretty exhausted with trying to make his life work elsewhere, so I imagine he will have some downtime at first.

God love yas and have a great day!

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Good Morning Michael, Ted, Liddle and all who pop in,


Congratulations on the presentation you will be presenting next year in Seoul, how exciting and I know you will do a great job. Enjoy your upcoming trip to Canberra, I really enjoyed going to Gov't house. Goodness me try and keep cool in that dreadful heat mate. You will love Sabby land it is so pretty down there. :up:


Ted I am so saddened to read what has happened to your father, I am sure this has really rocked him and made him feel sick. There truly are some evil people out there that prey on others like this, Praying they find who are responsible and get the lashing of the law that they deserve.


G'day Liddle praying things work out with your son returning home, that he finds gainful employment and a nice place to stay.


Stephanie still lifting you all up in my prayers and praying that answers come forward in the change of your mother's condition. At least she is in hospital and being cared for. I am sad she cannot go back to where she was because she appeared rather content there so any change in environment is not going to benefit her at all. :cry:


Still unwell with a dreadful cough, feel puny so if no better later on today I may just run over to emergent care to ensure this is not Bronchitis where AB's would be in order. Slept most of yesterday afternoon and slept well overnight. I will be heading back to bed once I have sipped my cup of tea and taken some medication for the cough etc.


Not sure about working tomorrow, will make that determination later tonight but as I feel right now it will be a day in bed for me.


Much love to you all this day, please do take care out in this rotten weather. Our steps are frozen going down to the carport.

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Michael I hope the weather cools off for you

Ted I hope your dad gets that identity theft straightened out

Liddle that will be a change, having your son there.

Sabby I hope you feel better

I'm feeling better today. Had a bit of a migraine yesterday, but got rid of it quick. Visited with dad, did a little shopping, that was mostly it. I notice I do a lot of reading and TV watching, now that the weather is bad. Probably not good for my eyes, given all the computer work I do.

Will do some cooking for the week, but most importantly I'm going to start the job search. I've been thinking about it for weeks, perhaps months. And I confess the thought of it makes me nervous. Which may explain some of the stresses I've experienced over the last few weeks.

But now that I'm about to start I'm feeling kind of excited. And I think it will help at work too, the thought that I won't be there too much longer. I think that some of the stress will abate once the resumes go out.

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Michael, you beat all with the heat you handle. I always figure I can layer to keep warm, but there is a limit of what I can remove to try to stay cool. Congrats on the invite to Seoul. If you want I can give you my son's phone #, if you have any questions about SK before you go. I have never gone there, too crowded. I am sure you will have a great time. As a speaker you should get the royal treatment.

The other trips sound wonderful. What an honor to have your picture so proudly displayed. Here in the states there would have to be a comment about a picture in a government building. The Post Office is where, traditionally, the FBI places the most wanted posters.:laugh:

Ted, sorry to hear about your dad's problem. Hope they can get it straightened out easily.

Sabby, take it easy today, please. Rest, tea, and most rest.

Liddle, how did you make out in the storm? Glad your DS has decided to make the change. The underwear issue, yeah, some guys!

Well, our weather report today is freezing rain. So far my dog has not asked to go out. I don't think she will want to hang out there. I know I don't want to walk on black ice.

I think I will make an apple cake today. I have apples I need to use and if I make it with whole wheat and Splenda it has redeeming features. The recipe uses sour milk, and I have that!

If roads clear off later my friend will probably stop by and take out my trash and check up on me. I have not decided if that makes me feel old or just pampered. Either way, I appreciate it.

Viva sent out a fb request for prayers for her sick grandchild. I would ask for good thoughts and prayers.

It is Epiphany, today. I recall, fondly, the Starring done by the Russian Orthodox community when I lived in AK.

Stay safe.

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Liddle, how did you make out in the storm?.

Really not bad. with the ice barely had a couple of short flickers, and with the snow, I was parked on a side of the building where the wind drifted the snow away! God is good! and my car is not bad either lol...

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