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Sunday, 8-3-14

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Good Morning!

This morning at 4:30 AM, hubby found a teeny, tiny little frog (the size smaller than a bumblebee) in our bathroom! We are at a loss as to how it arrived there! He brought it back outside and released it in the flower bed.

Got to get dressed and go to work. Y'all have a lovely Sunday!

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Good morning. Awake a little earlier than I wanted so starting some laundry.

My mom arrives today from New Mexico. She is visiting for a week. Today is also my son's 14th birthday so the timing is great.

Looking forward to spending some quality time with her. ♡

Yesterday I bought my airline tickets for a trip we have planned early next year. I'm excited about this. :D We are going to Maui to stay at my favorite hotel, the Grand Wailea. I have a six day class that I will attend (almost each morning but not every day). The class will be held at the same hotel.

Better get going. Going to check out a few threads here then try to sleep a bit longer.

Wishing all a blessed day. :)

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Morning Stars and NF

Wow, odd night of sleep. Woke up with some stomach problems (not unexpected, I foolishly ate too much when I knew my stomach was acting up). Fell back to sleep, had a vivid and very odd dream that I was back in undergraduate, starting new classes, but had to finish up an assignment from the previous year that somehow had gotten missed. I remember thinking "I hope that this year isn't as busy as next year". What was odd was that I remember being very relaxed, normally in dreams about school people are stressing about a test they didn't study for.

Did get outside for a walk, longer than expected because I got lost for a bit. Couldn't stay out too long as it was getting humid. Ran some errands, got the keys back from the cat sitter, and watched part of "Son of Dracula". Not back but I've seen it multiple times before.

Spent some time last night looking at possible sites for a mini-reunion next year. Trying to find a place roughly the same distance for all of us. But if that doesn't work I'll just find a place with the right facilities, depending upon what we want. I'll have to see if anyone wants an overnight stay or if they just want a day event. Probably the latter but we'll see.

Going to see dad today, going to talk about this year's reunion, possibilities for next year's mini-reunion, and when we might visit my aunt. Also planning to have brunch with my best friend, have to talk to dad about dates for that too.

Might try to get outside again briefly either before or after seeing dad. Might right my bike tonight too.

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Hi all. Will head home after meeting my daughter for lunch. Having a wonderful time here with my granddaughter but watching the news from afar about our valley and the 3 large fires that were allowed to get out of control. Many homes lost, towns evacuated, another town threatened. One good thing about FB is the current information you can get. Better than the local newspaper or tv station. Some firefighters post actual close-up videos and it is so scary. My hospital has an IC center and puts out info too.

I'm downstairs but I can hear my granddaughter waking up and her mommy playing with her. Waiting for my son to come down and make coffee as I have no idea how his fancy schmancy coffee maker works. :facepalm:

Joe - sorry about your tummy. NF - a trip to Hawaii? Wow, that sounds wonderful. NSIME - love those little froggies.

There is on road to the valley still open and not threatened but everything else is closed. Our home in the small town is close to some of the evacuation zones but so far, so good. The other town down the road, bulldozers are busy building roads around the town.

Such a mess.

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Happy Sunday afternoon!

Why do the weekends go by so fast? I saw a great movie last night-"A Most Wanted Man". It's Philip Seymour Hoffman's last role before his unfortunate death. Definitely worth seeing. Today we walked 6 miles and in a bit I'm taking a stand up paddleboard class with DD and my younger sister. That should be good for a few laughs. I'm sure I'll end up in water more than once! Something tells me I'm going to be sore tonight.

Stars-have a good day at work. That tiny little frog sounds so cute. NF-I'm so jealous of Maui! I've never been to Hawaii but would love to go someday. Hi Joe-hope the belly's feeling better today. Steph-I'm glad your home is safe. Hi-AKY-I see you down there.

Off to make a fool of myself on the paddle board. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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Good day all.

Tough night to sleep. Had a few things on my mind and was wide awake much of the night. Awake at 7 and my friend called me at 7:20 as she had a problem and wanted company. Had some coffee with her and we worked through her problem and waited for another friend to stop by and check her AC. Later we stopped by another friend's condo and chatted again. Now home and reading.

One of my friends in E. Washington had a terrible storm last night. She is blocked in with downed trees. Power off for hours, etc. I am hopeful that the rain helped with the fires rather than start more.

Doing laundry and thinking about doing some baking today. I have plans for a nice dinner with turkey, biscuits and all the fixings, also.

NSIME, invasion of the dwarf frogs? New movie in competition with Night of the Lepus? Morning of the Anura. I can almost see the trailer for this movie with the tiny frogs slipping through every small crack. I even have a beginning plot line. Better quit while I am ahead.

Enjoy your day.

Care and Share

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Good morning to all.

NF_eyenurse, sounds like you will have a great week of visiting/catching up, starting with birthday celebrations!


NSIME, hope your day goes well.

Nice frog rescue :up:

Steph, I am keeping up with your posts and photos on FB. so sad!

Continue to hope the fires are contained soon and ppl stay safe.

Safe travels to you, too, for today

Heya, Joe! Good to read about you keeping up family contacts, and maintaining exercise program. :)

Met some friends in the afternoon yesterday, whose daughter's boyfriend was in town, and he happened to play guitar.

We brought our instruments and had a nice jam and some giggles and a good time.

Two things for you to look up, if you want a little entertainment:

(Sabby, he is Australian:)

F sharp on youtube.


Florence Foster Jenkins (the WORST opera singer ever). There are a couple youtubes, here's one:

today is errand day for me.

Y'all have a good one.

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Ooops, aky and BC, you slipped in while I was posting!

aky, you are a good friend. :) :up:

BC, enjoy that paddleboard class! How fun!

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Meeting my daughter for lunch soon and after that will head home. It is a 7 hour drive. No big deal for me except if I get tired. I did get a full night's sleep so we shall see.

My granddaughter is over there verbalizing like crazy. I'm really going to miss her.

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No Stars: It is just son sad that so many live the last of their life like your patient probably will without private duty. I know you will do all you can while you are with her.

My Daddy's mother was in a nursing home the last two years of her like because it became too much for on person to provide her care. Fortunately she had enough family and friends so she had visitors every day for most of the day. We had a schedule. I had 12 and 14 year old kids so brought them with me four days a week.

The night shift nurses knew they could call and one of us would come in. Her short term memory was almost zero. Once my Dad stopped in while we were there. About 3 minutes after he left she said, "I'm worried about your father. i havent seen him in weeks."

Steph: It is joyful to me when you post about your granddaughter!

Joe: I'm glad the dream wasn't upsetting. Sometimes they are.

AKY: Enjoy reading your book. Ilcherish time with a good book.

Dianah! That F# song was fun! Hard to do. Thank you. I sent it to my sisters.

I thought my cousins performance singing from La Boheme at a boyfriends medical school graduation. But Florence Jenkins was worse. My cousin just started flat and slid to the correct note a few times.

BC: Enjoy the paddleboard class.

NF_Eyenurse: i know you will enjoy Maui. i've traveled for a CE class, but not over the ocean. I've only been to Oahu. As a teen i surfed Makaha and Sunset with 20 foot waves.

At age 60 it was Waikiki on a rented long board.

Hello Sabby when you make it here.

We had rain last night. Dogs were very excited at 3:00 am. I think a squrill or other animal was teasing them.

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Good Afternoon to you all,


Slept in again this morning which was glorious then headed off to hike the boys, had a wonderful walk in glorious weather. Took them back into the river where I had trouble getting Newly back out, he has become a water dog. LOL They are both comatose out on the porch now where there is a gentle breeze blowing.


Ran and got the dog food from Petsense then swung by the office to clear off my desk so I can start my day tomorrow without stuff waiting for me.


Helped hubby clean out, wash and polish his car so it now looks lovely, two clean cars that smell so good inside.


Tossed the towels in the wash which are now drying and I have just had a nice cup of orange spice tea which is delish.


Planning on resting for a while once my hair has dried then get up and have a yummy supper.


Hope you are all doing well. Stephanie whispered prayers for traveling grace and those fires to be more contained.


Much love to you all.

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Thank you for the appalling recital by Florence Jenkins; I'm going to have to look her up because she must have been really rich or scared a lot of people with blackmail threats, to be allowed to record her 'songs'. She was so bad I listened to three of her pieces in a row, just not even believing my ears.

I have a book titled REALLY Bad Art, and it affects me the same way, with utterly morbid fascination. Sometimes awful movies can draw me in, too. And of course, I also enjoy bad auditions on the various singing and talent shows.

I even kept the tape cassette given to me by a long-time-ago patients family member; she and a group of four others traveled to nursing homes and prisons to sing gospel songs for captive audiences. They were so painfully sincere and so VERY painfully bad! BAD bad!

I don't know what all this says about me, though!

But thank you, from the bottom of my twisted brain! :roflmao:

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