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Sunday - September 16th, 2018 - Good Morning!

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Good Morning!

Thought I'd share a warm "Hello" on today's Good Morning thread before I forget to do it. Again! LOL!

The past couple of nights off from work has been restful, gratefully. Still have two more nights off to enjoy. What's been nice is NOT working extra shifts like I've been doing throughout the summer. The paycheck might not be as pretty, but the body and soul are enjoying the usual days off from work! LOL!

Yesterday was a nice day outside. Amy and I did some hiking. There's a trail we hike on about once every 2 or 3 years. It's a good 2+ mile hike, one-way, up a semi-steep trail, but the vistas are breath-taking! It's one of many, many trails to be found in the Berkshires, each with lovely scenery to enjoy along the way. Besides enjoying the loveliness of the Berkshires, we're getting ready for our vacation in Bryce Canyon which is only a couple of weeks away. We plan on doing LOTS of hiking there, of course.

Today? I leave for church in about 30 minutes. Afterwards, we have tentative plans to meet up with family for a dinner out together. My Niece is flying up from South Carolina. THANKFULLY, she and her family did not experience the destructive force of Hurricane Florence. They didn't get all of the down-pour rainfall that it brought to that area of the country. We were worried for her family during the hurricane (as we were for other family and friends who live in that region). She was supposed to fly up here Friday to spend a "Mother and Daughter" time with my Sister-in-Law (Amy's Sister). That dreadful hurricane changed those plans drastically. Interestingly, my Niece was able to get another flight out today. Not sure where we're all going to meet and eat. It'll be nice visiting with everyone, though.

I hope all who might be living near where Hurricane Florence are safe and sound!

Nothing much else to share at this time. Hope all have a Peaceful and Safe day today! :)


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Morning Ted, glad you got some days off, I know you've been working a lot these last few weeks

Yesterday was nice, got out for a walk in the morning before it got too hot then went to lunch with dad. He has found a townhouse he's going to rent once the house sells, which if everything goes well should be in about a month

Did the cooking for the week, watched some of Svengoolie, then went to bowling. Didn't stay long. The alley once again double booked the place, making things hot and crowded and the start of bowling was delayed. Was kinda bored there too. Not sure how often I'll be back

Woke up early with a headache, took some Tylenol and went back to sleep for a while

Today will be nice, have choir practice then church then meet J for brunch. We were going to do a movie too, but he has someone coming over who's interested in the two chihuahuas so we decided to just do the brunch

Turning hot again here, will be kinda hot the rest of the week, but at least no rain for at least a few more days

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Good morning-

It's a beautiful day here. Sunny, dry, mid 70s. Bet you can't guess we're I'm headed to? Yup, going to the beach for what likely will be the last "warm enough to swim" day. I do go during other times of the year, just to walk and listen to the waves. It's the best therapy in the world, in my opinion. Speaking of beaches and swimming, there was a fatal shark attack on Cape Cod yesterday. It's the first one in 80 years. There are increasing numbers of Great White sharks hanging around Cape Cod, as there are a lot of seals for them to feed on. They will come in to shore in waist and hip deep water. I won't be going down there. It's a shame, because the beaches are gorgeous and the waves are good for surfing, but it's just not safe anymore. I don't remember the sharks being an issue when I was younger. Maybe it's a climate change issue.

Ted-glad you are having some good time off. Did you hike Mt. Greylock yesterday? I haven't been out there in several years. I'm glad your Carolinas family is safe. Enjoy the day with them.

Joe-sorry bowling wasn't much fun. Enjoy brunch with J today.

Hope all have a good day.

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Good morning!

Slept like a baby. Woke up at 1022!!!

I was sleep-deprived since I had to get up early yesterday for Skills Competency.

I've hiked Mt. Greylock!!!!

Overcast here and in mid-70s. It should rain either later today or tomorrow.

I have decided to take a riding lesson on the 3-year-old baby horse.

Biggie won't mind at all.

I will do it either Tuesday or Wednesday, when the weather is better, and fewer people are in the arena.

He is a Thoroughbred, and has problems steering. But he is so damn cute!!!!!!

Have fun at the beach, BC. I don't recall shark attacks growing up in NE, and vacationing on the Cape.

Enjoy family time, Ted.

Enjoy brunch, Joe.

Safe travels to all.

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Good Morning from Wet and Wild Florence-Land!

We are expecting several more days of this weather, because the fat lady is staying indoors, and refuses to sing yet.

It is kind of nerve-wracking to be housebound with cranky Nannie. Nothing comforts her, not even the fact that there is no flooding at all in this area, with the exception of a few puddles in the soggy yard. She is convinced that at some point we will have to be evacuated, and to that end, last night she washed up, got dressed and slept in the recliner, shoes and all, with her purse, meds and a clean pair of panties piled on the walker beside her. She had a flashlight too, so she

could check the floor and make sure that no flooding had occurred.

I shouldn't josh, because it never hurts to be prepared, but no way could a boat get to us, ,mainly because there would be NO NEED. It's true that those near a river in Charlotte are having to be evacuated, but that is South-West of us.

The rain and wind continues...oh happy, frabjous day! We go sit out of the narrow front porch, and enjoy the negative ions flying around and reducing our stress. Nannie is glued to the TV watching all the weather reports, even though she doesn't know or remember where the dangerous areas are, in relation to our location.

SO FAR, we still have electricity. I made a few extra cups of coffee just-in-case; even if I have to drink it cold, I don't mind. Going through caffeine withdrawal while being stuck indoors with Nannie is NOT the best scenario for my sanity, so *I* am being prepared as well.

Mo' RE-ports laydah, maybe....

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No Stars, glad you are safe.

And I am SURE you are safe because of all Nannie's preparations!

You know if she hadn't done all that, you would right now be wading waist-deep towards an evacuation boat!

This too shall pass. :)

My mom told me once, "some people aren't happy unless they're complaining." True dat.

Yesterday was a quiet, contemplative day.

After MIL passed there was a flurry of phone calls; coincidentally and fortuitously we rescheduled band practice for Friday night.

Dh and I decided to go to the Thai restaurant (after 8 by now) and hear our friends play.

Youngest ds joined us and though we were a quiet lot, it was good to be out and to see him.

I sang a couple songs with the friends (at their kind invitation).

They are originally from Hawai'i. He is blind and is a terrific musician: plays piano, guitar, mandolin, banjo!

She learned bass to play with him (they have been married about 5yr), and she sings (they both sing).

They had a guitarist sitting in, for a trio. Total two guitars and the bass.

Chris Cerna Trio.

Very nice, a good distraction for us.

We stayed till 10, gabbed a little.

Texted some with oldest ds, who has the next three days off and is just spending some down time (contemplative, as with us).

This is the first close-family death the boys have experienced. Even though anticipated, no one is really "prepared," and it affects each of us differently.

Will be in touch with them, certainly, in the coming days and weeks.

Dh is still snoring.

I'm surprised I woke up when I did.

Couldn't get to sleep till 2 or 3 -- had to get up and take a shower, hoping that would help.

Finished reading a book.

Played a little spider solitaire.

Woke up at 8 and here I am.

I have the next two days off as bereavement days.

Dh and I have been discussing if we could/should get away for a little bit.

Plans are still up in the air.

Ds would have to be available to care for the cats, so that remains an unknown at this point.

OK, time for tea.

Have a good day, stay safe and dry.

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Do you have a thermos to put coffee in, Stars?

The kind I have for Biggie's water in the winter, keep things hot for 24 hours.

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Dianah - Warmest Condolences to you and your family. (((Hugs))) Certainly, being surrounded by family is important now. Peace, my friend!

NSIME - I'm glad that you and your family are safe and sound, and not being blasted by torrential rainfall! Being cooped up in the home, can be unnerving, though. Be safe!

Lil Nel - Cool that you climbed Mt. Greylock! We go there usually once a year for some trail-hiking. We even go to the summit sometimes. Usually we drive up there, though. There are plenty of lovely trails with breath-taking vistas to see without going to the top, though. (It's usually crowded at the summit.) Hope you catch up on some rest after being sleep-deprived!

BCgradnurse - No. We didn't go to Mt. Greylock this time. Instead, we went on a trail that leads to a summit that's just out of Great Barrington, MA. I forgot the name of the trail, and forgot the name of the summit. I know how to get there, though! LOL! It was a lovely hike there with clear skies to see the surrounding mountains. I could even see that Catskill Mountains in the distance, which was cool. (Done lots of hiking in the Catskills, too!) Enjoy the beach! (Hope you don't run into any Great Whites!! Yikes!)

Joe - Good to read that your Dad found a townhouse. Hope the sell of his own home goes smoothly! Enjoy your day with J!

Just got back from church. Our congregation voted on the much-needed, and legally necessary, By-Laws for this eight-member Parish that we now belong to. The eight-member Parish STILL needs at least one full-time Pastor. (We need two.) So far, no one has shown interest in being a Pastor for this eight-member Parish. At least the By-Laws were finally voted on and accepted by our congregation. Now the rest of the eight congregations need to vote on these By-Laws. Hopefully all eight congregation will pass them, and make the State of New York happy. It is a process.

Gonna take a nap now then get ready for a nice afternoon and evening out with the family.

Cheers! :)

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I dropped husband off at his lodge and will return for his 91st birthday party.

I'll take his favorite chili relleno, rice, and beans dinner and a BIG birthday cake that were ordered a week ago.

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Wow, herring!

Happy 91st birthday to your hubby!!!!!

Have a terrific celebration.

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