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Sunday October 10, 2021

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Good morning!

Stars, I think you mean "politically correct" or "shaming".  One can't really poke fun at anymore especially online but I guess it's still cool to make fun of yourself.  The rescue where I got my very first dog didn't believe much in vaccinations "poisoning their dogs" and was very holistic in approach.  I take my dogs for walks and there are possums and squirrels outside, here it's also required for licensure.  But so many of the other vaccines seems a bit like a racket to have to get all the time.   But on the offhand chance I would have to board them I keep them up to date.  Doesn't seem to harm them.  Hope the Prednisone helps your knee.  

J22, again I'm in awe of your productivity.

Amo, I had heard of Jonathan Antoine before.  He has a good voice.  Here's some trivia.  He was part of a duo on Britain's Got Talent and their audition is one of the most watched auditions in BGT's history with about 140 million views on Youtube.  At the time Simon thought he was amazing and thought his partner was just good.  Eventually he offered them both a contract on his record label and a couple of years later they split up and he went solo.  When I Googled him I see he's coming here December 23rd.  He released a Christmas album last year.  

I really didn't accomplish much yesterday but managed to go to yoga.  Would like to go to the gym and do some cooking today.

Friday's email stated our covid census has dropped 76% from it's peak in August.  

Decided to move ahead with some home renovations, starting with the bathroom in my bedroom.  Going to totally get rid of everything and convert the tub to shower making it a bit more senior friendly should I stay in my old age, or at least make the place more sellable.  Right now it's in the "fixer upper" type should it need to be sold.  Sometimes I do want to sell and just start over in a condo somewhere but I can't afford property here and retire comfortably so I need to stay and fix this place up.   

Have a good day!



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Tweety that seems like a wise rennovation to make

BC still waiting for fall colors here

Stars I tend to be skeptical too about how much veterniary care primarily indoors animals need

Hi Amo

NJ22 sounds like a productive day

Was a fairly productive day for me too.  Had our special vestry meeting in the morning, so no birdwatching.  Put together a burrito filling in the crock pot and went to lunch with dad.  Came home and made cornbread, this time not from a mix.  Was more dense than the Trader Joes' mix I normally use, but also a bit drier and not quite as flavorful.  Will have to make changes next time I make it

The rest of the day was fairly quiet.  Watching a little of the Stooges, and cut out some more patterns for the craft project.  Watched a little bit of Frankenstein,  though kinda got bored as I've seen it before

Today have church, no choir or bell choir beforehand this time.  Will pick up a T shirt and a hoodie the church is selling as a fundraiser.  Like this new design, with a black background, rather than the old one which was red

Will drive out to J's area to meet him for lunch.  With the spare tire on he doesn't want to drive too far.  

Will be warm again in the mid 80s.  Which is odd for this time of year.  At least it shouldn't rain




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Good Afternoon!

Well, bless my soul, rock and roll (flying purple people eaters?) No, I wanted to tell you that I 'vibrated' this morning ... right in front of my MiL and my hubby! HA! I plugged in the platform and after a few false starts, I had it set for 10 minutes at low speed, but only did five minutes. Figured I ought not to overdo things right out of the gate. It makes my eyeballs wobble, so there will be no reading while I stand there! It also made me sweat by the end of the 5 minutes. Anyway. I have to say I am pickled tink to have it and start using it! Hubby refused to even stand on it for 30 seconds. Maybe when I start seeing and feeling the results (in a few weeks?) maybe he'll change his mind. It sure wouldn't hurt him to try it. My thigh muscles can tell they've been exercised; now I would like to exorcise the 👿 out of 'em!!! (never seen a purple devil before; well, it's the closest thing in our emoji choices, so there ya are.)

I sent an email to the doc, as it's the easiest and fastest way to get things taken care of, rather than call and go through the phone tree that covers all the practices under the hospital's system. More often than not, they manage to mis-direct or lose the message. I just said that my knee was doing the same thing it did last time and asked him if he would fax in some Prednisone for me. I think he will be fine about doing that. The Prednisone I took last night really did cut the pain a good bit; I took another one this morning. I didn't really sleep deeply last night, but I rested well and didn't feel exhausted when I got up. Prednisone does make me feel a little 'zippy' sometimes.

Got Nannie talked into starting her driveway walking again; she did 5 complete laps and then I told her to go in. She was somewhat out of breath, and I told her that if she feels like it later on, she can do another 5 laps. So funny, though ... she had to tend to her hair and put on lipstick and check her blouse in the back to make sure it's pulled down, before she went out to walk. Even though there is NO ONE out there who would see her. I think that going outdoors again whenever she's restless, like she did before, will make us ALL feel better! The next three days will have perfect weather, low 80's and partly sunny, perfect walking weather for her. When she said something about 'if it rains' she couldn't go out... hubby told her that although she is sweet, she won't melt like sugar does when it gets wet; he offered to rig her an umbrella on her rollator, but she said no. I could see, if there was a big wind, it would lift her by the umbrella and let her sail away. (dream on, Stars!)

j22, Like Tweety said, whew! (paraphrasing here!) You GO,  girl! You are busy a lot, even when it seems you don't feel much like 'doing', you DO do! And I mean that in the nicest way possible. 😊

Joe, how far away from each other do you and J live? // I have a 'spare tire on', also...🤐 what did I just say?! Oh my! Hoping the vibrating platform and the exercises will help eliminate or at least decrease the onus of having to wear this 'spare'!

 Hubby is resting on his bed upstairs; he's been up for two and a half hours, so I guess he needs a rest.😋 Nannie has dozed off in her recliner. So, I will start going through the Sunday paper now.

See yez in a while....


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When Jonathan Antoine sings, God listens & smiles at His masterful creation!!! I listened to his youtube Brit Got Talent audition yesterday and every time and when he sings 'Country Roads'. John Denver was homesick when he sang it; JA sang it for pre-covid. The video just gives me chills.

If anybody listens to him, WATCH his hands as he sings. It's like he's touching out to feel the music. He TOUCHES his music.

Tweety - I have a condo and I converted my bathtub to a roll-in shower. Just for your same reasons and it made it easy for me. One of my better projects! Not a lot of options in a condo.

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I feel accomplished today.  I cleaned out 2 closets, put my summer clothes away and took out the winter stuff, went for a walk, and dropped off 3 bags of clothes in a nearby donation bin.  I also got "Monday-ready" by reviewing all my scheduled patients for tomorrow and making notes.  Now I'm tired, lol.   I put the bird feeders back up today, so the cats are engrossed in watching the birds.  

Tweety-What did you cook today?  I hope the home renovations go well.  The results are worth it.  I'm glad Covid cases are dropping in your state.

Joe-I love Trader Joe's cornbread mix.  I hope you had a nice time with J.

Stars-Glad your "vibrator" made you happy, *snort*. I can't tolerate prednisone-it makes me mean.  Hope Nannie's walking calms her down.

Hi Amo-I'll have to check out Jonathan Antoine.

Hi J22 and Dianah.  Hope you're having a good day.

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amoLu, I want you to know that I played several of Jonathan Antoine's songs from youtube for Nannie and she LOVED him. Most especially when I played him singing Unchained Melody, her jaw dropped open more than a few times. I wish you could have seen the expression on her face. Even just talking about his voice later made us both break out in goose-bumps!

dianah... WOW! that link had some gorgeous needlework. I can't imagine doing one of them. Looked like you could climb right into those trees. Fabulous!

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I am not nearly so busy today. Went to breakfast with youngest ds. Then I walked to the post office to mail a couple of bills that don’t seem to have online portals. Dh and I drove to the big nursery we like to buy fall bulbs. Now we are at an Outback for an early supper. 
Wow, BC, you did accomplish a lot. I have been slowly easing out the winter clothes. 
I don’t think I’ve tried TG cornbread mix. I usually get Marie Callendars or Crusteaz brand. 
mad I sit here in the restaurant I’m making a mental note to listen to Mr Antoine later. The other customers might not appreciate it.

We installed a shower like the one you describe Tweety for the dames reasons. Seems like a sound investment. 
Food is here.going to tuck into my Cobb salad.

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