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Sunday October 13, 2019

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Good morning!

Still thinking of Nel.

J22, sorry to hear that your pain is not resolved.  That really sucks big time.

Stars, hope Nannie isn't too horribly confused and that it's managed well.

It's my weekend off and the insomnia bug bit me.  It didn't help that Slowbro was being a pest at wanting to be fed early.   I just went ahead and got up after about five hours sleep.  I'm having oatmeal and coffee and will go back to bed later.  Not much going on today.  Slowbro's punishment was to wait until 6AM exactly to be fed.  I'm not rewarding him for getting me up.  Humph.....


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Morning Tweety.  Pets can be pests about getting fed.  I try to make sure the cat has enough food before I go to bed, won't feed her before her usual time even if I do get up early

Yesterday was busy.  Stopped at the farmer's market and Kohls, did a little cooking, met with the environmental group, and had lunch with dad.  Rest of the day was slower, had time to exercise and make progress on cross stitch.

Watched Svengoolie...he had the original Mummy which was pretty good...but switched to watching on my tablet instead of my television as the reception was pretty bad last night.  I don't think I watch anything over the air now

Today have choir and church.  Choir starts a little later than usual, which is good.  Not sure how much trouble I'll have with the anthem since I'm not doing Wed night practice anymore, but someone sent me a link to it and it doesn't seem too hard

J and I are skipping brunch today and instead are going to see Judy this afternoon.  We haven't seen a movie in quite a while

Weather has been chilly but more fall like, 30s to 50s today.  Rain is becoming less common which is also good

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It's nice to see the sun shining today.  Should get up to the mid 60s.  I'm annoyed today and didn't sleep well last last.  I was out doing errands yesterday, and someone someone backed into me while I was waiting for a parking space at the dry cleaners.  Never looked behind her, and just plowed into me.  No injuries, but my car looks to have some substantial damage.  Accidents happen, but this person immediately started accusing me of running into her (Um, I wasn't moving and the damage is all to the side of my car) and told me she couldn't wait until the police came.  Fortunately, a couple of people in the shop saw what happened and came outside, and she decided it would probably be a good idea to stay.  Ugh, I hate the aggravation and hassle that comes with this, but it was her attitude that really upset me.  I haven't even had the car for 2 weeks.  All in all, as long was no one was hurt it's nothing worse than an inconvenience.  

Tweety-sorry you didn't sleep well.  I hope you can get a nap in later.  Silly SloBro.  I swear they can tell time and they laugh at us.

Joe-Sounds like you had a productive day yesterday.  Enjoy the movie!

Hope all have a good day.



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BC, so sorry about  -- yes, the AGGRAVATION -- of your fender-bender.  Which sounds like it's a bit more than "just" a fender-bender.  The nerve of some people!  Did she have insurance?  Did you take photos?  It sounds like it is clearly all on her.  I hope you are able to get your repairs done, to your satisfaction, on her dime.  Good the car still works.

Joe, let us know how you like the movie!  l

Tweety, I had insomnia last night too, though I didn't have any furry creatures waking me up in the morning.  They will usually just cuddle against my feet at night, and as I have some form of restless legs, I end up moving them to another part of the bed so I can kick and flail without hurting them.   Good you have today off.  Any plans?

I napped yesterday afternoon, but didn't mean to nap so long.  That probably interfered with my being tired at bedtime.  Well, for whatever reason, I didn't get to sleep till after 2am.  The alarm was set for 7, and I got up.  We have music today at Oak Glen, at the apple ranch.  Temp should be around 70 so it should be nice!  There were a couple fires in the valley on Thursday but they are out now and skies should be clear.  Our whole band will be present today, which will be fun.  After we play we will head down the hill or somewhere to eat an early dinner together and visit.

Yesterday we helped with music at the Gathering Place Sabbath School, at The Big Church.  Dh met a friend he used to work with (since has retired, as has dh) whose wife is in the late stages of Alzheimers.  It has been at least a 10-year journey for them.  Very sad.  And very expensive for full-time care, which is what she needs now.  Anyway, he talked a long time with dh, which was probably good for them both (dh having recently lost his mom to some form of dementia).  The friend asked if we would do music at her funeral service -- even had three songs chosen already.  How can we say no?  It is the least we can do.  They are in our prayers, too.

Well I am whiling away time so dh can feed the cats their tuna treat.  It's not much in each bowl, but it's a whole ritual to prepare and where each one is fed etc.  I stay out of it. 😉  When they are done eating I will go get dressed for doing music (usually jeans, a long-sleeved western shirt, and vest), and then take the dog for his morning walk, to "empty tanks," as we call it.  Both gray and black tanks. 😄 😄  Then we will load the instruments into the car and drive up to pick up fiddler and head for the mountains.

Y'all have a good day!

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Good Day, 

BC that is awful about your new car! Something similar happened to dd in a parking lot. She was actually parked, someone rammed her car and tried to blame dd. It got fixed, but it really screwed up the electronics with the door locks and windows. So glad no one was injured, and that you had some witnesses step up. 

Ah, yes, I am thinking of Nel, too. It hurts so much to lose a beloved animal. Angus got lots of extra snuggles today. He is getting older, and his breed doesn't typically live long. We just changed his food because he has been super itchy, and the change helped and he seems a lot happier. 

Joe, I hope you enjoy your movie. I like to mix up date nights with movies or a live show or music. Food just doesn't interest me as much it does dh. 

Tweety, yes, I get that annoying furry alarm clock at times. My dog usually wants to go outside and if I ignore him I take the chance he will urp up something on the carpet, or bed. I am tempted at times to leave the door open, but when I do that, wild creatures come in sometimes. And its getting too cold at night for that. 

We had a good time at the Museum of Flight yesterday, but it was a loooong day. The ten year old grandchild  T, reminds me of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. The museum has several docents that will explain the various aircraft. T spoke up at the model of Nimitz class aircraft carrier, to remind the docent that a Nimitz class carrier had a capacity of 92 aircraft. And he was able to explain to another docent that a B-29, the Enola Gay, dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. That docent offered him a job. Both grand boys really liked the space flight exhibit. I enjoyed walking through the Concorde SST that is on display. We finished the day at the Cheesecake Factory. I am half-watching the football game on TV. If the rain holds off, I may go work in my yard, readying for winter. 


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Was up until nearly 3 AM...was watching the World Championship gymnastics, the pre-olympics games. Nanny had a hard time sleeping and was up 4 times, the last time was as I was getting my stuff together to take up to my room. Good thing I was up; she had a messy BM. 

I slept until about 9 AM when I got up to pee, and took Ozzie out to pee. It was RAINING!!!!  FINALLY and AT LAST!

Oz doesn't go off the front porch when it rains, so I didn't get wet and neither did he. We went back to bed and slept solidly until I rolled over to look at the clock, which read 1 PM. I said "GOOD GRIEF!" and got up. But Nannie was still asleep.

About 2:10 PM, I came down to the den, and hubby was napping in his recliner. I woke him up and told him he probably should wake up Nannie...which he did. She woke up reluctantly and was crabby about how late we let her sleep.  Had her yogurt and meds. Asked where her mother and father were. Hubby said they'd passed away some years ago. She snapped, "I know that! But where are they?" Hubby named their cemetery and it's location. She hasn't spoken a word since then. 

Here's how you avoid early morning wake-ups to be fed: Do as I do, and (if they only eat a meal once a day) feed them late afternoon or early evening. Mostly, the only time Ozzie wakes me up is if he has to go pee. I am pretty darn good at being able to get up, take care of critter(s) and go right back to sleep. Comes from years of having cats +/or dogs; guess I'm lucky that way. Well, that and not having to get up at any particular time of day.

I am about to have my afternoon coffee, but not out on the patio 'cause it is still RAINING! (YAAAAY!) Haven't had breakfast (seldom do) nor have I had lunch... and it is nearly 4 PM. Ozzie is campaigning to be fed his supper. And so it goes............


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Good Afternoon -

BCgradnurse - UGH! Hope the person who thoughtlessly hit your car pays for full damages!!

Recently woke up. Feeling groggy. . . still. Hopefully First Coffee will kick in to make the grogginess go away.

Work, last night, was BUSY in the ER!! Things did not settle down until about 2:00 AM this morning. Gratefully, the rest of the shift was relatively "Q". I managed to get all of the "Duties of the Shift Director" done. Hopefully. After work, there was choir rehearsal, then church. The choir anthem sounded nice. Unfortunately, I kind of fell asleep during the Pastor's sermon. (Oops!) It was un-intentional, of course. Hopefully no one heard me snoring. (I'm a loud snorer when I sleep!) At least I was sitting up in the choir loft, by myself. So, hopefully no one saw me too!! Had a stiff neck when I woke up. After church, I went to pick up my pay check from the church treasurer's home. He forgot to leave it for me in the church, this morning. (I get paid every 2nd Sunday of every month. I really needed the $$$ to pay bills.) It took me a while to remember where the heck the church treasurer lived! Finally found his home. He was apologetic. He was also in the mood to talk, talk, talk! So, about 30 minutes later, I finally left to go home, which is about a 25 minute drive from his house. Got home around 1:00 PM, ate a delicious lunch with Amy, then FINALLY went to bed (around 1:30 PM)!!! That bed felt really, really, really good!!! Woke up around 5:00 PM. Rolled out of bed and got me some First Coffee.

It was a beautiful fall day, today. It would have been a PERFECT day for a fall hike. Sadly, I couldn't go for a hike because of work, church and sleep obligations. It's days like today when I wish I was retired from all work obligations so that I can do things like hike on the spur of a moment.

I work tomorrow. Then, I'm off from work for the next three nights. Amy and I have a hike planned, with friends, for this coming Thursday. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Hope all have a pleasant evening! 🙂


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BC, I hate to say I backed out of a parking space and plowed into a driver that was also backing out behind me but obviously was ahead of me as she was turning and I plowed her side.  I took responsibility, gave her my insurance information and took pictures and we didn't call the police.  It was quite amicable.  She wasn't the angry person yelling at me and I wasn't the jerk denying responsibility.   About a week later my insurance paid her as they agreed I was at fault.  I had accident forgiveness and my rates didn't go up.

Now my fancy 2018 Toyota has a camera I can look at when I'm in reverse.  

Stars, I don't think with me working 12 hour shifts I can get Slowbro on a daily schedule unless it's 9pm at night...hmmmm.....my mother had a dog that ate daily as well.

J22, that's a cute story about the grandson. 

Ted, it's no wonder you fell asleep.  That's a long stretch to be up and alert.  

Dianah, sorry to hear about your insomnia and your friend.  Dementia/alzheimer's is really a dreadful condition.

Didn't do a whole lot today.  Managed to get a couple more hours sleep this morning and hopefully can sleep better tonight.  Usually though when I nap like that it spoils the night's sleep...and so it goes.  Nonetheless I felt good and refreshed today.  Went to hot yoga and made a nice vegan chorizo that uses mushrooms and tofu.  I don't think anyone here follows me on Instagram where I post food porn, but it was really good.  I used some homemade corn tortillas that I had frozen and nuked and they were hard as a brick and I threw them away.  I used some blue taco shells I found in my cabinet and they were stale and I threw them away (I realized they'd probably been in there a couple of years....😂)

Going to clean up the kitchen and relax some.  I'm done with the intense novel about slavery.  Took me two months to plow through the 500 pages and am reading a very light hearted novel set in Hollywood starting in 1977 (the year of my high school graduation).  

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No Stars, so glad it's raining there!  Hope Nannie still gets to bed at her usual hour.  Perhaps because she was up so often last night, she slept in this morning?

Ted, good your shift settled down after 2am.  What a busy day AFTER work was done!  Hope you had a good sleep and have a few good days off.  Any new decisions about selling your house?

Twaeety, enjoy your book.  I can't read real heavy things anymore.  Jane Austen is about as heavy as I can do.  I have read The Next Tsunami, and Krakatoa, and books like that about natural disasters.  They have lots of heavy science stuff intertwined with the story line.  I figure I will pick up some of the heavy stuff by osmosis, somewhere.

Nurse j22, sounds like a good time at the flight museum.  Kids are so smart!  While they may outgrow these current interests, hopefully they will continue to explore the world around them (safely, of course), and maintain curiosity.

Thinking of Nell.  Hugs.

Busy day, Joe?  How was the movie?

We were up around 7 (after I couldn't get to sleep till after 2am!), to get ready and care for the animals and pack the instruments in the car.  Picked up fiddler and headed up to a beautiful sunny day, around 72 degrees, at the apple ranch.  It was buzzing with activity: people in line for tri-tip and chicken apple sausage sandwiches, and for slices of pie and caramel apples, and some were even wheeling out baskets filled with gallon jugs of cold apple cider.  We set up in the shade and played for our three-hour time slot.  Met lots of nice people.  Then packed up and headed down the hill to have an early dinner at the steakhouse.  Had nice visitng and gabbing. 

Now we are home and taking care of the animals and getting settled in for the evening.  I am off tomorrow, a federal holiday.  It will be nice to sleep in.  We have no plans, other than household stuff.

Have a good evening!

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