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Sunday May 23 2021

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Ted glad that you're finally going to get your puppy

Hi Tweety

BC sorry to hear about the drama. Glad your sister's DH is doing better

NJ22 must still be cool there, to need a jacket.  Quite warm here

Stars I also remember to tell myself "This too shall pass"  I am planning to go again, in November and December, assume the pandemic stays under control

Yesterday was nice, and not too busy.  Got outside, used the new binoculars which are an improvement over the old ones.  Though not that many birds out.   Came home and did some chopping in preparation for cooking and mopped the kitchen floor.  Listened to a podcast and watched Svengoolie and some of the Three Stooges

Woke up a bit early, decided to get up and read a bit and then head back to bed.  Was falling asleep when the alarm went off.  Odd, the last 2 nights I've gotten up early.  Perhaps it's my body adjusting to the warmer weather.  We'll see I guess.  Have been making sure the bedroom is cool enough

Today have cooking to do before church.  Bell choir performs today.   Also have to make the vestry announcements.  After church have online coffee hour.  Then going to a protest, something I haven't done in nearly a year.  Hope it's not too hot outside and things don't get too chaotic.  Can be hard to tell how these things will go

Rest of the day should be ordinary.  Will exercise and relax

Will be warm again, in the upper 80s I think.  It does look like it will cool down by the end of the week






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Good morning!

Joe, hope you have a good day.

BC, sorry to hear about the family drama.  Glad your BIL is doing better.

Ted enjoy the puppy.  Was she quiet when you guys went upstairs to sleep?

Yesterday was uneventful.  I decided to make some tacos but needed some dried chilis and went to three stores including Walmart and didn't see any.  Guess the demand in my neighborhood for genuine Mexican cuisine is low.  May look again or just drop the idea and go with a recipe that uses powdered chili powder.  I noticed that still the overwhelming majority of people are wearing masks.

Weather should be nice in the mid-80's.  Funny how our temps are lower than "up North".  

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Good Morning -

Joe - Seems like you have quite the varied day planned for yourself today! Cooking before church; bell choir; attending a protest. Very cool! Hope it ain't too hot outside for your, today. 

Life is all about The Puppy! LOL! Oh my gosh. She's "Cute on Steroids"!! She also has a short attention span, finding new things to see, new things to chew (we have a LOT of chew toys for her as she teethes!), new places inside and outside to explore! It's so cool!! She's also learning! She's learning how to navigate steps, seems to be learning the difference between "indoors" and "outdoors". I like to believe that she's actually learning her name, "Sedona". But that isn't 100% confirmed yet. (She doesn't always come when her name is called.) She's even learning life with her crate; that the crate is a safe place, especially for sleeping, and chewing her toys. For her first night with us, last night, she slept in her crate. As I've shared here before, Sedona is our first Puppy. In many ways, we're learning with her, as she experiences and learns all things about doggy life with us. For the first time in a LONG time, there were tears in my eyes when we first met her. She's just the cutest thing in our lives, right now. Gotta remember not to spoil her; that WE are the "Alphas". Interestingly, she seems OK with that. The most important thing is that she feels safe and loved. THAT, she seems to feel. 

Amy and I never had children. We tried to make them once, a few decades ago. Just couldn't make them. We've accepted that reality. We certainly have led, and continue to experience, a fulfilled life "just" being "DINKERs". Almost always with a canine furry friend. Sedona is our fifth, but our first puppy. A puppy, with definite child-like qualities to her, and with a growing/evolving personality. She'll never speak words, or go to college. But she already says "I'm Happy" and "I Love You" with her watchful eyes. Without a doubt, teaching her about life as a beloved dog in our family will be a challenge. . . a welcomed challenge! She loves to play! Constantly! (Until she sleeps! Almost constantly!) It will involve patience and almost-constant watchful energy, for sure! And for me! It will involve reminders that I am the "Alpha"! LOL! (Well. . . Amy is truly the "Alpha" of our family!) It's all interesting. . . and it all so very, very cool! 🙂

Well. . . gotta get ready for church. Amy will be watching the dog during that time. When I return, it'll be her turn to leave the home (and do some chores) while I puppy-sit and puppy-train. 

Peace! 🙂


Edited to Add: Hi Tweety! You pushed the "Submit Reply Button" before I did, it seems. For most of the night, Sedona was quite. . . until she had to pee. She let us know in no uncertain terms that she had to go potty. She was in her crate at the time. Apparently, dogs don't like to pee in their crate if they can avoid it! THIS seems to be proven true. So far! LOL!

Edited by Ted

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Slept late. Got up in time to turn the 'pre-game show' at 12:30 PM. Braves won again 😊

Did a facial, took a shower and shampoo'd my hair. News is on while hubby is preparing supper. 

Tomorrow neither of us have anything pressing to do, so we are going to contact the server's tech/cust-serv. person, and make one more attempt to get the smaht(stoopit) phone working by straightening out the $P)*&^%@ password thang. If it doesn't work, or if it works and I have some more grief with it, it gets wrapped up and returned, PERIOD. Got 14 days from date of receipt of package to be able to return it. I think I am kind of looking forward being able to use a cell phone without cussing and re-typing everything over and over and over. Sounds like I have already made up my mind. My sister in Maine says she only uses her smart phone for calls and texts and does everything else on her computer, which is what I would do, were I to keep it.

Suppertime. Will come back by later...

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Having an okay day. Had breaky with youngest ds. Walked around a bit checking out some new little restaurants that have just opened. One has teriyaki, pho and sushi. They have only been open a week and have been running out of food! I guess that is a good problem to have. The other place is a bar and grill that will have burgers and steak. I don't eat a lot of beef, but I do appreciate a well cooked rib eye steak. I've been puttering around in the yard--planted some flowers, hoed the weeds under the roses, pruned some unruly bushes. 

BC I am sorry for what your family is enduring. It really sucks after the loss you had that your sisters aren't getting along. 

Stars, I had issues with a smart phone that my workplace tried to have me use. The IT people needed to fix the security settings but wanted me to bring it to them, on the other side of town. Nope. I finally just turned it off and left it in my desk drawer. 

Nice to read everyone's posts...

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